Be Quick or Be Dead in Travel – Dashcam and Aftermath Footage

Be Quick or Be Dead in Travel - Dashcam and Aftermath Footage

No location with video, although Russia is suggested I highly doubt it.

The art of drifting doesn’t go unnoticed on a strip of road only containing 2 lines of travel. Tailgating a successful lane cutter, white car is not as fortunate.

Father and son duo were rushing to save an extra minute on commute but end up 2 minutes struck behind a stalled semi. Footage seems eerie familiar.

Props to Best Gore member @thedon46 for the dash-cam and aftermath video:

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          1. @hopingfornemesis ah i couldn’t see the whole thing Nem. Is the tree a fig tree? I wonder the vultures, yes i know there are many vultures around the beautiful young woman, young and naive. She won’t get many chances before the beauty fades and she’s on the shelf so to speak. Does the tree represent fruit? I looked up Eric Lambert. He’s a white man yes? Why is he drawing african motifs?
            Anyway it’s not my business. I rememebr in the mid 80’s asked a white grocer why he sells jamaican fruits etc. silly question really. I just thought that jamaicans should open their own shops but when they do they try and overcharge people so they lose customers and the business goes to hell..

          2. You may be right re figs. Figs have always represented a snatch of course because of its nourishing sweetness and the looks of it.
            I hope i have the right name. I will find him and send you a link.

            He may be a White man of Africa ie a boer /afrikaaner or British SouthAfrican. Either way he loves the motifs.
            I don’t particularly like African art or motifs and he is probs the only fellow i follow. I am more a euro /ancient Roman /greek art man as you know. Yet ,I
            like him.

          3. @hopingfornemesis it may be something to do with different religions nem. For example i would say a rose was like a pussy, it opens up and shows its beauty all red and signalling to the bees to pollinate. Maybe fig is more a pagan thing, i’m just guessing. I am studying something of the occult and the cathars at present. And the pagan religions before Christianity.
            I say doctors now days should be held accountable. Just like the ancient Irish chieftans. All was rosy but woe be tied you if those crops fail for two years in a row. They got marched down to the bog and sacrificed an a true gorish way to the Gods of the underworld. The world beneath the water. They were also headhunetrs. They kept the heads of the defeated tribesmen hanging over their saddles then placed them over their doors. That must have eventually eveolved into those gargoyles and heads we see over the old castles.
            Accountability is what’s missing today. That’s why so many people are angry.
            If you can teach me anything about the pagan religions or the cathars i’d be ineterested to hear.

          1. Nice cars. I have never been there.
            On e car i ahd which i really likes was a Rover 214 not exactly a classic but built like a tank unlike these japanese cars which just collapse when you ding them
            Who is Hannibal Hamlin?

          2. @hopingfornemesis no your original answer is still there but i think we’re wearing out this thread so we’re losing sight of things. If you can understand my sober way of explaining things. You know when you’re fucked when you can explain better drunk than sober : )) I’m off for a drink. Back in ten.

          3. You’re scaring me @carly69, the word traitor actually passed thru my brain as I typed that comment about Lincoln.

            @hopingfornemesis, he also has the carriage from Lincoln’s inauguration, and one from the movie Gone with the wind. It’s an incredible collection. Yes, I love classic cars and motorcycles.

            @asskingforanal, you would like to suckle Raquel’s ample bosom….am I right?… *Giggles*

          1. @illegalsmile55 Don’t be scared Honey. It’s that connection. it happens in the mind. He, as you well know and have considered, is a traitor. Those we saw as heroes. How awful to think we were betrayed. let it sink in. Never mind what everyone else says. We have each other.

    1. @jadedcunt You can see from the video that he was following the blue car, kind of taking cues from it. He assumed if the blue car would make it then he would, blue car just made it, he didn’t.
      There was also probably a degree of ego in there being as his son was with him and maybe he thought “look son, i can drive better than blue car”… and that’s all she wrote.

          1. It’s just what came to my mind.. the word cunt is over used these days though.
            I am not 100% jaded in my daily life however.. I used to live on a street called Jade street so it kinda worked out.

          2. @jadedcunt Oh so you’re an english lady. you mean Jade street, brent cross? I’m in London. I grew up there but it was different then. Where i grew up was taken down. 60’s was a different London than it is now. Now it’s full of muslsims and africans i wish they’d fuck off and die.

          3. No I’m not an English lady lmao.. I’m a Texan male.
            England has fallen and the people have been disarmed.
            This was the plan. Now it’s time to watch it die.

          4. yes i realise you’re a male, So you are not from jade street brent cross, england. My Mistake and apologies. somehow cunt seems like a female name, i don’t know why. anyway i’m moving fron england because it’s not the england i once new. Fukking sad though.

  1. The filming car caused the accident since the white car tried to surpass it and came back to the right line too abruptelly to avoid the oncoming cars on the left line but the over compensation made it go straight to the truck.

    1. The person passing has obligation to make sure it is safe to pass. The slower driver has no obligation or moral obligation to assist other drivers in this. I do not see the driver speeding up and it seems like he was minding his own business as this happened.

  2. Both fuckers are going straight to hell and satan is going to rape both of them for being too dumb, the old cunt should have not be allowed to drive, he acted like an autistic beast by doing that. Also, if I was one of the cars coming from the front I would throw my car to the side, I don’t care if I get some bruises but I would be alive. The kid probably is going to kick his father ass while in hell

  3. Never I good idea to cut across lanes suddenly, no matter how frustrated you are, or you could lose control.
    That was a really cool white car, better than mine. But now mine is the way better and more presentable car 🙂

  4. Now I’d feel happy if this guy was alone in his car because people like this just deserve to die in horrible crashes like this. RIP little man, feel sorry for him, he only had to die because his father is a speeding jerk that just had to save those extra 30 seconds.

  5. Tell ya what.. If I could pick up a language would be Russian. And I would rather live there right now than the US. They seem to be retreating from communism while we r headed right into it. Even though they probably had a Huge hand in our current state.

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