Bicyclist Hit by Car on Pedestrian Crosswalk in Russia

Bicyclist Hit by Car on Pedestrian Crosswalk in Russia

People tend to get hit on pedestrian crosswalks a lot in Russia, but in many of these cases they just really don’t look. Even though technically you have the right of way, you should still keep in mind that there are drivers out there who for whatever reason can’t avoid you so staying blind to what’s going on around you and assuming that they will stop simply because you’re on a zebra could have potentially fatal consequences.

In this case the bicyclist really gave the drive no chance to respond so I tend to think the responsibility for the crash lays solely with the bicyclist. Plus the driver instantly stopped and went to help the bicyclist, seemingly taking him to a hospital after the crash. Although it may have been better to call an ambulance and let professionals handle the victim instead of yanking him around yourself, even if the latter could get him to help faster. The way I see it – the driver could not have done anything to avoid the crash and did all he could to help after the collision. The bad guy here is the bicyclist.

Caught on dashcam:

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46 thoughts on “Bicyclist Hit by Car on Pedestrian Crosswalk in Russia”

    1. I know, I know. She looked cute and all but we all know it’s some chick floating along thinking only about how pretty she was when she last looked in a mirror and then bam. All her bad though, hoodie, so you’ve got no fucking idea whats going on around you, and probably ipod so she further has no clue. I wonder where they ended up taking her lol

  1. almost certain that if it was somewhere in the USA the good samaritan would have driven with the injured chick till an isolated place to rape her and kill her, none hospital would have ever heard of her, just saying

    1. Yup. Hit by car. ‘Helped’ by occupants. There and then distanced from scene under 30 seconds. I mean that was some shitty help she received lol…she didn’t look terribly keen about any of it.

    1. Well I noticed the pedestrian timer or whatever. She was right to think she had right of way. Driver should have yielded. The way they loaded her into the car though seemed like it might be decision time. Take her somewhere and have a formal report and possible charges against you? Or take her somewhere and …explore options…

  2. Maybe the car was speeding a bit knowing there is a pedestrian walk there but the bike just came out of nowhere. On the road you have to protect yourself as much as others so both have fault here. Again that case where someone thinks pedestrian walks or green lights some how make you are invulnerable.

    Look both sides no matter what!

  3. This so much reminds me of the time I hit a deer. I was driving down the road and two close together ran across the road in front of me, so I slowed way down. When I thought it was safe and began to speed up, dam if another one trying to catch up with its buddies tried running across the road.

    There was simply no time to react. I hit it square on in the front right shoulder, knocking it across into the other lane. Emergency braking was applied as soon as I could physically react, but far too late for the deer. The deer then stood up and then immediately collapsed dead.

    About the bicyclist, the reality of things is that it does not matter if you are in the ‘right.’ The same for pedestrians. Being dead/severely injured/crippled, etc is the finality of the situation. You may have been morally in the ‘right,’ but that does not change how you are going to physically live out the rest of your life (if you survive).

    Gotta give the vehicle passenger and drivers kudos though. It appears that they got right onto trying to help her. I would not have moved her, but it seems that their best intentions was in the right place.

    1. What???? Did you expect him to be able to stop, get out and then lay his coat over a puddle for her to cross over because she was a female (and on a bicycle)?

      Consider for a moment that she had her head up her ass and rode out into the front of an oncoming vehicle. It looks like what the driver and passenger did after the hit was honorable, so no intention is taken that the driver wanted to do this in the first place.

      1. @Highwayman, I think you misunderstood my post a little. You are correct in that the driver could not have avoided the accident. What I meant was – would he have helped the victim in the same way if they had been male?

  4. Was that a green pedestrian signal for the biker to cross or was that a green light for traffic to proceed? Whichever it was, it had moved from solid green to flashing green. If the light was for the biker, then the driver was at fault for failing to use due care and caution but if he gets a lawyer, he made put some blame on the biker.

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