Bicyclist with Head Crushed by Bus

Bicyclist with Head Crushed by Bus

48 year old Agnaldo Paiva dos Santos worked as a bricklayer’s assistant, had finished work and was returning home on a bicycle when he was struck by a bus full of school kids. I’d call it a School Bus but it looks more like a regular bus. Maybe School Buses in Brazil don’t sport the same looks they do in North America.

The bicyclist was hit by the bus, dragged for 10 meters after being wedged underneath the axle of a front tire and had his head crushed like a ripe tomato. The accident happened in Porto Seguro, Bahia state, Brazil

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the pics:

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23 thoughts on “Bicyclist with Head Crushed by Bus”

  1. Brazil scares the hell out of me because of this website. I would never be a good spokes person for the place. I don’t know if they have movie theaters but, just take a walk in your neighborhood and you’ll see a horror movie before you get home! Fuck Brazil!

      1. never been to brazil yet, but i heard it can get expensive in the large and affluent cities

        you’re safe, but if you’re a tourist on a budget, you won’t get too far

        at least you get to go home when your money runs out and
        you’re still ALIVE

        1. Meh. We have our own unsafe cities. For instance – In America:

          Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans, etc. etc. (Actually, pretty much every ‘big’ city in America)

          Of course, they all share many similarities (Predominately Black or lots of Blacks and Democrat)

          So.. Just like in Murica, avoid the non-White areas and you’ll be fine. If you can find any.

          1. @silenced why do you have to turn every post into whats wrong with something else. This guy got his head smashed in Brazil. What does that have to do with unsafe cities in america?

          2. Reading comprehension might help you.

            Read the original post I replied to. It was about how unsafe Brazil is.

            Which is true, but so is America.


          3. I did read the post, and you could have left your response as that. She wasn’t asking for perspective. But you just got to drag America into it. Has it ever occured to you that maybe people don’t want you filling up their post with all your “FACTS”.

  2. That road rash on his back looks sore as fuck, death was prolly a relief by the time you add the sheer terror of the situation. Anybody else wondering how they moved the bus without squishing the body even more?

    1. i would try to keep my eyes open because closing them tightly seems more like not accepting it. keeping your eyes open to watch it happens means that you would accept your death instead of closing your eyes as to not see it coming(unacceptance).

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