Bandido Pursued by Police on Motorcycle Hit by Truck

Bandido Pursued by Police on Motorcycle Hit by Truck

A Brazilian motorcycle policeman wearing a helmet cam was in pursuit of a pair of bandidos riding down narrow alleyways. At one point, a group of people blocked the fast passage for the bandidos, so the one riding pillion dismounted, thinking their flight was over. Luckily for him, the policeman was not the “shoot first, ask questions later” type of guy, like cops are in some other countries.

But the bandido operating the motorcycle was not ready to give up yet, and took off again after he squeezed through the crowd. The policeman abandoned the other bandido and continued with the pursuit of the motorcyclist.

The pursuit ended when the bandido got to the end of the alleyway, and was about to enter a road. Because he was in a rush, he didn’t stop to see if it was safe to merge, and got right in the way of a passing box truck. The bandido got hit, and landed motionless on the road. He wasn’t wearing a safety helmet, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the slam on the road killed him.

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      1. But but but…isn’t this where everyone is supposed to come piling down on the cop for being such a bad, brutal, rights withholding, corrupt, blah blah fucking blah evil cop!?
        That cop took away that good crook’s right to getaway! That low life co abusing his power like that!!

        BG (Acneska) does a great job exposing some of the rotten, filthy pigs that exist but sometimes the narrative runs so wild the dog piling gets embarrassing. Beyond absurd at times and the comments do nothing but harm to the underclass that feels so threatened.

        Sure calling the cops is rarely helpful.

        BUT when the category five nigger chimp out is unleashed in your town I am grateful the militarized jackboots are there to put the animals back in their cages.

    1. oh he’s wearing his helmet.. at one point… it just blows the fuck up when he gets mashed by the truck, slow it down, rewind it to when they’re in the group of people and you see it, if you look close enough you also see it fly off his head when he gets mauled

    1. The bandidos were in fact wearing helmets. if you look closely at the point where the crowd blocks off the cyclists you can clearly see helmets! but the force of the van hitting that bandito (lol dorrito) that made him fall hard, so it made the helmet fly across the road. It may have costed his life to not yield! Danke kopfsammler f?r das punkten

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