Bicyclist Plowed and Propelled Into Multiple Spins

Bicyclist Plowed and Propelled Into Multiple Spins

This video has stupid, possibly unrelated audio for some reason. Just ignore or mute.

It’s a CCTV recording of a bicyclist crossing a road on a zebra and getting plowed by a speeding car. The car was going so fast, the impact propelled the bicyclist into multiple spins, sending him quite a distance away from where he was hit. Surprisingly, the speeding car did not flee the scene.

You may notice that at the time of the impact, the traffic light turned green so technically the car had the right of way. That however does not take into an account the speed at which the car was travelling, which was the chief factor in the accident.

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31 thoughts on “Bicyclist Plowed and Propelled Into Multiple Spins”

  1. Someone needs to have a talk with Elmer the safety elephant. Remember kids, look both ways before crossing the street.

    And watch out for Aloysius Snuffleupagus aka Snuffy. You can never trust a woolly mammoth.

      1. I agree that the car was speeding towards a red light and was the cause of the accident. I just get annoyed at people who cross the street with some unknown super power of invincibility or invisibility.

        I witnessed an accident just like this one. The guy was walking across the street listening to music and looking at the ground without realizing that he had the red light. I stopped my car in the middle of the intersection as he steps out on the street in front of me and blared the horn because a car was coming up behind me in the passing lane.

        It was like watching something out of a movie, knowing what’s going to happen right before it happens in front of you. I had to remain on the scene to give a witness statement, missed work for a couple of days because the guy died and that fucked me up a bit. All he had to do was look up.

        If Elmer showed videos like this to the kids, they would definitely get the message.

  2. LOL

    It is from Brazil(where else could it be?). The guy used the voice from Google translate to “narrate” this accident. He says “Hey people, check this out, this guy was hit by a car and almost hit a tree. If he was trying to get home quicker, it didn’t worked LOL”.

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