Baby Ejects from Mother’s Cunt after Motorcycle Accident, Father Unaware About Situation

Mother Aborts Baby Accidentally with Motorcycle Mishap, Father Unaware About Situation

A motorcycle accident causes baby to be ejected from smashed mother in Uttar Pradesh, India. After the accidental abortion, the woman is unable to unwind and unravel.

The motorcycle accident is due to the motorcycle couple being reckless, riding at night. Ironically, both are not born wreckless. The baby doesn’t take the road less traveled and dies with mommy and daddy.

Doctors say abortions do sometimes save women’s lives but in this freak accident that is not the case. You cannot turn around or wait till next exit ramp when colliding with Death.

Thanks @cockasian for providing translation:

“Guy rides recklessly. Lets move him/her to the side. Where is the number plate from? UP62 (Uttar Pradesh, India). What we should do…. lets put our hand in ‘her’ pocket(s) get hold of her mobile phone & inform her relatives. Her stomach is ripped. Her womb is ripped apart. Poor woman has lost so much blood. Is she…….is she……lactating?!? Poor woman’s motherhood been destroyed! She will never be able to breastfeed her dead child! Lactation….see?! Call ambulance quick……..”

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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    1. Headline – “Baby ejects from mothers cunt” – seriously ? That could possibly be the most bizarre thing you’ve written to date. We all write shit at times, but fuck me, that’s just fucked up……

      1. Yeah I agree man. I don’t come to the comments anymore either, seems most the old folk from few years back are gone bar dre. There’s another headline about a woman falling off a bike and the kid getting a boo boo. His foot was all fucked up. I’m not sure who’s writing these but I feel as though this has gone from an alternative media site to a cestpit of haters

        1. This is pretty fucked up, I think I’ll only use a dirt bike though I don’t really need a motorcycle. I watch these videos so I don’t make the same mistakes as these people, though a lot of them don’t even provide context. Though at least I can learn the consequences of driving stupidly. I am only 19 though I drive better than most people because I watch shit like this & know what can happen if I’m stupid. I must be on the look out for other people who are stupid, of course I still go like 10 over & what not though dam I really need to be careful while driving. We all do.

          1. Who are you calling a stupid bitch ? your name says it all about you really doesn’t it -shitposter more like shit talker and even shittier person!

      2. Agreed. I mean, most of the people who frequent this site are callow young boys, or psychopaths, or callow young psychopaths. Still, as a father, the callous attitude is disturbing…more disturbing than the images, really. I can look at anything, but the videos that really bother my soul are those where cruelty and malice are highlighted. Like 3 Men 1 Hammer… The worst part was hearing those malicious little fucks laugh in glee at the suffering of someone who’s done nothing to them. Probably, most such people have been abused themselves or at least haven’t been given any proper emotional nurturing, so they act like retarded kids burning ants under an eyeglass. Well, the physical world is not the end, fortunately. I’m sure most here don’t believe that…but that’s okay. They’ll have plenty of time to eat some crow and marinate on their vapid philosophies later.

    1. Not to mention the fully formed fetus sprawled on the road. I’m no OBGYN but would say it’s at least 6 or 7 months along. How the fuck was the husband unaware.
      No, no dignity in death, especially with the innocent.

          1. That’s true mama always told me there’s no such thing as bad publicity LOL. So what are you up to nem? You’ll never guess where my world traveling ass is right now, Honolulu Hawaii visiting Pearl harbor and parasailing and the whole nine yards..

  1. Also note how the Denial of service occurred within 24 hrs before the start of the Christchurch shootout. In the stock market ,where they don’t believe in coincidences, this would have triggered an insider trading investigation.

    Given many of these Lone-wolves are funded and handled by other “mentors” usually two or three steps away from him and almost always found to be Intelligence Services ,I am almost certain Someone out there knew this was going to go down. I also think it is highly likely it was an Intelligence Service that knew about it and that they encouraged it as well through well-placed moles.

    1. @hopingfornemesis I am inclined to agree completely with you on this one. This has some grubby Usual Suspect fingerprints all over it. Have you ever read “The Little Drummer Girl” by John le Carre? It was written about 35 years ago and explained exactly how a certain Middle East Toxic State used a range of patsies and such methods as you describe to create “situations” and “events” which they turned their advantage. Nowadays, after many decades of practice they will be even more adept at such manipulation than even that book describes. They have the system down to a fine art. it was almost the first thing I thought of when I saw the news, then watched the video.

      The planned and very public street slaughter of “Drummer” Lee Rigby by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale is riddled with similarities to the Drummer Girl plotline and to the very recent events in the Antipodes. Both Adebolajo and Adebowale were known to and handled by British Secret Services. That was made clear in the Inquiry.

      “The Little Drummer Girl” was made into an excellent BBC TV Drama Series last year.

      1. Yes! Gee that has brought back memories. I do remember it . I found le Carrie I found to be a plodding read back when I was a teenager but I have started to reread him. A lot better now I am an adult and second time around.ha.

        I will keep my eyes out for this new drama. Thanks.

        No ,I did not know the Rigby murderers were handled by Intelligence but did you know that the Ariana Grande bomber and his father and brother were all on M15/16 books right to the end. The UK even moved them to the UK away from bad old Gaddafi then moved them back to fight Gaddafi. The UK knew all along they were ferocious jihadis and loved it . They were weaponised Islamic hatred to be used against anyone the powers that be wished.

        Did you know the Boston Bombers relative was a CIA man who was the brain behind “Islamic terrorists”? A dick by the name of Fuller! So then we the West cry about Blowback!Yet is it really Blowback?Maybe it is just “ongoing war on terror” manufactured to keep us in a state of confusion etc. Gladio’s Strategy of Tension of the Seventies.

        I know wordy as always but thanks re movie head’s up.


        1. @Fatherless Sexual Deviant Mr Magoo a.k.a. Hoping for Nemesis

          It is stage-managed blowback. Bogey-men created to purposefully shape and mould our horror in the same way Saruman bred Orcs for a purpose in Lord of the Rings. The purpose of the blowback here is to justify the next wave of laws/ invasions/ regime-change etc.

    2. What’s wrong with New Zealander’s. Are they not the worst and biggest load of numpty liberal scum.
      All shock and horror, weeping and laying flowers.
      Dumb cunts ! You only have to look at their stupid faces to see how dumb they are.
      Fucking idiots having sympathy for Muzo fuckers that will one day out number the natives if left to breed as they do.
      And that’s the fucking problem here, these libtard scum cunts live in a low population state with a small amount of Muzos.
      I wonder if theyd be so sympathetic once the Muzos start showing what they’re really about.

      But there must be some right wing sympathies among the police and prosecutors.
      He’s only been charged with one murder.
      Great! I love the legal angle.
      His defence is that after shooting the first one dead he realised he’d done a bad thing and then went crazy and killed 49 more, but that 49 were not murder victims. Instead he’ll get away with manslaughter through diminished responsibility after he flipped after killing the first victim.
      Seems right to me.

      Media keep saying how people like Tarrant are trying to cause division. Completely and utterly ignoring the true fact that it’s the ongoing policies of governments with media backing that have introduced millions of foreigners into white nations that has caused the hatred and division.
      Fucking hypocrites and destroyers of civilisation and peace.

  2. Translation

    “Guy rides recklessly. Lets move him/her to the side. Where is the number plate from? UP62 (Uttar Pradesh, India). What we should do…. lets put our hand in ‘her’ pocket(s) get hold of her mobile phone & inform her relatives. Her stomach is ripped. Her womb is ripped apart. Poor woman has lost so much blood. Is she…….is she……lactating?!? Poor woman’s motherhood been destroyed! She will never be able to breastfeed her dead child! Lactation….see?! Call ambulance quick……..”

  3. Baby was ripped out before proper conception due to a motorcycle crash. If it was a boy then the parents “Hardly NamedTheirSon” 🙂 (Harley-Davidson, eh?)

          1. The clarion call of the wild was heard SS….and I feel so ‘special’ Illegal ~ my wife finally got around to paying the ransom demand of $5.99. lol
            I had some setbacks healthwise and have moved to live on a mountain in the far North of Thailand. The Burmese border is a 5 minute walk down the road… Johnny Rambo says hi. So…was a bit distracted from the gorefest. That bit of NZ action stirred me up to come visit you guys.

        1. Sphinx AND Carnage…woo hooo… I missed yo guys too..not in a homo way. I’mliving the dream on a mountain in far North Thailand on the Burmese border with Johnny Rambo as the crazy neighbour. It’s not that bad…but then again local stores have hand grenade icons crossed out through it on the windows…so maybe it is haha Good to be back guys.

          1. Hey Illegal…shsssssh… my cover cost me a few crops of poppies.
   on Doi Tung (= Mountain Flag) the house I’m building is about 2 miles from the Burmese border & I regularly ride my big bike along the actual border itself. The scenery is breathtaking here at 5,000 feet up. Over the years, the princess of Thailand created a project to substitute the poppy crops with coffee and macadamia nuts. My land has quite a lot of coffee plants on it, but no poppies any more *wink*
            You seem to know this location and its errrr colourful background pretty well. If you ever find yourself in Thailand & up this way…you must let me know.

          2. The Nemesis… Motherless children by Eric Clapton should be your antithesis
            ~sorry …my brain’s not quite right..I thought your comment was from Illegal. It’s good to be BACH…and among friends…I missed all the sick humor and camaraderie.

  4. Lol atleast he got to look up her dress before he died. pussy, bloody or shredded is still a great image to see before death.

    i also like to imagine the baby shot out, hit him in the head and bounced off to the side of the road and he still could not figure out what it was.

  5. The Bike Died Also, as you can see that it bled-out from it’s front tire. And Holy-Fuck,,, these guys sound Retarrrrded, With The Cool Slow-Mo Recording Effects That You’s have added in order to have these strange Sounding Pakies Conversing . Good Job Guys As It’s Quite Funny Man! 🙂

  6. Regular child birth, a woman pushes for hours an hours to extrude a little fucker yet one massive impact can send it blasting out in a split second! Which Jim Carrey movie was it where he put his hands on a woman’s belly, felt around a little and then pushed and the baby shot out???

  7. Reminds me of all the big named Hollywood starlets of the 30s, 40s, and 50s who got back alley abortions and nearly croaked because they didn’t want little baby to ruin their careers which they got in the first place by fucking their way to the top. Bye, bye, aborted fetus! Mommy would have called you a human, but she was too blinded by the bright klieg lights of Hollyweird.

  8. I guess her pussy must have still had a little warmth to it given that the guy didn’t seem to notice much when he was trying to finger her. Him having extensive serious injuries had nothing to do with that.

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