Atlanta PD Execute Man for Fleeing After Falling Asleep at Wendys Drive-Thru

Atlanta PD Execute Man for Fleeing After Falling Asleep at Wendys Drive-Thru

Atlanta PD Execute Man for Fleeing After Falling Asleep at Wendys Drive-Thru

In Atlanta, Georgia, local gang of organized crime syndicate executed an unarmed man by shooting him in the back because he was trying to flee the harassment. Identified as 27 year old Rayshard Brooks, he was tipsy/drunk and fell asleep in his car at Wendy’s Drive-Thru.

After the extrajudicial execution, Atlanta PD chief Erika Shields resigned as the taxpayers financed cartel leader. One of involved citizen killers – Garrett Rolfe, has been dismissed, and the other – Devin Bronsan, has been put on administrative duty until the sheelple’s attention gets caught by something new.

I read this in somebody’s tweet today:

People who think the cops are there to protect them also think their stripper is actually into them.

Best Gore has been under an invasion by bootlicking NPCs lately, so it pays to be reminded:

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

~Morpheus, The Matrix

Here’s a video of the execution recorded by bystanders. Props to Best Gore member @chinesevirus for this one. Know your enemy:

Also a bodycam video which includes eye witness reactions who witnessed the execution as it unfolded. For comparison, this is how the cops execute people in China vs the USA:

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206 thoughts on “Atlanta PD Execute Man for Fleeing After Falling Asleep at Wendys Drive-Thru”

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        1. Don’t be so closed minded. Personally, I feel educated.
          I’ve learned that an antifa costume + several million angry niggers with nothing better to do = a free, slightly charred food processor and maybe those seat covers for my sweet ’06 grand caravan that I’ve had an eye on.

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      1. Exactly….drunk driving, get cuffed ,get arrested, get fined and either go to court or be let out in the morning…but oh no! They know only too well if you fight or run from the police what will happen, yet they still fucking do it, what are they meant to do just let every criminal run away when they try to arrest them? Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid….

        1. Lmao TWO cops get beat and rolled by drunk passed out at a Wendys drive thru.

          When I first heard of this, I was torn. Thought his murder may possibly be defendable,despite cop allowing his taser to get taken

          But now to see it? He was running away, the threat was entirely eliminated.

          Feeling foolish over my initial doubt. Execution over ego, again.

          Feeling like the only way to end it is disallow their guns. Far too easy when they can wild west into the face, or more often back, of anyone who bruises their ego

          Water balloons and combat training period

          1. couldn’t agree more, he was unarmed and running from the pigs. The attitude of the old, arrogant posters on here is exactly why this shit will never end. As long as u have dumb ass population in a country, you’ll have temper tantrum cops getting away with murder. A cop tried this here in Canada on a bus a few years back, shot a kid with a knife like 9 times or something, 1 to take him down, then 8 times after he was down and out, the cop was charged with murder and went to jail. (btw, the kid was 10 feet from the cop and not advancing ) Germany, Britain, wherever this shit doesn’t go on and on like this. Dumb fucking president, dumb fucking hick voters, small dick cops, it’s a perfect storm.

          2. omg really? I just sign on to relax and have some fun and am greeted with this nonsense

            Riddle me this and then I am done

            Is it not inherently dangerous that an armed officer of the law lost his taser to inebriated drunk while his partner was at his side? I am over this conversation I am sure I discussed all over this post. Read the archives, so over this we are onto statues now

    1. Dude this dumbass didn’t just run, he took the officers tazer right after he beat on them, so wtf, innocent my fucking ass, this dumb shit was on his way to pick up his daughter like this, what a fucking waste of oxygen. Fuxk with police, get the lead.

    2. Just another Jogger that was exhausted in It car, It was trying to get some sleep before going to college to get educated into becoming a doctor, scientist, engineer and shit..

      hahahah Fuck BLM.

        1. Hardly bootlicking to not fight cops.
          Niggers have zero impulse control so the zoo keepers with license to kill citizens will always do just that.
          You see, having a strong sense of self preservation is something niggers simply lack.

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      1. Obama wasn’t black. His mom was white. Blacks are responsible for 60% of the homicides in The U.S. and only make up 13% of the population. Cops kill more white people than they do blacks. I’m not a fan of the police, but the racial bais is a myth. You sound like the racists that you hate.

      2. You ever take a look at the non-reported media incidences of white killings by white and black officers? Yeah, I thought not, because the media only want to propagate the BLM agenda and make some cash while they’re at it with Democrats never in their history kneeling for a fallen police officer, a fallen soldier, for the thousands of aborted babies, for a murdered white man or woman, for the thousands of black on black murder victims, nor elderly people that died in our nursing homes due to the Corona Virus. Fuck off.

      3. There isn’t going to be a race war. You haven’t got the numbers for it or the intelligence. This isn’t Planet of the Apes you know, in real life a bunch of low IQ apes are not going to be able to overthrow the human population.

      4. Man. Or madame. I don’t know who people are any more. But instead of causing more hate, why not spread love? The general population isn’t the enemy. It’s the media, social media, and all the sheep that are brain washed, and the GOVERMENT! They are the ones pinning us against each other. We will be so busy fighting each other, we won’t see them in the back ground. Wake up man, you’ve been fooled by wolves in sheep’s clothing. And you know that a lot of the “racist white people” on the internet are just black people behind that screen trying to start shit… we all need to rise up together, and fucking fight for the real issues. All these fat fuck heads governing us, raking in all the money while we work like fucking dogs. Who’s the real enemy?

      5. You totally missed what this sorry ass did huh?? He beat on 2 cops while drunk or high, he resisted arrest, stoll one of their tazers and attempted to shoot them with it!! Yeah real fucking innocent huh? Wait till one breaks into your shit, guess u just gonna offer some Netflix and chill, he probably harmless anyhow right??

      6. What about the fact that more white people are killed by police every single year? What about the fact that blacks make up approximately 13% of the US population while they commit 52% of crime?
        What about 93 percent of black murders being committed by other blacks? I guess black lives only matter when the shooter has a badge. You people are too fucking stupid to realize that the biggest threat to you, is yourselves. Fuck Rayshard Brooks. He was a child abusing, repeat offending piece of shit. And fuck BLM

  1. What the OP fails to mention is the monkey begin fighting with the police and stole a taser from the cop and then pointed it at him. What do you expect the cops to do? I’m glad he was shot and I’m glad he’s dead. If he just would have let the cops take his breathalyzer and take him to jail for being passed out in the drive thru; he’d be alive today. But no, he had to fight the cops and steal their taser- typical low IQ nig. Now you’re pushing daisies. I am not a fan of the cops at all if you look at my previous posts, that is obvious. But, don’t be an idiot. You deserve that death, moron.

    1. If a cop can’t take care of his taser, he should not be using it and has not business being on the force. The guy was retreating and got rid of the taser as the source of discomfort. He was a threat to no one. Cops, to everyone.

    1. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security……

          1. This shit simply doesn’t occur much here in Japan. Because people don’t act so stupid to police. Even I have fucked around with them but know my limits as a foreigner. A Japanese police officer has an easy life because people here are robots. And I don’t particularly care for police myself. Just don’t start bullshit. “Afro-American” blacks just don’t get it. But in Japan, the others do. It’s funny, as most of them are not American blacks and are level-headed. Maybe some of you should take hints from the Africans who live harmoniously overseas.

          2. CO…

            Gotta agree with you…

            Unless the victim was harassed in such a way, that it was imperative for him to run for his life. Other than that,
            he should’ve put his hands behind his back, then hired an attorney/public defender as soon as possible.

            If the victim was harassed then shot, the cop(s) should be charged with murder. If the victim was not harassed then shot, then the cop(s) should be charged with murder.

            The man was unarmed.

        1. It wasn’t a lone cop in darkened alley. It was two cops in fast food parking lot that completely failed in their duty of cuffing inebriated man.

          That dude owned them. It is a failure to the innocent in area, the man they murdered and themselves for being utter fail at the most basic level of job

    I heard Americans would have been better off pickin’ their own cotton. But we see this behavior all over the world from these wanna-be-human chimps.

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    1. I think intelligence trumps strength evolutionarily…just saying. I mean, if I can avoid and control you without ever having to get near you, then I’ve won. If you can somehow manage to get near me and physically hurt me then, sure buddy, your people are *generally* stronger physically…but guns dont care how buff you are and neither do pigs — CLEARLY. If you all are so superior, why do you have such a difficult time doing, well…ANYTHING? Especially simple things like STAYING ALIVE! Haha! Aw, sheeeit…I feel bad for you all sometimes. Sometimes.

    2. Superior?. From a physical perspective I guess that tends to be true, just look at all the athletic competitions where everyone is black. From an Intellectual perspective however your race comes dead last, placing somewhere behind the garden variety turnip and a bowl of oatmeal.

        1. @dumbkunt

          SAS and the like are a combination of intelligence and physicality though. If it is a straight A to B physical action such as running in a straight-line or putting a ball through a hoop the niggers on average tend to do better than other races.

          Anything involving brainwork though and that lead vanishes like a bike left in a black neighbourhood.

    3. Then why is it that the Strongest men on the planet are always White men? Who always wins the world strongest man competitions? Definitely not a brown man. Those two cops look like older guys who don’t even work out, against some well rested 27 year old Drunk Nigger (he probably doesn’t even have to work so his body doesn’t have as much wear and tear Compared to the two older whiteys) The end result is just another nigger dead. Lol.

    4. “How long do you think this will last until it starts effecting where you live?”

      What a dick.
      I do not have an electronics store or a Footlocker within 5 miles, think I am good.

          1. Of course not, in the lefts world white lives don’t matter! We had a white police officer beaten up by a group of black guys the other day on the streets of London, in the media is that a racist attack, nah, it ain’t!
            It ain’t racist if it’s against white people “Apparently”

        1. At least in England there are Far-Right groups coming out…we still have yet to see ANY opposition to this from the Right. Surpise, suprise…American “Conservatives” and Right-Wingers are pussies to the max.

          Get your fucking shit together people! They’re taking over EVEN MORE of our shit and we’re watching it happen.

          1. All of the west are in shit my friend, the only reason why they get away with it Is Not because they are superior ( they’ve never been the master race, it’s A fact!! they couldn’t run a Fucking bath ) it’s because white men ( our own governments have allowed This shit to happen for many hidden reasons! But I tell you what my friend I would like to see BLM pipe up in Russia or China! Now that would be fun to watch lol

          2. I was driving up to an intersection, cop was in median with lights on and all I heard was bunch of honking.

            Absolute horror to see procession of monkeys with BLM posters strapped to their ghetto cruisers. Black balloons and Yall Need to Understand Us posters. Was so fucking cringe. Probably 50 cars riding through one of richest areas of state. Could have heard a pin drop from everyone inconvenienced by their bullshit. Fuck Off

          3. Russia and China weren’t stupid or greedy enough to import people Willy -nilly with no real commonality of culture ,religion or values ,like the West was.

            They do have Moslems of course but they are civilised to a large degree ,not mouthy or uppity as in the West. Out of line ? They kill them ,incarcerate them or chuck them out.

            The important thing to Remember is that they never imported them . Those Moslems got there by conquest and Russia and China tolerate them as far as they choose to.

            Now SouthEastern and Eastern Europe chucked out almost ninety nine percent of their Moslems until the US and the Eu brought them back into those nations. How stupid and or greedy do you have to be to do that ?

            Points to consider.

  4. He resisted arrest and took the cops tazer. Lets see one of you ninjas now try to arrest a big black guy without shooting him who now has a tazer and is unwilling to be arrested. You guys want to try to arrest him as you get tazed then he takes your gun and shoots you like this. You snow flakes have no clue how dangerous people are. I grew up in the hood should of died several times and if i had the snow flake mentality and not raised by vietnam vet i would not be here today. I challenge all of you snow flakes to be a cop and see what its like dealing with a big man who refuses to be arrested and lets see how u can do it without killing someone who refuses to be arrested and now has one of your weapons. These cops tried to do it your snow flake way and this was the result

      1. They can’t really do that, lol. You can’t just let a drunk driver drive away because they may go on to injure or kill people. Just look at all the drunk Russian dash cam videos on here.

        Driving whilst drunk is a crime for good reason and usually what happens is that they take you to the station, get you to fill out the forms etc, finger printed and let go on summons and then you have to pay to get your car out of impound……………or so I’ve heard.

        It is not something you can treat with kid gloves unfortunately.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            They can’t because the law states that you must arrest those found drunk and slumped at the wheel of a car because they have committed the crime of drink driving which is a dangerous thing to have done and put others at risk. Also, the police cannot take someones liberties away from them(car keys) without placing them under arrest.

            Its one of those things really that if they downgraded it to a lesser crime people would take to the wheel after drinks more often and your road death statistics would rise quite a bit.

          2. This is faulty assumption. People are for the most part self regulating. Laws are typically just the means for the ruling class to extort the plebs and keep them in check.

            You can look at situation like wilderness trails, where there are no road signs and/or laws enforced, yet people using them, be it on motorcycles or bicycles, self regulate to void accidents.

            Likewise, when hikers meet on a trail in the middle of nowhere, they don’t usually murder each other just because nobody would find out. Murderers set out to kill someone would regardless of whether there are laws punishing murder or not. But your average person would not even entertain the idea even if there were no laws against murder.

            In general, people are self governing and self regulating as they have been for the absolute vast majority of human history. Laws and enforcers are accountable only and solely to the ruling class, who use them to protect themselves against the ordinary guy. Any act by the cops that seems like investigation or a closure of a case is done strictly to protect the ruling class and/or to eliminate competition. If by doing so the police somehow assist the general public, it’s strictly incidental, but it gets shoved in everyone’s face and drummed up by the MSM in order to keep NPCs on their side as useful idiots, and to ensure the anti-people thugs are financed by the people themselves.

            BTW, there is difference between sleeping in a car drunk, and driving drunk.

          3. Fair enough . If that is the law then ok.

            In Australia I know police can remove your carkeys from you but I’m not sure if they can do that without arresting you first. I know that on being found to have a blood alcohol level too high they can remove your keys but generally they then can have you undertake a more rigorous blood alcohol content check. So I don’t know at which point you are under arrest or not.
            Maybe another Aussie can tell me their laws here in Aus ,but state laws here are different from one another as well.


          4. Actually in QLD it appears I could remove the keys without arresting him yet; simply on reasonable suspicion that the fellow had committed DUI. Reasonable suspicion on the basis he is drunk or drugged and a hazard to safety simply from video of his behaviour.


            “Police may also take vehicles that they suspect have been used to commit an offence, and items possibly obtained through criminal activity.”

            Police can ask to see your licence if they pull your car over for a legal reason, such as for a random breath alcohol or drug test, or to enforce transport or drug laws.

            “If police stop you while driving, they may conduct a roadside alcohol breath test (i.e. random breath test) or drug saliva test, and have you go to a police station for a blood test.”

          5. Drink driving goes State by State
            In QLD it is under the TORUM Act Traffic Or Roads Management USE Act

            “A person commits an offense if they are over the BAC : blood alc. content
            and are IN POSSESSION of a vehicle on a road or ANY OTHER PLACE”

            So I got arrested for being asleep in my car parked outside a 7-11 at
            Gold Coast even though I had laid my seat back flat to sleep it out
            until the morning, in fact the cops couldn’t even wake me up for
            ten minutes outside my car because I was in a heavy sleep

            But when they finally did wake me up, the had me blow in the bag
            and then said “Is that the keys in the ignition?” and from that point
            I was fucked .. Had to plead guilty, no choice

            I was between .05 and .10 B/A/C which went in my favor of a working
            permit ie 7am to 7pm Mon to Fri

          6. @happy

            I’m just going of what happens in Britain to be honest.

            We British tend to be drunk quite a bit as most people around the world know and back in the 70’s and 80’s we used to have a lot of deaths and injuries as a result of drink driving. This however fell considerably once it was made a crime to be drunk at the wheel.

            The statistics have risen again though in recent years due to the millions of Polish we have over here who tend to drive whilst drunk quite a lot. A drunk Polish truck driver obliterated an entire family a couple of months back when he sandwiched them into the back of another truck.

            Look. I am against draconian laws and hate the police overstepping their power. I have ranted on here numerous times about how I have been fined by the fuckers for doing 5 mph over the speed limit but this is one thing I cannot argue against because I have seen too many examples of drunk drivers killing people.

            I am not talking about arresting people for having a couple of drinks and driving home I am talking about people so drunk that they’re swerving all over the place or in this footage so drunk they fall asleep at the wheel whilst blocking a drive-thru.

            “BTW, there is difference between sleeping in a car drunk, and driving drunk.”

            Come on Mark. It is not likely that he parked at a Wendy’s drive-thru and started drinking only to fall asleep a few hours later unnoticed by anyone. Its a Wendy’s drive-thru. It has staff and customers all night long. In fact it was the staff who called the police on him. It is obvious then that he drove there whilst drunk in the hope of ordering food but instead fell asleep at the wheel.

          7. I too have minimal sympathy for drunk drivers. I have done it myself once or twice as a youth but never again and I have no probs with such people facing the full brunt of the law.

            The Poles need a good whipping. When in Rome do as the Romans do. In the UK you don’t drink and drive . You wanna do that do it in your own fucken country!


            @badanddy at least did the responsible thing -after the fact-and still got fucked by our cops. Lol

      2. Lets hope his drunk ass doesnt run into you wife and children coming the other way or we could be watching a dash cam of your family burning in your car while he runs off uninjured , still want him let off ?

  5. real footage from all angles. Best gore turn into a bunch of democrat cnn fake news people? Painting a fake picture that white people are racist? They don’t show white cops doing same stuff to white people. Or the fact cops of all races doing the same thing to people resisting arrest putting their life in danger. 29:35 is where he takes their tazer and this is the footage cnn wont show to try to brain wash people into thinking white people are racist. Look at the fight the guy puts up from an angle the news wont show. i am starting to think democrats fund black gangsters to sell drugs to put money in their pocket. Defund the police they can make more money giving drugs to black guys to sell on the streets. Starting to make sense now why they hide the footage and have a fat black guy lie saying he saw everything and he din dun nuffin.

    1. as you can see the cop didn’t shoot him until the black guy tried to shoot him with the tazer. You guys are saying you would allow the black man to taz you instead of shooting him? ya right. THen he might take your gun as you are tazed and kill you. If hes willing to do all that and take your tazer he will take your gun to. THen you got the black guy who said he din do nuffin. Unarmed right? haha

      1. BestGore continues to be updated daily with amazing, varied content and commentary, from all over the world.

        Baseless weak comment. Have you sucked your whole life or just after turning 18?

    1. absolutely agree. Had they performed their basic function of cuffing a drunk. Man would be alive , an entire city block would not have been under siege of random bullets and a tow truck later bunch of fat Americans would once again be gorging their masked faces with fries and Frostys

    1. That’s exactly what was shown to the world, or should I say what they wanted everyone to believe.
      I guess they still have extra pallets of bricks to place at a few corners since they went threw all that trouble assembling them.

  6. We need to end the Zionist Federal reserve. 90% of all arguments are based off of money. The people in our government have already been exposed. The powers that be have been called out on being pedophiles, sex traffickers, drug smugglers, illegitimate, foreigners, zionists, racists, murders, torturers, thieves, terrorists etc. They proven they dont care. The only thing that will hurt them is their pockets and their ability to control and bribe with money. They have nothing else. They got Americans dumbed down to fight over race, religion, politics etc. The fed is responsible for 100% of all our ills and evil in the world. End the fed and the I.R.S. they need to get real jobs and struggle like they made the average joe has done for years. Work long hours having 1/3rd of you check taken for taxes and then more taken for the hundred other million taxes these white fake jews take. Then have your money devalued and used against you and your country.

  7. Once again fuck this violent nigger, just as fuck Georgie Boy Floyd
    Why would you grab a heavy duty weapon (tazer) and aim it at an armed cop,
    unless you expect some heavy duty retaliation back?
    He’s dead?
    Now he can smoke some crack with George Floyd and compare steroids and
    oversize Tshirts

  8. Nigroid sits and watched it go down, and when the cop shoots him the nigger was like “we got kids here man”. Wtf. Hitler would have been a hero had he just included all the niggers too.

  9. This guy stole the cops taser and was fighting the cops … whom if released could have killed someone else should he die no should he be released to go kill others Bc he’s behind the wheel acting irate , no . So is it wrong for cops to take charge as they r trainer , no .. although it’s sucks it would suck more if ur child die due to cops not doing their job of a criminal act .. just saying..
    god bless the men and women of law enforcement

  10. You can see something like “108” on the display of the alcohol tester in the second video (00:39).
    Can anyone tell me, what this means in the USA?! I dont know, what kind of alcohol testers being used in the USA.
    So… do they show “parts per million” or anything else?
    Are you allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol in the USA?

    1. without scrolling back up to review video. His blood alcohol level appears to be .08%

      I do believe permissable level varies by state but that is generally considered impaired. Depending on if he is relative of cop, he may have been allowed to have someone come up and drive vehicle home while issued summons to appear

      He was at the low end so he is either raging alcoholic or under influence of multiple substances for him to be so fucked up as to pass out in middle of drive thru lane

      1. I agree. These cops were incompetent by what i hear. I have seen a cop of average height neutralise a guy built like a brick shithouse at over six four in ten seconds flat! No guns or tasers used. All done with hands and feet. This was over thirty years ago !

        Us cOps are useless, at least the ones I see on these videos ,and could not cut it here in Aus in the old days. Having said that we now have weakling cops employed here too so we’ll probably see losers fucking up here as well soon.

        Either way ,no excuse and as you say could have been neutralised and could have been summonsed at a later date.

        Too many moaners ,whiners and apologists on-site and they can get fucked. I have cop friends and family too.

  11. It measures your blood alchohol level (BAC). Your levels cant be AT or ABOVE 80mg of alchohol per 100 ml of blood. It actually is an estimate it’s not a completely accurate test what they use it for is basis for probable cause of arrest to further test the suspect down at the station where they might use a more advanced system that uses electrochemical fuel cell technology. So basically the legal limit is .8 and that guy blew a 1.08. Definitely drinking over the limit. Yes you can drive under the limit but of they smell alcohol they’ll still harrass you and want to make you walk the line and if judge you impaired they can still take you to jail. Where I live they dont have breathalyzers on them. I got pulled over and pass ed the tests and got away clean. It really depends on who you are if you look like a responsible successful adult playing it off as just having a few beers after work and driving safely home they will just let you go. In any case, given the guy blew a 1.08, he probably had around 5 or 6 drinks within 2 hour time span. Once after a heavy night of drinking and blackout I woke up in somebody’s car to police knocking on the window. The people didnt press charges so the cops asked if he could take to the station just to see what my BAC was be cause the particular bar serving me had a problem with over-serving patrons. I blew a 1.81 the NEXT DAY at around 1pm. I definitely drank too much that night lol.

    1. Thank you! Compared to the behavior of the US-Cops “I live in a fuckin’ paradise”…
      The limit in my country is much lower…. but if you get caught driving while being over the limit they won’t take you to jail. Call a taxi… sleep in your own bed. Next day you can go to the police and get your keys back. You only have to pay for this and are probably not allowed to drive for a few months.

  12. this post is full of shit.
    a guy from my building was killed by a drunk driver last week… he was a good man, the driver was an asshole.
    and the guy in the video is resisting… cops just did their job. I dont feel empathy for assholes like that guy.

  13. “For no fuckin reason! For no fuckin reason! He was peaceful, unarmed, wasn’t resisting, and ya’ll pull a gun on’em and shoot’em?” – Wait, huh? Are we talking about the same event or,,, what?

  14. Bring on the hate! Can anyone out there say they were completely unjustified to fire those live rounds? Would you have done it differently? This dude got himself shot, and there is no one else at fault here. I realize the recent protests about another individual makes the Libertarian morons feel like they have some ground to stand on by claiming racism, but that is so ridiculous. Maybe they don’t like to hear it, but these stereotypes and profiles did not create themselves. These thuhs get treated like unpredictable and dangerous apes because that is literally all that they are. Someone prove me wrong.

      1. I never have visited that site nor would I

        What majority of you whiners are moaning about is something that never should have happened in the first place

        I pay the cops salary in my state. I am growing tired of continually funding these obese fuckers and their continued abuse of power.

        Putting someone who has broken the law in handcuffs is the most primal of cop function period. If between two of them they cant accomplish that they best be serving up Wendy burger , not justice

          1. I was really fired up earlier. You have no idea amount of destruction going down in the states. Wrecking everything. Destroying our artifacts and decimating our history

            I actually heard burning everything down to the ground and looting “was only way to show our anger”

            really? I hope next thing you see on your newly acquired 50inch TV of unresolved anger is fucking cannon aimed at city block

        1. “Paying their salary” is most certainly not an act that makes you unique, by any means. There are only like nine of the fifty states that do not mandate income tax. I live in Michigan, and I pay their salaries here as well.
          I am, by no means, minimizing the actions of some, nor do I trivialize it. It is a flawed view to blame the entirety of the police force for some overzealous, power blinded, and abusive officers displaying such unacceptable and dehumanizing treatment to get an arrest.
          However, there are straight edge men and women working in the Police force that are unfairly labeled as anything but.

  15. I’ve looked at the video 10 times now, and yes he took the taser gun, but it’s a non-lethal weapon, you can’t kill with a taser (or it’s 100,000 to 1 chance of cardiac arrest). Why oh why didn’t the cop shoot him in the leg? or the arm? At least he’d been alive.

    1. If you pull out a gun to shoot cops shoot to kill period. When a guy wont go into custody and takes your weapon and points it at you you kill him period. What if he hits the cop with the tazer and the cop falls down drops the gun and now he has the cops gun and kills his partner? You have to understand this guy is mentally ill and refuses to be arrested to the point he wil take a cops own weapon and point it at him. you watch to many movies to think you can just shoot someone in the legs who is running and his legs are moving like that. Its extremely hard to shoot someone running period. YOu go for the biggest area and thats the upper body. Even if you shot him in the leg it doesn’t disarm him like in movies he can still hit you with that tazer and now have your gun.

      There so many videos of cops trying to do things the snow flake way like your talking about and they end up dead trying to do it the way blm wanted. Even with just a machete a guy killed 4 cops with guns who tried to snow flake it and even shot him he still killed 4 of them.

      You are eye blink away from being dead. Its so fast when someone trying to kill you and refuses to give up. the hands quicker then the eye. Go be a cop instead of being fat body watching you tube vids and i guarantee you wont be a snow flake once someone tries to kill you. The only people that talk like you has never been in a situation tried to kill you cause you sit on computer all day. People have tried to kill me many times its so fast I don’t even react on the first bullet coming or the knife coming. And its when you dont expect it. After that happens to you your head will be on a swivel packing heat in small of your back rest of your life. And trust me after you are milimeters away from death from a bullet you wont shoot to shoot someone in the leg that attacks you your going shooting to split their wig wide open. All you gotta do is rent an apartment in my old ghetto neighborhood for a month and your snow flake thinking days will end really fast. Then you will be like dam i see why cops are the way they are. ITs not just white cops its cops of all races btw. Your resist there is a good chance you are the next best gore victim. When you resist their life is in danger period.

  16. When they originaly found him asleep in his car they woke him up and told him to park his vehicle and take a nap to sleep it off , when they should have taken his keys impounded his vehicle but instead bored him to death for 20 minutes only to shoot him dead . Then the black supervior shows up and tells the trigger happy white cop that hes got his back and nothing can touch him and how hes going to cover it up and make him look good . when all the videos are put together without all the editing done , looks like it was all premeditated from the beginning .

      1. No body got out of their cars to knock on his door or window to get his attention, but they did honk their horns in an attempt to get wake him up . It took two attemps for the cop to get him move his car . The cop could have arrested him while he was asleep at the wheel of his car and he wouldnt have woken up .

  17. those niggers sure do love to break the law, resist, and expect to get only a slap on the hand. Police officers did nothing wrong. If you reach for my gun, I will shoot you. Police officers have the right to defend themselves against these apes. if they don’t want to get killed, then maybe they should STOP BREAKING THE LAW. And niggers also need to stop victimizing themselves. enough with this race card shit! They just love to raise their kids to hate the police and with the mentality that the whole world owes them because their ancestors were slaves. Maybe they should be slaves because that’s the only way to keep them in check.

  18. I’d love to know who trained these motherfuckers. I didn’t know resisting arrest caused for someone’s death. If they were trained appropriately they would’ve taken all other measures maybe even Tazed or gas. These pigs are so cute in quick to pull out there got their guns and shoot a person over absolutely nothing. I Can’t Count how many times I’ve actually ordered food and fell asleep in the parking lot because I’ve had one too much to drink and I wanted to sleep it off. I was actually smart enough to go into the passenger seat but that’s besides the story. I didn’t know trying to sober up before driving was against the law. I think the alternative of driving drunk and prep probably injuring others is much worse. These motherfucking cops just want another notch on the belt, another kill I’m sure when they get back to the office they’ll get their high-fives and that’ll be the end of that period. They will be known as heroes to all the other fucking useless cops. Ever since all this shit started I have avoided calling the cops at all points. Unfortunately I was in a situation where an acquaintance I had overdosed at a party and I did have to call 911 I specifically mentioned I needed an ambulance and obviously the cops came. I hadn’t been doing drugs I was drinking a little bit I didn’t have my car I wasn’t driving they treated me like a criminal. They automatically assumed I must have warrants because I was in the presence of someone using IV drugs when in reality I was just the lucky one to walk into the bathroom to find them. They wanted to also put me away. These cops are so fucking crooked in the training is so fucked up I think we need to get rid of them all and start fresh. When I talk to my grandmother and my father they say all the time that it was never like this before cops were meant to protect and serve the public now we are their enemies.

    1. They didn’t shoot his monkey ass for resisting arrest, they shot him because his monkey ass not only assaulted the officer but took the taser and ran then pointed the taser at the cop and firing it. Taser are not lethal weapon, but they sure as hell aren’t nerf guns. It was the right call, think of this as the cop perspective. You’re chasing someone and then he points something back at you. Not to mention, if the drunk monkey would of landed a impact on the police officer. He could of paralyzed his ass then grab the cops gun. And in these type of situation, its always what you do first. A taser is still a harmful weapon, just because it isn’t consider lethal doesn’t mean its a fucking toy.

  19. PIGS! PIGS! PIGS! Please cleanse my country of this bs! I am ashamed to have these racist neanderthals being in charge of our “safety”. There is nothing more embarrassing!

  20. A completely clean shooting. Fuck come on. He grabbed the taser and fired it back at the cop as he ran away. If that Floyd asshole wasn’t killed this wouldn’t of even made news. Really what did this nigger think was going to happen?

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