Bike Shop Owner Dives to Save Children from Out of Control Car

Bike Shop Owner Dives to Save Children from Out of Control Car

It doesn’t happen often that we get a real life example of a hero diving to save somebody else, and obtain a video to prove it.

In this CCTV video, a man who I’m told is a motorcycle repair shop owner notices an out of control car barreling toward a pair of kids, and even though he only has a splint second to react, he risks his life and dives to save the little ones.

I received conflicting information regarding where exactly this took place. On one hand, I’m told it happened in Taiwan, and on the other, in Indonesia. One information that doesn’t seem to be conflicting is the date on which this happened: December 22, 2016.

Props to Best Gore member @harvest7721 for the video:

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84 thoughts on “Bike Shop Owner Dives to Save Children from Out of Control Car”

  1. its crazy what the sudden rush of adrenaline can do to the human body , i am sure if he got to see the vid afterwards, he would be like’ wtf was that really me?’ been there once when i climbed a 3 meter wall in one jump like some freaking mutant chimpanzee as i was chased by my uncles farm rottweiler,i love me some fly or die mode! amazing move he saved the kids life.. kidoooooooss!!!

    1. A real white knight would not have dived to save his own girlfriend Dre, he would have dived to save somebody else’s girlfriend and also the boyfriend as well because shielding his own girlfriend from danger would have fallen under the outdated, male oriented tradition called chivalry. Equally though, doing nothing and thus saving himself would have meant that he considered women to be less important and therefore less worth saving than men which also meant that diving to protect just other men was completely out of the question as well whereas diving to save just the girl and not the boyfriend could have been seen as an attempt to cockblock the man and win over his woman which would have fallen under male chauvinism and sexual objectification.

      Liberally speaking then, he would have had to have dived to save every stranger in the room whilst completely ignoring and abandoning his own people to have been considered a selfless hero in this day and age.

  2. I’ve been driving for 23 years and never lost control of my car … Kudos to this mahfucker all day … We all love Gore, that’s why we’re here but we were all kids at one point, doing stupid shit and pissing people off and such … Think I’ll head to the dog track to lose some money and be thankful I didn’t almost get hit by some stupid fuckwad trying to drive a car

    1. If I had more than 27 cents to my name I’d totally kick down.

      Holy cats, my auto-correct freaking changed the ’27’ to ‘Wu’! Even IT’S impressed, wooooo! (Of course, if this guy’s name actually turns out to be ‘Wu’ I’m going to laugh really hard and be a little creeped out at the same time.)

  3. This happened in Jambi, Indonesia. The ninja in the video was not the shop owner, but a staff member. The kids he saved were his own. This video first got published on a Taiwanese FB page, hence maybe the confusion about where it took place.
    So another street ninja performing something incredible. He missed that car by a hair’s breadth and could’ve easily have himself killed. Instead, he saved his kids with a martial backflip.
    It’s good to see knights like these are still there, hiding in the muddy bogs of everyday life.

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