Biker Killed by Car in Brixton, London, Cameraman Demonstrates Rich English Vocabulary

Biker Killed by Car in Brixton, London, Cameraman Demonstrates Rich English Vocabulary

We’ve had demonstrations of rich English language vocabulary at Best Gore before, but so far they were by the Americans. Seems like the English chap decided to level the field up a bit.

According to the info I got, the incident in the video happened in Brixton, London. Some of the conversation by people other than the cameraman suggest that a biker was struck by a female driver. It would appear that the biker died on the spot.

I don’t suppose Brixton got any less shitty than it was in the early 2,000’s when I visited the area. I went to a number of concerts around London, and one was in Brixton Academy, but I can’t recall whom exactly I went to see there. What I do recall is being harassed by a pack of dark skinned individuals on my way back. I knew right then I’m never going to Brixton again.


I just remembered. It was System of a Down I went to see in Brixton Academy. I went to see a whole bunch of bands in different venues in a relatively short period of time in London, including Sick of it All, Dog Eat Dog, Paradise Lost, even a British band called Kill2This, which has never become too famous and as far as I know does not exist anymore, but their tune Flood still ranks as one of the best songs I’ve ever heard.

Props to Best Gore member @muslims-are-evil for the video:

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84 thoughts on “Biker Killed by Car in Brixton, London, Cameraman Demonstrates Rich English Vocabulary”

        1. The description says the cameraman is ‘English’. WTF??? He may have ‘British’ on his passport, but no way can any jungle bunny who gets off the boat be called or call himself ‘English’. He’s about as English as Atilla The Hun.

          Millions of people pitch up here and call themselves British, however they will never be English. Being English takes generations of breeding and it’s not open to nignogs or anyone shit-skinned.

          As the great Bernard Manning used to say for people who claimed to be English or British because they were born here – “so if a dog’s born in a stable, it’s a horse is it?”

          1. thats where you could be wrong, almost the entire youth of London talk like this white or black, they all think they are Jamaican, white chavs who have never been out of London now talk as if they come from Kingston Town

          2. Unfortunately, there are many idiots who technically could be classed as English. They qualify more because of inbreeding, rather than breeding. Every race has it’s lower caste, and wiggers are among their numbers.

          3. if your are born in a country and raised in the local culture, you are just as much a part of that country. Skin color makes no difference to that. The problem lays in the way people are raised

      1. @Kim J. Un
        Racial differences are real. Stop listening to jew propaganda and pick up a book, the bell curve is a good starting point.
        You think you can replace european population with pakis and nigerians and everything will be the same?

  1. You are correct about Brixton Mark, although it is much worse now. Complete shit hole. The only thing that surprises me is that there are white people in this video. Shame it wasn’t that annoying wog recording that got killed

    1. Dick suckers like you amaze me. You obviously haven’t been to Brixton recently. You see more white faces then black now. It’s actually turned into a real fancy pancy rich mans play ground. Bricky is now home to the working white people who don’t want to travel too far to score drugs and get a cheap meal. Everyone who lives in London knows that Brixton is Hipster now. Get your facts right dickhead.

  2. Rich English Vocabulary? C’mon! Even I have a superior dominion of the language! It sounds like our truly trying to speak Spanish but English instead ( have I made me understand well? If not, I can draw you a picture)

  3. Fuckin’ hell, man, I really wanted the cameraman to:
    1: Get a halfway decent shot of the victim.
    2: Shut up so we have some miniscule chance of hearing something interesting instead of his weird ‘Jamaican broken record’ impression. (All that was missing was the little *pop* noise each time the needle skipped.)
    3: Interact with witnesses. Who, what, why, when (and where, although that’s pretty obvious in this instance) are not big words… in fact, they’re SMALLER than many of the words being used. Give us some meat to go with the bones, ‘mon’. Fuckin’ hell!
    4: Get punched by another bystander for being annoying or perhaps run over by a driver that was busy rubbernecking as they went by.

    Oh, and for those who’ve lost count, here’s the tally of repeated words/sentences (at least those I could understand):

    Never seen so in my life(?): 2
    What the fuck/What the fuck, man: 2
    Tripe(?): 3
    Fuck/Fuck, man: 4
    Dead/He’s dead, man: 5
    Oh my god/Oh my god, man: 8
    And finally…
    Fuckin’ hell/Fuckin’ hell, man: 20

    Yup, in just over three minutes of video we have a grand total of 44 various repetitions. Suddenly, I’m not quite as ashamed to be an American.

    1. This dude filming is as useful in a crisis situation as a chocolate teapot.
      He is full of self-indulgence and emotion.

      Everyone else at the scene has something slightly more intelligent to offer:
      A blanket for the dead rider, an estimate of the sequence of events, consolation for the drivers involved (not an easy thing to live with), and a phone call for the ambulance.

    1. Yes, but we are sadly a diminishing proportion as every displaced fuck from elsewhere arrives. We ruled half the world once and they wanted independence…100 years on and had we stayed, they’d have Human culture in what is now their own fly infested, disease ridden shite-holes.

  4. Geeesh… i wonder how he passed all the questions to get his residence card…

    – “So do you know any English?”
    – “…good enough, welcome to UK.”

    Ahh the wonders of Londonistan… Alah shave the Queen! 😆

  5. We’ve seen comments in here when Americans in the gore clips keep saying “Oh my gawd” repeatedly.
    I think its fair that someone who lives in the country that invented the language, but is too retarded to use it beyond repeating the same profanity over and over again, be given a harder time.

    Apart from holding his phone the wrong way, all the guy does is just swear. Someone has just possibly lost their life in a bad accident, yes it’s traumatic, but I don’t think that he will be able to show this clip to many people with all that colourful, but limited vocab.

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