Beating Heart Exposed Through Huge Wound in the Chest

Beating Heart Exposed Through Huge Wound in the Chest

I’m pulling a public disappearance stunt again today so here’s an old gore classic – a video of a guy with beating heart exposed through a wound in his chest. Background info is sketchy, but from what I was told, he was hit by a cart in some kind of freakish traffic accident and allegedly survived despite half of his chest having been ripped off. There’s also quite a pool of blood underneath him so blood loss must have been severe, never mind the fact that his lung(s) would have collapsed owing to the loss of pressure inside the chest. Anybody knows more about it?

I won’t be heard of for a few days, but if I come by an unsecured WiFi, I’ll make a random appearance. If I’m never heard of again, then wish me a happy marriage and lots of cute Yetti kids. Here’s another video of exposed beating heart, if you’re interested in more. And a video of a heart ripped out of the rib cage but still beating and another one of pretty much the same. One more video of a guy with hole in the chest post cardiac surgery.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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393 thoughts on “Beating Heart Exposed Through Huge Wound in the Chest”

    1. The guy is in a state of deep shock…

      Although what shocks me most is the lack of assistance this guy was given.

      People more concerned with standing around looking/ filming.

      It surprises me that he survived.

          1. @trooper fuck yea ! it amazes me how nobody ever helps these poor fuckers at their time of need. so inhumane not to comfort, calm him & reassure him help is on its way. fucked up world we live in my friend…

          2. Dre…

            It is shit like this which drains the confidence in the Human race.

            When I was in Secondary school (High school) a young girl was hit by a car infront of about 1,000 school kids.

            The driver sped off… But about 2 dozen people ( including myself) ran into the middle of the road. Stopped the traffic and controlled the situation.

            My mate Josh comforted the girl (who was critically injured, although she survived) whilst I rang for an Ambulance. The other gave the girl space and controlled the crowd.

            My faith in Humanity (especially in the young… Me and my mate were only 15) increased no end that day.

            Stewart. Your failed attempt at wit simply highlights your immaturity.

            I hope that nothing like this ever happens to you. You will find my sentiments on this topic could save somebody’s life.

          1. Cheers Leslee.

            Exactly Conducive. It is first aid 101… That anybody who is suffering from major trauma/ shock (and is still conscious), emotional support is almost as important as stymying any bleeding.

            Even placing a coat/ towel over this Man’s wounds may have been helpful.

          2. @Trooper72

            “Even placing a coat/ towel over this Man?s wounds may have been helpful.”

            I dont post much here but here it goes.

            Not really. Placing a towel over that could infect his insides efectively killing him/her and or do damage if it drapes into that hole..

            Further more, the dude looked dead, Whats there to comfort if the man looks completely devoid of life, even from a doctors standpoint he would have looked dead. If he was moving his arms then i could see that.

            Even more so, if i see someone on a floor with his/her neck broken or really messed up, whats to say the police don’t come and say i did something to him/her i wasent supposed to. Ive heard of people trying to help others and end up getting tried for man slaughter because they said he/she would have been better off if you DIDEN’T help.

            But i agree, tell him/her everything is going to be ok and that help is on the way, but don’t try to be a hero. Could end up doing good, or bad.

          3. Jaloko.

            The chances are the risk of infection is a given anyway… Their is no escaping infection from such a wound.

            The towel will serve to protect the Man’s modesty as well as stopping any debris/ flies from falling into the wound.

            True. People have been tried for manslaughter after misplaced help. Although my help will only stretch to emotional support and the use of said towel…

            It isn’t being a hero. It is being a decent human being.

            I am not the kind of guy who shies away from taking responsibility.

          4. I’m glad to hear that Tom… regarding you taking responsibility.
            BECAUSE my dear, we are going to have our first cyber baby.
            Let’s call it Mark if it’s a boy!

        1. i cant believe you have to ask that question?
          hold the guys hand, place something over the wound to save (some) modesty for him, tell him its all gonna be ok, ask him about his family etc. etc. etc. etc.
          what? fuck – really you have to tbe TOLD these things? the word was mentioned already – “humanity”

      1. Exactly! Wouldn’t you go right into saving mode to help this guy! Applying pressure to the wound to control bleeding and call for an ambulance??? Fucking third world countries, and they blame us in U.S. For their problems! They need to start by helping themselves first!

    2. This is some serious stuff. He looks like the exorcist no kidding. but this won’t scare kids in Halloween, i’m afraid they will just find a way to steal the candy off the basket without looking at this jackass’s face :/ ex: Last year for Halloween I gave away candy wearing a Jason outfit with a real chainsaw, everytime a kid tried to grab candy off the basket i would turn on the chainsaw and scare the heck out off them but they always still managed to grab candy and run oway.

      1. @28 skulls- You just gave me an idea!

        We could have stuffed this guy full of candy, now that he had a gaping hole, tie him up by his hands, hang him in a tree, and take turns beating him with a crow bar!



        1. Guys wanna do something REALLY MOTHER FUCKING FUN this year, speaking of Halloween?

          Take your pumpkins, get some UNDEPLOYED AIRBAGS from either the steeringwheel or the pass.side dash, hook up a wire to the + side of the airbag, and a ground wie to it, cut a hole in the back, shove that motherfucker inside ‘Ol Jack and get a good length of wire and get either a car battery, or even a cordless tool battery, (just has to be 12Volts or more) and as soon as it goes live, You will have an Pumpkin IED!!

          Take my word for it, THIS SHIT IS FUN! (and actually ALOT(!!) more powerful than You’d think it’d be! I took a chunk to the face one year, and it sucked but was MORE than Funny)

          1. it would be interesting to see a picture with step by step (like /b/’s informative threads) or maybe a youtube video so people can be prepared ~

          2. @RottenStench! You blew my idea out of the water!


            I live the wiring to you though, I don’t want to end up being the pumpkin IED.

          3. Yha, there’s no delay when you hit it, BOOM! the fucker explodes with a pretty startaling force……if I can find video of a few years ago, I’ll not know how to share it….so yha, that would suck (just kidding, I’m sure I can figure out how to get it from disk to internet….can’t be THAT fucking hard)

          4. my idea: set a trap wire kids trip over it we stab them in the back of the neck and take the candy :D……i need to get out more, :/

        2. @Nicole. Yes sounds like a great idea. but who gets to keep the candy eh? And looking good there. Never knew women were’ much as fascinated with gore than us guys. Well back to exercising!!!

    1. Hey LaBomba, you seem so lonely sitting here by yourself, I shall sit with you and together we can watch this guys thumper thump, you very beautiful, I hope you don’t mind but, I’m going to eat his heart, what can I get for you? 8D

          1. He’s got some spare ribs, he’s in so much shock he’s probably in Neverland tripping out, I bet he wouldn’t ever notice or feel a thing, shit he’d probably take a bite if he came to.

          2. When I was 17 I hit my head so hard I kept forgetting my name for two weeks, sometimes I would feel really high, but most of the time I was scared cause I didn’t know anything, like being born full grown, and now I short and long term memory loss, which is the worst part of it all.

          3. 🙁 Oh no, that sounds terrible. I’ve hit my head a fuck load of times when i was younger but never to that extreme. That must of been so scary for you. How did you manage to hit your head that hard?

          4. Skateboarding, I was trying to slide a hand rail and slipped, hitting my back on the kink in the rail, flipping upside down on to my head, I actually broke five vertibre which kept me from breaking my neck, I wish there was a vid, cause I don’t remember any of it, only what my friends told me. 🙂

    1. No just one lung. He would have suffocated almost immediately when both his lungs were collapsed. And owing to the fact he is still pulling on is diafragma (with his other lung) through breathing excercise, it can be concluded only one lung collapsed.
      What you are seeing is the 2 lobi of the left lung.

  1. Reaction- Damn! Boy got fucked up!
    Questions- was it a shopping cart or a golf cart or a shipping cart?
    Did the Shopping/golfing/shipping cart have mounted blades of edge weapons by any chance?

  2. That must have been simply agonizing, each breath a struggle to survive. He kind of looked like a fish out of water there for a second, wonder if he managed to survive this traumatic injury?

    Safe travels Mark. Guess for the next couple of days I’ll be heading back to the earliest posts on this site, I think there’s still a lot I haven’t familiarized myself with.

  3. Godspeed Mark.

    I wish you find your Yeti bride… And have many Yeti kiddies.

    Hairy Pussy… That is what I think of when I think of ‘Yeti Bride’. And cold winter nights.

    Combine the two and you have the potential of achieving ‘Nirvana’.

  4. Safe travels Mark 🙂

    Was that heart beating more slowly towards the end?

    The person taking the video must have also gone into shock towards the end as all we got to see was the shit around the guy.

  5. Since the cat is away, this mouse is going to play…
    Off topic but been wondering –
    Steve Irwin… is there really a video of him taking that stingray barb and dying?
    Has anyone seen it?
    I would love to.

      1. Here’s a laugh for ya Nicole…

        Shortly after Steve’s death I went to a beer festival with some friends…
        One of them kept saying in an Aussie accent ~ “My fruition has come to fruition” ~ I would have smacked him if I wasn’t laughing so hard.

        Hear tell that Steve always said that if he was killed in his line of duty he hoped it would be on video.

          1. Funny you should mention that. I was chatting to Pam about it the other day.

            She said it exists and she has seen it…

            Although it is of crap quality.

          2. You’re spot on Nicole. It was one of Steve’s friends filming. He shot him coming up out of the water and then when he realised how serious it was, he put the camera down but left it running and Steve was out of shot, so as far as the actual death, only audio existed. His wife asked for all the footage to be destroyed out of respect and it was. Common sense tells you that a good friend wouldn’t stand there and film you die. Pam is wrong, she hasn’t seen it. And why would it be shit quality, they were filming for a documentary, it would’ve been good quality surely. There are fakes around, maybe pam was duped??

    1. If my memory isn’t fisting my brains asshole, then I recall that i sow a video of mr.irwin in he water when he got stung, However my mind is known for ripping up my memories hymen, no longer being trust worthy.
      I’m going to research now

  6. By now you are most likely gone, but I wanted to say this anyways

    I got pizza sauce in my eye…

    Please stay safe in the outdoors… PLEASE COME BACK TO US!!…..

    That.. that is all.

    Wow, my eye really hurts.

      1. @Fiend- I have a pizza sauce eye! I had just got off the phone with mouse. I should have stayed on longer, maybe it wouldn’t have happened.

        I cringe at the thought of lemon juice… Eek!

          1. The sound man for the band I was in actually DID spunk in his girlfriend’s eye.
            Her eye looked really nasty for a very long time.
            (Needless to say said sound man took quite a ribbing after that).

    1. Praise The ‘Lord’ and Halle-frickin’-lujah!

      You’re little ol comment inspired me to do something I have been wanting to do since the new year Lord ~ get my drum kit out of storage and set ’em up.
      That bass drum beat in “Heartbeat” was all I needed.
      Thank you Lord!

      Gonna go have a good bash around now ~ won’t the neighbors be surprised!

        1. This is ALL very cool…
          We have the makings of the Best Gore Band!

          Tom ~ I no longer have a YT account and Google doesn’t seem to want to let me open another one… must have something to do with the fact that I called them a bunch of C**ts.

          Yes baked – I ‘play’…
          Not as talented as you though.
          If you wanna see me playing drums go back to the BG Boobies of the day post and check out the link I left there.

          Nicole ~ we would make a great rhythm section hun 😉

          Thanks again Lord.

          1. Haha…

            Yeah… Google/ YT are a bunch of cocks.

            Never mind though me dear. I am sure we could make sweet music of our own some day.

          2. Mine too.

            I have sex on the brain me dear…

            If you fancy doing nothing but have sex for a month in some log cabin in the middle of the Canadian Shield… Give us a ring.

          3. Since I live in paradise Tom I am not likely to stray too far from home (even within Canada).
            Remember I do have my tent set up in the back yard if you want that back to nature feel.

            😉 Mwah!

          4. Okay!

            You have brought me down from ‘Log Cabin’ to ‘Tent’.

            I hear the weather is damn decent in BC… That right?

            Or am I gunna be freezing my tits off in the winter?

          5. Oh yeah Tom… I live in Canada’s banana belt.
            Today is nothing short of a perfect summer’s day.
            Winter can get cold at times so if that happens you can come into the basement. 🙂
            Sorry hun ~ my bed is full of pussies.

          6. Haha…

            I get thrown down into your sex dungeon then right?

            Along with all of the other disposable sex toys huh?

            I net you would keep me in a box as well… Dress me up like a gimp!

  7. Into the forrest ye Mark, where the trees grow free and the air of ancient hallows. Away from the wretch of Sodom and Gomorrah, this middle eastern Bizzare. Let your spirit seach and mind at peace, for the spirits of the ancient forest, holds secrets of old.

      1. Thanks. Being broke and not being able to pay bills sucks. In this case, the internet bill. I’m back now, though. Thanks also for Spaghetti Westerns, and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Oh, and lots of beer. Otherwise, my weekend would’ve sucked big time.

          1. No preference between any other macho movies I like, and Dirty Harry. I can’t prefer any one movie over the other, because they all capture my violent imagination perfectly. 😎

          2. I don’t know if I can say that’s his best movie, but it is great. I was going to buy it on Blu-ray a couple weeks ago. Walmart had it for 5 bucks, and I kept putting it off. Just when I decided to buy it, it disappears for that price. Fuckers. Maybe later, but I will definitely get it eventually…

          3. The Man With No Name – doesn’t get any better than those three movies right there when we talk about Clint – awesomeness abounds.

        1. Haha..

          You are Mark’s personal GunkGirl… You have the honour of taking Mark’s copious load of DEMON SEED onto your face.


          As much as I would like to say YUP my dick is 72 inches long… It would be a bit of an exaggeration…

          I am a humble 8 Inches and as thick as an English Mars Bar.

          So masturbate with a family sized snickers and think of me when you do it…

          1. Trooper72 – Thick yup that’s one word I would use for you, but it wouldn’t include your dick 😉 ha ha

            Na no one can replace Mark, he is a one and only, besides i’m a gal and there’s absolutely no way I would ever change that 🙂

            Only 8 inches………… yummy 🙂 (just a little) gotta be more than 8 inches to imress me ha ha ha

          2. You must have a giant fuckin pussy!

            I may have to strap a surfboard to my arse to have a pop at you ‘ey?

            I am proud (and secure) in my length, breadth and girth… As I have it on good authority that I am a considerate lover… Firm when he needs to be… But also has the stamina to pulverize a slab of kebab…

            Ha! Thick headed?

          3. Haha…

            Cyber Bullying!

            Christine… You have me blushing! All honesty I wouldn’t change the size or shape of my Cock. Although I wish it seen more action… *Sigh*.

            It is because I spend too much time here!

          4. @ Tom, haha better to call out the wrong name on here than…in some other situation! I have been celibate for 4 years…I get asked out but…my heart was broken and well, you know the saying “once bitten, twice shy”…your BG friend, Christine/Sharon 🙂

          5. I haven’t gotten laid in a year Sharon… For precisely the same reasons.

            Plus you factor in Illness and attempting to put back the shards of what used to be a decent career…

            As much as I love sex. I dislike the drama of relationships. Forget one night stands… Don’t do ’em.

  8. Ewwww! What in the actual fuck!? More frightening than his pulsating exposed lung and heart is his expression. He’s dazed and confused to say the least but it almost appears as if he’s hypnotized, staring blankly into oblivion, sucking in air like a fish exposed to an oxygen environment- and did I even see him lick his lips?!

  9. Hey Mark,

    Luv BG, Luv your new website…need to buy a TSHIRT….Anyway, besided the video, I wanna find a wife to marry through BestGorse website……someone told me she is out there…well if she is she might be on this site…UNLIKE THE WELSH IN THE UK, I DONT WANNA SHEEP!

      1. Leslee…

        I doubt he is a Stewart… Or even Scottish.

        He types like a spastic and seems to think we need explaining that Wales is in the UK.

        I bet he is a Yank, who watched a bit too much Braveheart and now thinks he is Scottish.

        He is as bad as the fucking Plastic Paddies.

          1. @shellbug…

            I hope I didn’t put you off mistaking you for another lovely BG lass.
            Don’t be afraid ~ I only bite upon request.

          2. Oh how you do flatter me Tom, however ~ shellbug may not swing both ways as I do.

            I’m not hitting on her (that would be lame), just apologizing for my honest mistake.

          1. We should pop it out of the ribs and eat that fucker while it still beating. That would be the best romantic date I have ever had, and our first date at that. 8D

          2. @Phatman-

            Eating a still warm and beating heart with shreds of flesh ripped apart.

            The soul lies numb within his eyes yet partial existence slowly unties.

          1. @It was me,

            Thank you for the congats. Yes I go just about anywhere in the US. Seen all but two states; Alaska and Hawaii. Right now as I type I’m in Page, AZ getting loaded and will be heading to Denver, CO. Stopped to check out the Glen Canyon Dam. Yes, I do see a lot of places. Drive well over 100,000 miles per year. My truck is my home away from home.

          2. @ The Boatman, Wow…that sounds great! My dad is a retired trucker, he drove locally, but before that, he was in the military and we traveled all over the states…I love traveling! I envy you having been to every state but two! The scenery, the people you meet…the freedom of the road! I enjoy reading your posts on here, please call me Charon, er..Sharon! (my feeble attempt at humor!)

          3. Sharon,

            That’s ok, your humor did get a chuckle out of me. I knew what you meant 🙂
            Hope your dad is enjoying his retirement as I’m sure it’s a well deserved one.

            As far as all the people I’ve met and places I’ve been to that would be a long list. Not to mention all the loads that I’ve hauled over the years. I have entertained the thought of writing a book about my experiences as a trucker but I’m a bit too lazy for that. In fact, if laziness was a job in itself I’d be retired rich by now.
            If it wasn’t for trucking I’d probably be working in the mines around Nevada or some other western state or maybe an auto mechanic like I was for seven years before getting into trucking.

            Speaking of experiences, I had a new one today. Never have driven though a Sand storm before. That was kinda fun or at least interesting.

            In the future just call me Will.

          4. @ Will, a sand storm? Thats crazy! Western state Im gonna guess. Glad you made it through without any problems to you or your truck! I apologize (once again) for interupting you and @Jesus’s conversation 🙁 I need to scroll futher down before I reply! I’d buy your book!

  10. Come on guys, the guy didn’t survive. What you are seeing is not his heart beating. It’s his diaphragm reflexing, even after death. I saw it with my Mom when she died. You’ve probably seen it in other videos when it looks like someone is gasping for air. The diaphragm will work like that for several minutes. Sometimes longer than 5 minutes.

  11. If you stop the video at the 02:03 mark you will see that what hit this dude was not a cart. It is a tooth to ether a front end loader or a backhoe bucket. You can see some tissue and blood on the tooth. A Tungsten Carbide tooth can easily rip a hole in someones chest. Just keep watching the very end of the video and you’ll see that he had a nasty run-in with heavy machinery.

    1. Oh wow You’re absoultly fuckin right! Opperater can only look one way at a time, Fleshy Virus shoud know visit Best Gore to gain a better understanding of just how much equipment can fuck You Up, DISPITE having the beleife that ‘noting bad can happen to me, because, I’m Me and I just can’t fathom it”…..well, fathom THIS BITCH!

      1. Tom I think we all have this habit. I know I do.

        This time around, I decided to watch the whole video. It just didn’t sit well with me that a simple cart, be it wooden or metal, could do that much damage to somebody. To me, it had to be something lager and heavier than a simple cart.

        1. @Boatman, man, you must have been cloned, because I swear, I have looked at your face, repeatedly, and you look like an exact duplicate of a friend that I have known for years, a really decent guy. I cannot believe the resemblance. You don’t have family in the region of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada, do you? Honestly, if I were to show you a picture of this guy, you’d freak at how close you two look alike… his name is Brian. Wow, I am going to have him check this site and see if he agrees….Bye.. 😉

          1. @daweeka,

            Nope, no family in Canada.

            Maybe I’m Brian’s Evil Twin that he knows nothing about. Hahaha, just kidding.

            seriously though, I’m sure there are some people here in North America that look similar to me. Canada and the US put together is like about 400 million plus people. Wouldn’t surprise me if a dozen outta that 400 million looked similar to me.

            Just call me Will.

      2. I try to watch all of the video, detaching myself from the reality of it, but somethings, I can’t make it through, Tom, I can’t watch two minutes of someones’ head being sawed off, but can watch one being chopped off. But the worst ones for me are the ones like the cockroach and that impacted ear wax, I actually heaved at that one, good thing I had not yet eaten, as I would have been wearing my breakfast… Miss chatting with you…. Lisa 🙁

        1. Haha…

          I get where you are coming from with the Cockroach one… Nasty nasty!

          The only stuff which provokes an emotional responce in me; is child and animal cruelty videos.

          They make me feel physically sick.

          Haha! You miss me! Awh… I can email ya if ya like?

          I am building up quite a collection of BG Beauties.

  12. After watching the movie “Martyrs”, I became obsessed with the eyes of people “in between”. Not everyone gets the look, but a few do.
    What are they seeing that we can’t? Go to yahoo images and type in “death by a thousand cuts” look at some of their faces it’s like they’re seeing Heaven it’s self open up. They look peaceful, ecstatic, even. What do they see?
    I am so very tired…

    1. Horrible, man, i didn’t even know about those practises…
      Have you seen that, at the 1:32 mark it reads : “Stimulant drugs/herbs might be administered to increase awareness & pain”… I wonder if these drugs may have had something to do with the ecstatic look on some faces.

  13. The mann is breathing. Our intrenal Oregon’s arre dependant on the outer rib structure on being present and accounted for. It’s all a a complex series of give and take. The Diaphram is the strongest mus-cull in th’ human body, Bro. Fuck. So remove the resistance to that force, and shit get’s fucked up. Most of that boss activity was brat about by th’ Dia-Fram not bieng able ti react against an established point, nessascary threw-out history. Bummer, Faggot.

    1. What’s with the ‘gay’ and faggot’ crap?
      This is the second comment I have read of yours like this – first was you asking if the BG t-shirts were gay enough.

      FYI… People who constantly make negative references by saying ‘gay’ and fag etc, usually do this because they have gay tendencies of their own.

      Something you want to share with us John-boy?

      1. I am sorry @ Johnny B, dude, Im french/anglo Canadian, and live in the most multicultural of cities on the fucking planet, have heard every accent, and forms of speech, yours fits into an entirely different category. Speak english please. Please for fucks sakes, or don’t speak at all. Now, back to reading interesting commentary.

  14. In my opinion, it doesn’t look like its a slice wound. I think what happened here is that some part of the wooden cart that might have been sticking out (the handle maybe?) somehow got under the first few ribs and ripped them right out along with the skin, obviously, leaving his organs exposed. I saw my life flash before my eyes twice; once when I drowned and another time when I got stabbed in my femoral artery and lost consciousness due to blood loss. It was awesome shit, I didn’t see one of those Jesus things though.

    1. Sounds like @6456257 was pretty close to death though!
      Fascinating..i guess i wouldn’t like to see my life flash before my eyes, (living it is bad enough already)… unless it makes you come back as a wiser person..

    1. Damn, this withdrawal is really getting to me…. >.< . We should have a bg group, where we could just banter back and forth… meantime, I miss chatting with all of you, you know who you are… Hopefully we'll have some new posts soon!!! 😀

        1. I’m with you both regarding new posts – we have pretty much raped this post raw.

          However, I would never begrudge Mark his happiness… if he finds happiness and we never hear from him again I’m okay with that.

          1. Never hear from him again….NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 🙁 that would be absolutely horrid. 🙁 I am certain he will return shortly (*fingers,toes and eyeballs crossed)

          2. @Fiend
            if he finds happiness and we never hear from him again I?m NOT okay with that, I prefer him being here, updating the site everyday no matter he is happy or not / Signature: Selfish Bastard 🙂

          3. Oh my… I certainly didn’t mean to insight fear into people with my comment.
            I’m sure Mark will come back to us.
            Although, if the weather is anywhere as nice in Alberta as it is here in BC, Mark may not return for a while yet.

            @daweeka ~ I’m Leslee, may I call you Lisa?

            @Rooster Joe ~ I love your honesty you cheeky cock 😉

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