Asian Female Scooter Rider Transformed Into Pile of Flesh and Guts

Asian Female Scooter Rider Transformed Into Pile of Flesh and Guts

What we have here is a deadly trifecta – Asia, a scooter and a female… All the ingredients for savory Asian road stew.

The only information I have on this video is that the woman riding the scooter was ran over by a semi truck and basically transformed into a pile of flesh and guts. If you watch closely you will notice her head is still sporadically moving\looking around (probably death twitches) as if she’s thinking “Where the fuck did my legs go?

Props to Best Gore member @DeadOhioSky for the video:

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          1. Shout out to HLAM for luring Future back from lurking he is the Best Gore equivalent of the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

          1. Any excuse to have my man boobs all up on ya. You women are such pervs! Kidding, kidding. Not about the man boobs. I’m always up for some male-to-female titty tickling. <3

          2. Best Gore B-Day Spanking Gauntlet’s are the best.
            Happy B-Day !!!
            *Test swings paddle drilled with holes.

          3. @Gnat Your use of periods make you sound unenthusiastic, bro. It’s cool, though. πŸ˜‰

            @rayf *flexes buttcheeks like Zeus holding in a 10-cup-of-coffee dump*

          4. Thanks, trainwreck.

            Gnat! NO!

            I was close to submitting my own video, actually. I had this big cyst on the bottom on my ball sack. I popped it with a steak knife and all this white puss and blood came out of it. Nasty shit, but it didn’t really seem BG worthy… Also, I did not want to handle a camera while I poked my nuts with a fucking steak knife.

          5. “I did not want to handle a camera while I poked my nuts with a fucking steak knife.”

            Pussy!… πŸ˜‰

            Just kiddin’… Not really…

          6. Yes, Ma’am. Total seriousness: My sitch with the Purple Rose made coming back here a bummer for me for a while. I met her on here. Anyway, my IDGAF finally kicked back in, so here I BE. I’m in school and I work, so I won’t be here every post, but I’m not going anywhere permanently. πŸ™‚

          7. @FD sorry too hear things didn’t work out between you two and I can understand not wanting to be here for awhile. But I am happy to hear this is not a one night BG stand πŸ˜‰

          8. Really? There’s not much else to say about it. I mean, I used to roll it around in between my index finger and thumb while I sat naked in front of the computer while I jerked off. It was like my thing to do while I looked for another good clip to watch. Kind of like the rich business man who twirls the stress balls around in his hand as he contemplates the world. My cyst was THAT for me. It started to get too big, though, and my actual nuts told my brain to off the usurper. So I did.

          9. Train: I remember a movie from the 80s where a boil on a guy’s neck came to life and started to take him over. That was another possibility of letting this go on. Glad I steak knife’d it.

            LF: Nice to see you. 😎

          1. That movie was fantastic. When I was super little there was a movie I think it was called Mummy Daddy. It’s a comedy but I remember being scared and crying. I seen it later on in years and I was thinking oh this isn’t scary at all. And now I’m a horror movie buff

          1. Nah, but i did hear her saying “Hey, will someone pick up my other leg for me please? And bring me some string, needles and twizers so i can sew my intestines back. ‘Tis but a flesh wound.” πŸ˜›

    1. Bro @thedre
      “This brutality has no name & no face”
      The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.
      Every Hour and Every minute is about uncertainty.
      we need to be thanking our stars for each day is a gift when we go about our daily business and still come back to be with our nearest and dearest ones “in one piece.”
      Death is inevitable for all but meeting such a gory end makes us wonder if we would be next.

    1. Lol bro, hey you seen the news on Blair this morning? Looks like he’s covering his ass for something about to come out with an apology and admission of wrong doing after 12 years of staunch denial! Hmm I wonder?

      1. How predictable he is. Sad thing is, now the disingenuous prick has spoken of his deep regret, yeah right, fucking liar, most will take it in like sponges and grant the slippery toad a pass.
        He’s a public relations spinner, just as the rest of the elitist tossers in power are.
        I don’t believe a single word uttered from his toxic gob.

          1. You’re not alone. I need a vag over my mouth / nose like a gas mask while another woman rides me and another (somehow) fucks me with a strap on. Just totally depraved sexual nonsense. I doubt even then I’d (we?) would be satisfied.

        1. @Future Days

          I wouldn’t know of the past but hadn’t seen you around lately and there you emerge and I see you being wished and helloed to by most of the Members .
          Have a wonderful day and fabulous years ahead of you
          Happy Birthday .

          1. And I am no less in a world of zombies than you
            What if the two of us walked the town like some freaked out zombies ?
            are you gonna be game this Halloween 2015 this Saturday, October 31st?
            Lets get freaked out hard and mad.

          2. Hey if I was in the UK ( I have a horrid short term memory so I forgot your location) but I would get decked out zombie style and stalk in the night.

            But this day is reserved for my mini me. I dress up somewhat with him, it just depends. Also every year i make a halloween inspired cake.I’m completely rambling off topic again but this is my favorite month full of horror movies.

    1. Bumbaclot!! I’ve been saying this for too long now. It’s started to branch into my everyday life. I keep replaying her head noddin. I find it very interesting that the neurological response is still active although not for much longer after that. But cool it was caught on camera πŸ™‚

  1. so, she hit the parked truck , flying away on the road and get smashed by an big truck passed exactly at this moment ?

    fuck, dat no luck at all.

    what can we find here ?
    – flip flop on scooter
    – no helmet
    – thai
    – lady
    – freaking traffic
    – speed / drink ?

    well, definitly no luck imo..

  2. Damn, about shit when saw it moving. Somebody should’ve been doing cpr until medics got on scene. I mean hell, if they’d been able to save her I’m sure she still had alot to offer society & would’ve been able to live out the rest of her days with a nice quality of life. HA HA

    1. oh sweetheart her whole leg is up and around her neck. Straight yoga style. I seen her head jerk one more time after the three head nods. I wish whoever filming just left it on her for a few more minutes up close. Those little things you know. But yes those are her toes. I really was trying to figure out where her vagina went off to too. Maybe it just ground in with the rest. Bloody mess it is

  3. I remember in Thailand that the police with spray paint an outline of the scooter riders that had fatal encounters with trucks and cars on the roads. Lots of paint outlines with permanent red splats, many were where the heads should have been. Makes for some interesting riding. Skip, skip, skip, skip, dead, skip, skip…

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