Bicyclist Ran Over by Bus not Playing Fare

Bicyclist Ran Over by Bus not Playing Fare

How deaf, blind, and dumb can one truly be to be completely unaware of one’s surroundings. It is my recollection that you should always be vigilant and on your toes while riding in public. This man bike riding on the streets in Brazil is now waiting to get scrapped off the pavement like an old piece of gum scrapped off a table. Anyone who wears a ball-cap backwards is saying, “hey! I’m a douchebag!” so be it.

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        1. Wearing flip flops should be a felony. I wanna kill the creator of such fugly footwear, even if he or she is already dead. I’m sure, nothing got him killed, but his flip flops. Ugggggggggggliest things ever!!! And wearing a ball-cap backwards??? That’s the cherry on the top of douchbaggery!!! It also denotes that he probably had his pair of eyes at the back of his head too.

      1. Very bright reply. lol
        How does the bus driver didn’t know the end of this fu4in8 flipfloper ? I am convinced that the bus driver saw the dumb flipfloper at his right and let this unlucking flipfloper lubricate the road… This is evil, very bad!

          1. in those countries retards do shit like this all the time. if i was the driver i would keep driving and if anyone asks….never saw anything….

          2. I used to grab on to the back of the bus while riding my skateboard, but never ever like that, always at the back in case you fall….first and only rule! What a fuctard!

        1. i would imagine he didn’t see him? I have never driven a bus so I would not know but my father years ago for a short time was a trucker. He always said how hard it was to drive such a large vehicle.

          1. I asked yesterday night a bus driver in my area, she [yes a pussy hottie nice one] has confirmed to me that if someone was grabbbing a side of her bus she would had saw the person, however if grabbbing the bus’s back she wouldn’t.
            I hope the Police and the Justice is examining and grabbbing …the case.

    1. He is clearly hanging on to the bus with his left hand as the bus makes its right turn. Although an idiotic move, it explains why the bicyclist was so close to the bus. The bicyclist knew all along that the bus was there.

  1. Why is there always a lone flip flop a lone one for crying out load always fly off from the victims feet like we see here? And always unscathed even when an explosion is involved usually on a Brasileiro road or a beat up Indian road. No seriously any physics major have a hypothesis on this? Someone throw me a bone here.

    1. Flip flops and shoes are like burst -disks in boilers and such. Any force that hits a body tries to dissipate and come out of the weakest link. Flip flops and shoes fly off relatively unscathed because of it. They are weakly held on to the body at most and made of stretchy material so even if deformed and crushed bounce back again to the original shape easily.

      That is my take anyway! Haha

    2. This is a case of what I call Schrödinger’s flip flop, once the brasileiro cat dies due to a lethal dose of Brazil, either the left or the right flop has to dissappear while the other remains there. This is thought to be unique to brazilians as the flip flop that stuck on the victim gets buried with them, so as to accompany them to either brazilian hell or heaven, which are kinda the same thing, but one has more trannies than the other.

      The other flip flop is passed down to the next of kin, with the local flip flop craftsman creates an opposite replica of the passed down flip flop. If there’s no next of kin, both flops are tied together and ceremoniously thrown on the ropes tying Pillars of Remembeance, which are just high-voltage cable pylons. There’s a few in every favela.

      I hope this satisfies your query.

    1. I’m pretty sure the bus driver is on a tight schedule and people on board have places to go, or simply put using my first hand knowledge of the 5th world we try not to stop because for all we know we could get robbed at a stop sign or a red light.

      1. Hah! Not my kid @dan-a-conda.
        I am in Southern Aus but we have Great white Sharks and Red backs and red Bellied BlackSnakes all enough to kill you .Anyway ,last two can be in your back yard! etc.
        Also i have spent time in the North. You always throw a stick in the water up here first and get your dog to go afterit! Haha if there is a croc it will take your dog not you! Sounds cruel but it is safe for you and your loved ones.

        dutchy should know. He is in croc country.

        1. All of those animals sound grumpy mate, but, thier all pussies! I’ll jam my foot in all thier asses.
          A yellow bellied black back snake and assorted bugs make you shit in your down unders? Shameful.
          Ask @illegalsmile55 what’s it’s like to pry an angry Lobster from your labia.

          1. I love how you share your fantasies with us.
            Btw, it was my titty that got ‘the claw’….the crusher claw, not the pincher, and it was a feisty female….Yes, it makes a difference. 😛

        1. Or drag a rubber seal behind a boat just to get a 2000 lb torpedo with teeth to jump out of the water just so you can fuck with him.
          You Asstralians are fuckin’ nuts.

  2. This lazy cunt got exactly what he deserved. If he was not so fucking lazy and had bothered his arse to cycle the Bike himself instead of holding onto the side of a Bus then unfortunately he would still be alive today.

    The driver of the Bus is clearly unable to stop him from clinging onto the side of the Bus, thus the driver continues doing his job as normal. The lazy cunt was also too lazy to ensure his own safety and thus the inevitable happened.

    Good riddance,
    A. Hitler.

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  4. Thats a common practice in every fucking poor neighborhood in the entire country. Every day you hear news about a stupid moron who die like that, and they never learn. It’s forbidden and against the law, that is why they think they’re acting gangsta-like doing that, braking the law. Then Darwin takes over and things like that happens.

  5. morons ride bikes like that, then they get run over. they have it coming. I ride a bike in Miami,Fl and use to ride through downtown every morning to get to work and you have to be very cautious. I pay attention to every sound, and im very visual. You have to be if you dont want to get run over by all the illegal latins who dont even speak the language and when they try to drive omg, scary. i dont ride nearly as much. its too much of a gamble when no matter how cautious I was about once a week at least someone would have hit me if i didnt get out of the way.

  6. Lets give this Poor Guy Something to get his mind off of what he just saw,,, like something Else to look at instead, you know??? Cause That What Must’ve Surely Been Some Nasty Fucking Deflated Melon, With Both it’s Eyes Popped-Out Of It’s Head.

    So I Think That i have Just Found The Right Remedy For The Unfortunate Situation That He Found Himself In. And that is,,, Hot Naked Girls Riding Bicycles in London England. Hell,,, You Guys My As Well Check-It Out Too, lol.

  7. bus driver react good this time at least, he clearly feel that bump and stop the bus. ( too late, but still..)

    that’s unfortunate.

    the reaction of the second dude is like :
    “oh shit, are you ok dude ?”
    ” oh shit ! ”
    ” oh my god..*crying*”

    well, not alots of things to do once flatted by a giant metal maggot…

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