Bicyclist Cuts in Front of Motorcyclist, Causing Crash Fatal for One

Bicyclist Cuts in Front of Motorcyclist, Causing Crash Fatal for One

Bicyclist Cuts in Front of Motorcyclist, Causing Crash Fatal for One

A fatal crash was caught on a CCTV camera on Caracas Avenue near 53rd Street in Bogota, Colombia.

The video shows a bicyclist cutting in front of a motorcycle with two people on board who travel at an excessive speed. The two vehicles collide, causing all three people involved to fly out.

The motorcyclist slams his head against a bollard, suffering fatal craniocerebral trauma. His family member, a 20-year-old girl, and the 33-year-old cyclist involved, were taken to the Marly Clinic to be treated for non fatal injuries.

Props to Best Gore member @colombian666 for the video:

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52 thoughts on “Bicyclist Cuts in Front of Motorcyclist, Causing Crash Fatal for One”

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  4. To all the folks racing towards “speed kills” suggestion need to slow down …. This is purely the cyclist fault he or she was either deaf, if not then wearing headphones because you can hear the bike of such calibre coming from a mile away…

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