Asian Driver Confuses Gas Pedal with Brake and Rams Woman and Child

Asian Driver Confuses Gas Pedal with Brake and Rams Woman and Child

A CCTV video from somewhere in Asia, presumably China, shows a driver pulling up to a restaurant in an apparent attempt to park. But when the time came to bring the vehicle to a stop by pressing the brake pedal, the driver instead floored the gas pedal and rammed a young woman with a child.

You can tell the woman sensed the DWA’s incompetence and proactively moved the child from being directly in the car’s path. She then absorbed most of the impact, while the child seemed to have come out of it unharmed.

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          1. Babe shhhhhhhhhhh jeez I wonder if that “Me no likey likey brake” meant ; you one of those gas pedal crazed up dames ..hey just kidding hun! I’m gonna stand aside when ya drive be by the extreme end of the road side .

      1. Ellen you’re probably damn right in concluding cause she had ample time at her hand to have easily dashed off with the toddler in tow or in arms but what in the dickens she waited for ??? knowing too well that this the driver who was footloose and kept coming at them .like only the ghosts do .
        Do you think she wanted the kid killed?

    1. Yah. And the old people always get cars of all makes and models where they absolutely *know* they hit the brake, but their car mysteriously accelerated instead. It’s quite the phenomenal coincidence. As opposed to the Asians that just simply don’t know their assholes from their eyeballs.

    1. Asian female drivers should be required to purchase Mars Rover landing balloon deployment devices whenever they come within a foot of something, the planet for instance. That’ll take care of any future driving notions they may have after charging them $1.5B per deployment.

      We would have a BG category called Asian Auto Insurance Carriers, but that’s far too brutal even for here and our mods have lives, you know.

  1. Lol the Asians strike again I see. always the Chinese I see as well….honesty I hate racial stereotypes but it’s totally true about older female Asian drivers. Be careful of the road guys!

      1. Yes in north Vietnamese! Or as you yanks call us ” Charlie” or the famouse “VC”

        All jokes aside, I don’t really look like most Asians. My fianc? tells me I have a Latin swag about me. I don’t know maybe it’s cus I’m a metro? Who knows and who cares. Thanks again for the kind words 🙂

        1. No you’re Asian and a very hot Asian. I have no use for Latinos but loveeee you lol.

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          1. I’m sorry to hear about your love @trainwreck

            I hope you find a way more handsome guy then myself to give you endless pleasure with a side of snuggles and kisses 🙂

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  2. Your kid been bullying mine at preschool bitch, now you’re gonna pay!! How could she confuse the brake with the gas when she never came to a complete stop so was no reason to touch the gas at all to begin with. She knew what she was doing, REVENGE!!!

  3. I love how for every 5 or 6 fucked up drivers on BG one is Asian and we go OMG another Asian driver or female driver. Then another 6 fucked up white guys kill a few and they’re just drivers. White men kill more on the road than all others combined….statistically that is.

  4. Jesus Christ, how can someone be that stupid? That error is completely unjustifiable other than the reason of stupidity.

    Hey chink! Widen your eyes when you drive. That’s not the brakes you’re stepping on, it’s the gas.

    Bad Asian. No more A’s and rice for you! This shit makes the rest of us look bad.

  5. First and foremost, your honor I would like to stress to you that
    The driver here present mrs pooh see… client had no idea what so ever that this lady was her husband’s mistress….
    And now my client will testify under oath…..!!!

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