Bicyclist vs Caterpillar Machine Photos

Bicyclist vs Caterpillar Machine Photos

I’m telling you, the machines are taking over the world. I mean – how do you explain complete annihilation of a bicyclist by seemingly slow moving Caterpillar machine?

Based on the sign from the police car, this happened in Cacho province, Argentina. According to the Spanish source, the accident took place on November 11, 2006 on the intersection of Soberania Nacional and Las Heras (the former translates as National Sovereignty) – whatever that means – and was fatal.

Decent quality high resolution photos are available, just click on the image twice.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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16 thoughts on “Bicyclist vs Caterpillar Machine Photos”

  1. Ironic, huh?
    Bet he squashed some caterpillars in his day…
    Now the tables are turned and he gets squashed by one of THEM. REVENGE…. haha
    UHHH Ohhhh, I’ve stepped on a few myself. Guess I better look both ways from now on.

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