Bicyclist Crushed to Death by Hit and Run Truck

Bicyclist Crushed to Death by Hit and Run Truck

A bicycle rider was brutal crushed to death by a runaway truck on BR-316 highway in Brazil. While the bicyclist lay on the road all mangled up, the truck driver fled the accident scene. What he didn’t take into an account was that witnesses would provide his truck’s description to the police and since the police knew which highway he was on and in which direction he was driving, it wasn’t too hard to radio their colleagues further down the field to look out for a truck matching the description. Needless to say, the hit and run trucker was indeed caught and confessed to running the bicyclist over.

I don’t have any info on where it went from there, but props to the police for acting quickly and catching the hit and runner. The video was filmed on a low resolution cell phone camera so quality is not the greatest but the violent nature of the aftermath makes up for it:

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27 thoughts on “Bicyclist Crushed to Death by Hit and Run Truck”

  1. 1. if they recorded that video with anything lower than what they had you probably couldn’t tell if you were watching a clip or looking at a piece of paper -.- and to my eyes all i seen was a blob
    2. has anyone else noticed that there has been a lot of posts about bicyclists?

      1. Not quite tight enough, my dear… Although my arms and legs do look like the middle of an accordion now. I’ve been all shaking and wobbling my way around town today, and making the cartoonish accordion sound effects as I go!

  2. Surprised to hear they caught someone, seems like the criminals are having a field day in Brazkill. This is an accident by nature but it can be classified criminal when hit an run. If they enforced the law more often it would impact our frequent Brazilian gore video selection so I’m not going to complain. I lost track of my thoughts there but you get my drift….

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