Bicyclist Decapitated, Crushed and Ripped Apart by Truck

Bicyclist Decapitated, Crushed and Ripped Apart by Truck

I don’t know where this video is from, but could be India or one of the nearby countries – based on the clothes wore by some of the people.

The video shows the aftermath of a fatal accident involving a bicyclist and a truck. The bicyclist was decapitated, crushed and ripped apart in all kinds of ways. His arms and legs still resemble the human form, though.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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61 thoughts on “Bicyclist Decapitated, Crushed and Ripped Apart by Truck”

    1. @illegalsmile55
      Too funny, as that was the first thing that i noticed also while making me chuckle in the process, lol. Like who the fuck would think of doing something like this, then taking the time to paint a face on the axle, cause they did a good job, on what must have taken quite a bit of time to do, considering that they did quite the good job while doing so.

  1. About time we see guts. Are those flip flops I see? Those things are indestructible! One is still on his foot! You’ve done Best Gore a valuable service caRnAGE. Bravo comrade.

  2. That’s an Ashok Leyland U-2518 T tipper, but I guess it doubled today as a ripper. You won’t see those Continental tires get damaged by a bicycle, hell no, they’re super durable and really grab the pavement and whatever else is sent their way.

    The company is based in Chennai, India. Good quality. The biker challenged the wrong truck.

    1. Orko The Great From Trolla as The Glorious Supreme Leader of Flipflopistan & Ayatollah of Best Gore I wish to set diplomatic relations between our great nations.

    1. Np! Thanks to Mark and the crew behind the scenes, as well! All I do is send links, they’re the ones posting it for our viewing pleasure. It’s just hard to get the back info on some of these events, they’re happening non stop! We can usually fill in the blanks ourselves though, lol.

      1. Thanks caRnAGE for all the carnage lol you quickly rose from noob to up in the ranks as a main contributor in months! Thanks blunt, uli, and African too. All you mother fuckers need to stand up and take a mother fucking bow!

  3. Just an observation, but did anyone else hear what sounded almost Demonic? Or maybe it’s just my imagination running away with me, either way the guy isn’t having a very good day, maybe it would have been better for him to stay in bed.

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