Bicyclist Narrowly Escapes Getting Run Over by a Semi

Bicyclist Narrowly Escapes Getting Run Over by a Semi

This is a GoPro hetmetcam video showing a cyclist being almost run over by a semi truck in São Paulo (Brazil).

The cyclist was part of a small group riding on the shoulder when the truck suddenly invaded the narrow strip of paved road and hit him.

The cyclist was taken to a hospital but only suffered bruises to the leg and dislocation. The truck driver stopped just ahead to help him, and said a strong wind pushed his semi to the side, causing the accident. It was nice of him to stop, but the excuse is ridiculous. The video portrays a picture of a bright sunny day with trees barely moving. Still, if there was a sudden gust of air, it wouldn’t have been the semi that gets moved. I think the driver dozed off for a second…

Although unlucky to get hit, the cyclist was lucky to escape getting run over. It was a close brush with death.

Props to Best Gore member zeehkaev for the video:

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  1. Beautiful landscaping, paved roads, concerned friends and the truck driver pulled over to see if he was okay…..hmmmm something sounds fishy in Brazil! I expected some lynching and beheading…

    1. S?o Paulo lives a different situation than most of the places we see here in best gore. Its not one of the safest places of the world to live, but its a way better situation. Usually the videos here are from the the worst of the worst of Brazil. I am brazilian and also get very shocked lol

  2. Or the truck driver was distracted – like text messaging while driving. Pretty much fucked up the bike. I’m into bikes and know that the typical road bike from a bike shop runs from a low of $1500 US up through easily $10,000 US. More than a lot of cars are worth!

  3. As someone who has been disqualified from driving for 8 months for speeding ( I don’t drink thank you very much) I rely on my bike to get me everywhere. In Australia we have major distance between everything and anything so I spend ALOT of time on the road on my bike and seeing this shit just scares me to death….

  4. For me, this guy asked for trouble, he is cycling way too far towards the white line. He should be literally skirting the grass verge to maintain a maximal safe zone.
    In 22 years of motorway driving, I can vouch for seeing probably a minimum two big trucks swerving briefly out of their lane on every trip. No way I’d cycle 12 inches away from that going on.

  5. More Beef and less Chicken.I get that good ole home acko honky tonk feelin’.
    Bikerz are to bring the bravenuts,truckers just bring the big rig sideways through the highway to hell.

  6. I’m shocked that this vid is actually from brazil,quality video,driver stopping to see if cyclist is ok,cyclist wearing a neck brace no lynching of the truck driver and not a flip flop in sight!

  7. As a truck driver I can take your for certain that wind WILL move a high profile vehicle. If it is strong enough it will blow it over. The bigger the vehicle, the more contact surface for the wind to push against.
    However, I agree the wind doesn’t appear to be blowing that hard. He was probably just checking his mirrors to make sure he didn’t hit the first group of bikers and veered off the road slightly and didn’t see the second group. Just my two comments.

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