Barefoot Girl Appears to Die After Motorcycle Accident with Truck in Indonesia

Barefoot Girl Appears to Die After Motorcycle Accident with Truck in Indonesia

The fatal accident between a motorcycle and a truck happened in Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. Of the young couple on the motorcycle, the boy appears to have survived without any notable trauma, though the girl was not so lucky.

The video appears to suggest that she was fatally injured, and even lost her footwear after the crash. Her boyfriend reacts to her death with disbelief, though tries his best to first get her off the road, and then into a vehicle apparently for transfer to hospital.

The truck initially stopped, but appears to be heading its own way midway through the video.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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64 thoughts on “Barefoot Girl Appears to Die After Motorcycle Accident with Truck in Indonesia”

    1. Touching display of emotion. He loved her.

      These vignettes are very rare glimpses into the human condition.

      Thank you Mark.

      We will all die, many hideously. There is the love of the dove, and the love of the serpent.

      choose ye well.

    1. traveling by almost any means in a 3rd coutry can also can get you killed in no time as well. If I ever go to ie Indonesia I possibly want a tank or other kind of armored vehicle for “personal protecton”.
      Safety first!

      And those patrol cars shoud bring some body bags along in case of mayhem.

  1. Well I only see one helmet, good for him to be the one. If she wasn’t dead after impact, she was definitely dead after her broken neck was being thrown around by carrying her and all that shit – zero fucks given, dumb people, dumb deaths.

  2. This is sad man. The pain he must be feeling, and just to hear the sound of a crying fellow human when losing a loved one, in such a tragic way is, and has always been, the most troubling to me in any video’s. I Can just imagine losing my wife, one of my family members, or dear friend in such a way, never getting the chance to tell them just how much you loved them, must be one of the hardest things to ever have go through. God bless you my fellow man! 🙁

  3. this guy is so retarded… shaking someone like that after a accident may finally kill her. You can’t touch accidented ppl unless you’re a doctor. If she had any chance to survive his boyfriend finally killed her

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