Bad Car Accident Leaves People Mangled Beyond Recognition (pics)

Bad Car Accident Leaves People Mangled Beyond Recognition

I don’t know about you, but each time I look at photos of bad car accident victims, I know for damn sure that I won’t be speeding anytime soon. Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras is hands down the most effective and most famous speeding deterrent. Other car accident victims – even though they don’t get as much recognition as the Porsche Girl, still work magic when it comes to demonstrating dangers of bad driving habits. These photos are from an unknown car crash I don’t know much about. Obviously, unless a car accident involves a pretty, 18 year old girl who has super rich dad, the names and circumstances mean nothing. These guys were left mangled beyond recognition, to the point that Nicole Catsouras seems like not much.

The most shocking pic I think is the own where guys head was decapitated leaving only his jaw attached to the rest of the body. If the head was decapitated clean, it wouldn’t look as bad but the remains of the jaw with few teeth sticking out makes it pretty awfully looking. It looks like they must have been driving at a very high speed and crashed into something that didn’t give way. If I were to guess, I’d say they didn’t suffer much and were dead almost instantly upon impact. Take the foot off the pedal when you’re driving folks. It might be an easy and fast way to go, but it sure ain’t pretty.

Gallery of gruesome pictures depicting victims of really bad car accident that left three people mangled beyond recognition is below. Don’t speed and don’t drink and drive. Regardless of how mundane it sounds.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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20 thoughts on “Bad Car Accident Leaves People Mangled Beyond Recognition (pics)”

  1. i dont no about u but i think this shows us what could happen on a nite out just not for speeding but drinking a beer or to and thinking it is ok to drive i think we all need to stop and think about the things we do and check what we r doing and think about what can happen if we do it!!!!!!!!! please drive safe we dont want to c a young person or any one else not leave there life as long as they can!!!!!
    love and drive safe kristen im 12 if i no this and think about it you can to

  2. this is very scary and i think that people really need to think before they do stupid stuff like this. this past week there was in accident in my town where a four year old girl was thrown from the car and died the next day from a speeding driver. they wereliving a very happy life until some idiot decided it was okay to speed to work because he was late. we dont need to lose anybody else so please dont speed and dont try to make red lights…

  3. this is so sad and scary at the same time….
    I dont even kno u but kno i kno what drivein
    could do when u are drink or not and kno i
    kno to be carfully at the nite ima so so so
    sorry that u lost a sis and ur kid…

  4. As for the dead on here, if they were speeding or drunk driving, they got exactly what they deserved. They want to risk their lives, fine. But why do they have to put others lives on the line with their stupid behavior. Oh, another thing, Nikki Catsouras really bugs me, as does anyone who stands up for her “rights.” She was a girl, her parents income doesn’t matter, who drove like an idiot and got what was coming to her. Let her death photos circulate. She gave up all rights when she stole daddys car and put others lives in danger. I have no pity for her or anyone like her. Nikki the fool got what she deserved!

  5. i dont know wat to say i av never seen anythin like it.i am so upset right now pls lets spread d word and try to be safe out der cos its a dangerous world.above lets not drink and god ope i can sleep tonite.may dey rest in peace and not pieces as dey av died

  6. I remember seeing photos like these in drivers ed class. The idea was to scare us into driving responsibly. It is good in theory but the reality is that many people, especially teenagers, think they are invincible, or at least that accidents happen to other people.

    For the most intelligent species on Earth , we sure are stupid.

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