Attentive Truck Driver Avoids Running Over Excited Child

Attentive Truck Driver Avoids Running Over Excited Child

CCTV video from an undisclosed location depicts a child that gets excited when he sees a big truck, as if he was thinking that it’s a really cool oversize toy. He gets rights in the path of the truck as if to embrace it, but just as it starts to look like the road’s about to get painted with blood and brain matter, the truck driver brings the machine to a halt.

Thanks to the attentive driver, the child gets to live another day. But with parents nominated for failed parenting award of the year, it’s anyone’s guess how many of those he has left. It doesn’t look like the guy in pink is his parent.

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  1. The boy walked out of the store by himself while his mother shopped. Then the mother comes out to get him oblivious to the fact that he almost got ran over. I believe it says this happened in Colima.

  2. They are speaking Spanish and I as a native Portuguese speaker I detected “Palocabildo, Tolima”. Palocabildo is a municipality of Colombia located in the north of the Tolima Department.

    You’re welcome

  3. A near body splattering moment got missed .
    Kudos to the alert Driver for saving a precious little life in the nick of time.
    I liked that innocence .The Big Trucks and Cars are his things and they truly fascinate that little kid as you can see how he just about thought that Big Truck was one of his ” Big Toy” ,He’s gonna take home.
    In fact , that’s a toy market and the kid was brought along for a surprise but parents were nowhere in sight

    A sudden gust and and a lone dangling little toy truck wanted itself moved on the road or taken away by someone .

  4. What an asshole, the father didn’t even acknowledge the truck driver for saving his kids life. The parents are so wrapped up in their own little dramas they didn’t even realise their kid almost died in front of them. I’m not even surprised by any of this anymore. That’s sad.

    1. I guess the pink shirted guy wasn’t that kid’s father . He simply was there as one of the shopper or maybe he was one of the employee at that mall who felt he must give him a hand and rescue that child .
      I think the kid was brought there may be by one of the parent who might have been too busy window shopping giving any scant regard to what was going on around .

    1. The Parents could “tweet” or “PM” him a thank you from the facebook or twitter account that they were probably busy pissing about with while they should have been keeping an eye on their child?

  5. Well done, driver!!! Well Done!! …holy shit, that could have been a mess… Goes to show, you can’t take your eyes off of them for one minute!! Also noticed that, given the tremendous blind spots of a big truck, had the driver even for a moment diverted his (or her??) gaze, the outcome of this would have been decidedly different.

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