Arrogant Driver Plows Through a Group of Cyclists in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Arrogant Driver Plows Through a Group of Cyclists in Porto Alegre, Brazil

This incident dates back to February 2011. A group of over 100 cyclists participated in an event sponsored by the Critical Mass movement in Porto Alegre, Brazil. A car turned up and frustrated because the bicyclists were in his path, the driver decided to step on the pedal and plow his way through the group. An attempted murder, if you asked me. This was not negligence, but rather an intentional use of the vehicle as a weapon. Miraculously, none of the cyclists was fatally hurt, but the driver clearly didn’t care if he’s gonna kill someone or not.

This is why I say that you can tell the character of a man by the way he starts to act when you put him in a position of power. Motor vehicles are a perfect tool for that. It makes the driver more powerful than pedestrians or bicyclists who would stand no chance should a collision occur, and the driver knows it well. Therefore you can judge the character of the man by whether he’d abuse the power his motor vehicle gives him, or whether he’d choose to yield to a pedestrian precisely because he knows they would stand no chance.

This is why there is so much arrogance in Latin America or South East Asia. The way people are gets reflected by the way they treat pedestrians when they’re behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. A man who would not hit a woman back even if she hit him first, because he knows he’s physically stronger is of greater character than a man who picks on genetically weaker individuals, like women because he knows they are no match. Likewise, a man who yields to a pedestrian when driving a car because he knows they are no match is of greater character than a man who will not yield to no stinky pedestrian because he’s the one with the car and they’re not.

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57 thoughts on “Arrogant Driver Plows Through a Group of Cyclists in Porto Alegre, Brazil”

      1. Haha, I lived in Portland for two years and road my bike everywhere. First month I was there I came inches from getting smashed by a semi truck. Few weeks later I was hit by a car from the left side and broke my leg. Both were my fault because I’m a dumbass and wasn’t paying attention but you would never catch me in some faggot biker parade.

    1. he is a fucking piece of shit driver, there is no excuse for his behavior behind the wheel

      he fucking used his car as a weapon

      i hope the bikers caught up to him, had I been there, I most definitely would have stomped him on the head

      1. Yeah pretty silly. I have been hit by cars twice. I do not own a car and I hate them but I’m not an arrogant cyclist who doesn’t obey the rules. I’m sure some of these dudes deserved it but shame on you big man behind the wheel shame.

  1. One fact isn’t mentioned here. The bikers did not have a permit to ride enmasse. Secondly, the bikers antagonized this driver by riding back n forth directly in front of him instead of sticking to one side of the road, the correct side. This doesn’t excuse the driver but I hate bikers.

  2. hahahahahaha… i ride my bike to work most days and i think this is the funniest thing ive seen in a long time… most bike riders totally think that are indestructible but this clearly proves them all wrong…

  3. Who hasn’t sat behind a group of cyclists and thought about driving through them, sadly, not wanting to hurt innocent people or indeed lose my license prevents me from such action.

    You have to admit that cyclists do tend to ride down the middle of the road and make it as hard as possible to overtake, its a game to them, they find it funny.

    Naturally then, when I viewed the above video my first reaction was to laugh and then I laughed some more.

  4. There’s an annual nude cycle ride in Brighton; maybe the Critical Mass Movement should adopt the same tactic next year. I would slow down if there was a shapely female ass pumping her legs in front of my car windscreen.

    The guy wearing the ‘Carpe Diem’ tee-shirt pulled it off this time; although he still has to make it through until midnight.

    The car shouldn’t be that difficult to find, what with bicycle spokes, bells, wheels, bits of helmet all over it.

  5. Fuck me! That was great! A straight up sweep- Grand Theft Auto style!! I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I’ve never thought of doing that shit myself!

    I loved, LOVED how everything was calm and serene, the mood was set, smiles everywhere- and boom! Looked like the car hit a puddle of people! A straight sweep! Epic!! \o/

  6. The road is for cars and not for arrogant people with their shitty bicycles. Nothing can justify what the guy in the car did, but come on, they were asking for trouble. I don’t walk around on the highway because of a lame event either.

  7. Wow a lot of bicycle haters here. Cyclists must be really aggravating from where you guys are from.

    I’m from the Netherlands and we have no problems with bikers there although we have a lot of them. Over where i live now mainly drive but i really miss riding my bike, much healthier and make you feel alive.

    This video reminded me about the attack on the queen in my homecountry. 8 people died. Check out this post:

  8. Poetic justice was served ! .Those faggots were nothing more than a slow moving road block . They were acting as if they owned the whole goddam road . Ringing their little kiddie bells and chanting their dumbassed slogans . I just hope the dog didnt get hurt .

  9. alot of Sydney drivers in Australia wish they could do this because in Australia, bikes are neither vehicles nor pedestrians, so they do what they want. I can’t count how many cyclefags Iv’e encountered while crossing the road and they try to push through pedestrians like they have right of way even when their on the road and the read is light, Iv’e been tempted to kick these yuppie cocksuckers off their bikes countless times whenever they do this, I guess I’m too much of a pushover. I give this video 10/10 just because myself and so many aussie driver feel this way.

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