Ass and Flip Flop Decorate Road as Woman is Crushed by Truck in Philippines

Ass and Flip Flop Decorate Road as Woman is Crushed by Truck in Philippines

Ass and Flip Flop Decorate Road as Woman is Crushed by Truck in Philippines

This happened on January 27, 2020 in the Philippines. That’s all I have for backinfo.

There is only one pic. It shows the aftermath of an apparent traffic accident. There is what’s left of a kitchen deserter showing off her ass, as her upper half is crushed under the dually of the truck trailer. A lone flip flops joins the party to decorate the road.

Props to Best Gore member @chowdog for the pic.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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78 thoughts on “Ass and Flip Flop Decorate Road as Woman is Crushed by Truck in Philippines”

          1. I can’t believe you thought such a thing. That would be absolutely DISGUSTING. Unless of course the driver was a half dead AIDS ridden, cancer infested homosexual nigga.

    1. The strangest thing about this is that one of her slippers is not seen. If that is the case she could have been running and left one of them. Which might suggest she is trying to evade something, probably an incoming car or person trying to catch her. If I am not mistaken, there is no smear, which suggests that that is the only tire that hit her, which suggests that the car is not traveling that fast. There are many possibilities. The truck could have been trying to evade another truck and hit her. She could have been riding a motorcycle with a driver who was trying to evade something. It could also be that she is mentally ill because she only wears one slipper. Or that she is suicidal. And oh, facebook or instagram, it’s hard to do that in that hot weather, let alone your shadow affecting your vision on your phone. I also don’t see a phone.

        1. My guess is that she was riding a motorcycle alone or with someone. She is probably coming on the opposite side that’s why the driver saw her and slowed down. That would probably explain why her slipper was like that. If she was just walking and not paying attention it could have been different. Her legs could have been destroyed instead of her head. When you hit a truck like that most likely your reaction would be to step back and expose your legs. The back of her head most probably will be the one against the ground and not her face. Checking your facebook or instagram is probably unlikely as well, as the light of the sun will reflect on your phone and your shadow will affect your vision of your phone. I was tempted to say suicide at first because she I thought she was aiming for the head but if that were the case, the slipper will not be in that position. There is no person walking around which would suggest that this is not a place where people would normally walk. A strong force probably caused it to go far. I believe the picture was taken right after this happened because there are no people gathering around. The pool of blood is not visible as well. It would have widened if a longer time elapsed. If you notice, only one picture was taken which would suggest that this was taken quickly and the one who took the photo didn’t want to be seen taking a photo. I was thinking at first, where is the motorcycle, if there was one? So I thought suicide, but maybe there isn’t much time to take more photos. Whatever the case is, The Mystery of the Missing Flip Flop will always be as elusive as ever. Just summon me when you need my help and opinion. I will always be willing to help.

        2. To be honest with you, upper-class Filipinas are not any better than other nationalities. It just depends on the person. Many upper-class Filipinas are not used to hardships if they were born rich, because having maids is very common here because the salary is low compared to the U.S. If they are the social climber types who started poor and then went to the top, they are very dangerous and will befriend you if you have the money and will quickly discard you when you have nothing left. Filipinos are generally two types: Those who look to the west as superior and those who look at the Filipino people as inherently superior. Avoid these two types. Look for the open-minded ones. Despite that, many still believe in religion which for me, is not necessarily a good thing. Many Filipinas, however, cheat on their husbands, so be careful to choose the conservative ones. What do you think about my guess? I saw that her shorts has dust she probably hit the ground first before getting hit by the truck?

        3. I can’t find any. Things like this are very common here. There are many reckless drivers. My suggestion to you is don’t marry Filipinas who aren’t middle or upper class. One of the problem is their family. Many families of poor Filipinas want your money. Do not marry one who didn’t go to college because you will have a hard time making her understand what you want. I personally can’t see you getting along with a lower class to be honest. If you want a quick fuck maybe but long-term forget it. You want someone who is financially dependent. Many Filipinas spend more than what they have. Don’t have long distance relationships because many will just cheat on you and some will use your money to finance the person they are with. I see that thing often. Many Filipinas say they are conservative but most aren’t. It’s just for a show.

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