Bicyclist with Crushed Head, Brain Spilled on the Road

Awful How He Rests on the Bicycle Which Ended His Journey on Earth

For a Brazilian bicyclist, this man is a rare breed – he didn’t wear flip flops when he was run over. One of the photos has his mugshot with translation of the events that lead to his death. To sum it up in brief:

His name was Jesus Joel Reis, native of Itagimirim. He was 50 year old and was riding his bicycle down BR-101, which is one of the main highways in Brazil. The accident took place within the town of Eunapolis, in the state of Bahia.

The bicyclist was struck by a truck (it rhymes) and after he fell, the truck ran over his head with tires, spilling the man’s brain on the asphalt. Overhearing the thud and feeling an unexpected speed bump, the truck driver stopped and got off to check what was going on, but after seeing the crushed head of the bicyclist, got right back in and took off.

The hit and run was witnessed by a few people who provided description of the truck driver to the authorities. Props to drccoco for the pics:

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