ATV Accident Leaves Woman with Cracked Forehead

ATV Accident Leaves Woman with Cracked Forehead

Alysia L. sent us pictures of an accident she was involved in back in 2010. She was riding an All Terrain Vehicle and wasn’t wearing a safety helmet. The ATV flipped into a creek bed, and this is what it did to her.

She says she ended up with over 100 stitches, because doctors stopped counting after so many. This is not surprising, as nowadays docs also stitch up tissue under the skin, so it can bind together properly during the healing process.

All Alysia has to say about the incident is: “Lesson learned – wear a helmet.

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12 thoughts on “ATV Accident Leaves Woman with Cracked Forehead”

  1. damn and i was just ridding my ATC around the block without a helmet, passing cars full speed and drunk as fuck ! shit … no more, besides that would be a stupid way to get a dui or worse, crack my skull wide open. I’m pretty sure she is ok by now. (6 years later) duh!

  2. ATV’s are fun but very dangerous, if not driven with utmost attention. I know as i own a couple of them, and had a few close calls of my own years ago. Glad you survived girl, as it could have been much worse. 🙂

      1. I own 2 because one, my Polaris Sportsman 700 4×4 with plow, i use to clear snow in our driveway, mostly. And my other Polaris Sportsman 400 4×4, i mostly use for Fishing, and Hunting. I love going for long ATV Drives in the Country, up mountains, over creeks, and such, it is excellent for finding little Trout Filled creeks, otherwise too far for people to reach on foot. Unless, of course you are Mark Marek, as he is nuts man. This guy will walk miles, and miles through black fly infested, thick bush, to reach his goal, of complete unspoiled nature, and serenity! Good for him, as it keeps him in top shape, and fulfilled.

  3. People have accidents on ATV’s all the time, something to do with the way they are built? They flip easily and people get crushed when the bloody things land on top of them. Good fun but kids should be supervised and always wear a helmet. It’s easy to get complacent because they are easy to start/drive. My kids have one and off-road motorbikes, I worry but you can’t wrap them in cotton-wool.

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          1. @shortyshark I would say fat shaming is still alive and well. Here I thought posting this pic would be interesting only to find comments about my weight! A little sad to say the least but I guess you get what you get when you put yourself out there.

        1. Well I would like if you didn’t say nasty things about people for no reason just because they posted a picture on this site. I’m pretty sure I posted on this site for gore pictures not to have some troll comment on my weight. I’m totally cool with a funny comment but “how did she even fit on that ATV in the first place” isn’t even good. Like come on dude come up with something GOOD if you’re going to be an asshole.

    1. Surprisingly fit on that ATV quite well! While they don’t necessarily make seats for my giant ass they definitely put some thought into them and made them rideable for every size. In hindsight I wish they only had skinny people seats so I could have avoided this unfortunate accident but alas fat people are prone to ATV accidents. Thanks for the comment I would love to see what you look like beyond the computer screen.

  4. Yep these damn things cause a few injuries. My old man uses them to chase cows and about ten years ago one of his workers had a nasty accident. Workcover investigated and my dad was given a spank on the wrist for not insisting his workers wear helmets. He insists on it now though……..

          1. That’s exactly how it happened except in broad daylight. I got myself on an overgrown old trail and didn’t take into account that instead of coming out on the other side of the trail there was a creek surrounding the property. Legit did not know what hit me until I was standing up in the water.

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        I thought of him as some stale and smelly yeast

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  5. Hey guys been lurking on this website for about a solid 6 months now, finally decided to make a profile so I can interact with all of you lovely people. Thanks for sharing a great site that you can let your wicked side out without shame.

    1. Sheep are conditioned to automatically label that as the “wicked” part of us. Stick around a bit. You’ll see that what most people display in public is a fabricated persona designed strictly to make them seem “normal”. You’ll learn to love this site because it’s one of the few sanctuaries where sheep don’t get to dictate what is acceptable.

      Welcome. Hang your fleece coat on the wall and have a few laughs, sir.

  6. Very close scrape with death. Protective wear may make you look uncool, but at least you have a better chance of living to tell about it. Thanks for sharing your story. Wish you well.

        1. I think this accident must have left its indelible mark in her memory .Looking back in retrospect she sure will come to regret every so often as to why was she complacent and why wasn’t the headgear used .
          Once bitten twice shy ……..never again I’m sure she’d dare go driving the ATV sans any headgear.

      1. Well done, girl. Also, many of us on here joke about each other all the time. Myself, for example, when i posted my work accident photo,s some people made some rude comments, but i took it in stride, as it is mostly to remind us that we are all different, some ugly, some overweight, some bone racks, and many, fucking stupid, lol. So thanks for sharing, and welcome to our family, here at bestgore. 🙂 But please don,t take any unwanted comment too seriously, as you will see that we are a good bunch on here, once you get to know us better!

        1. Thanks! Honestly if a joke is good I will definitely laugh and enjoy it. There have been some on here about my weight that I laughed out loud with. It’s the bad ones that piss me off. Like the middle school comments that literally are so basic they make me cringe. Like keep the good ones coming!

          1. @AlysiaL
            Thanks for being this jovial. What ya heard from bro@thedre is true .Many of us around here are pure joksters so just ride along but make sure ya put your headgear on
            Cheers @thedre ya really are uniquely gifted if I should say . and have a way killing people softly with your love songs …….. a balmer and a comforter rolled in to one .

  7. I rode ATV once. Let me tell you, I destroyed that fucker off the first run. After I was done, no one could tell it was ATV anymore, because it resembled nothing of the like. ATV is fun but doesn’t last forever, so make sure you savor every moment you find yourself on one. Yup. Nothing beats A Tight Vagina…

          1. I,m sure that it did, after six years, it must be 100% better. And hey, you now have a cool scar, and this makes for awesome conversation, and how you cheated death. The Grim Reaper will have to wait, as he picked a tough girl, to fuck with! 😉

  8. She looked like a Cyclop even before she got that new tattoo on her forehead.
    I’m glad that she was not wearing a helmet, you can just imagine what could have happen to that helmet if that big, fat, ugly Cyclop head smashed into it. Poor helmet would have been hurt worse than Cyclop head.

        1. Lol, ok, that was funny. But we all have to ease off on her with the insults. Jokes though are ok, bud! As you can tell, she seems nice enough, and she has a great sense of humor. 🙂

      1. I still ride my ATV like a fucking Mad-Man once in awhile, on an old logging Road, in Wolf Lake Quebec, when i head up there every couple of years. Hell, i might end up on here next time, as i hate the helmet, as you sweat and itch like fuck in the Summer heat.

        1. It’s not worth it! I’m stuck with a daily reminder of the stupid choice not to wear a helmet. Helmets might suck but man getting all those stitches sucked even more. Anytime you think about riding without one look at this post!

          1. Yep, your right, as i don,t ride like this anymore. Getting to old for that shit,lol. I still rarely wear my helmet, but i drive at 15 to 20 miles an hour now, and actually enjoy catching the beautiful scenery, instead of flying by it at 60 mph.,

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