Bike Thieves Fall from Cliff After Being Chased by Angry Villagers

Bike Thieves Fall from Cliff After Being Chased by Angry Villagers

Two men died after falling off a cliff when they were chased by villagers who didn’t appreciate them stealing bikes and threatening locals with machetes.

The incident took place in Kampung Dusun Krasak, Rowosari Krajan, District Tembalang, not far from the location of excavation known as the Brown Canyon Semarang in Indonesia.

Six assailants came to the area and armed with machetes, they threatened those from whom they stole bikes with harm or death.

Once one of the villagers plucked up the courage to confront them, other villagers joined him and turned on the assailants. During the attempt to escape, two assailants fell off the cliff and died. Two others were caught, beaten and handed over to the police. The other two escaped.

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Bike hijackers in Indonesia are common and are very violent. They won’t hesitate to hurt or even kill their victims. That is why every hijacker who gets caught will be lynched before being sent to police.

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16 thoughts on “Bike Thieves Fall from Cliff After Being Chased by Angry Villagers”

  1. True Story.
    On New Years day, 2003, my dad got a call from the police about his stolen 1802 CC 1949/CVO Hybrid Harley. His was a “ghost bike” purchased from a Hell’s Angel at the club in the South Eastern area of San Francisco.

    That morning his bike was recovered from the rocks below highway 1 near Devils Slide, a 1000 foot drop off the cliff. What happened they guess was…….
    His bike was stolen New Years Eve in front of my dad’s favorite bar on Geary Street. They tied it up in the back of a small Toyota pick up and barreled down highway one. (You don’t steal a Harley from an Angel and take your time.) After about 30 miles due south, they were up on the high cliffs and the bike broke loose, started to move around, and it was so heavy, it fishtailed the back of the truck around, they broke over the guardrail, and those little shits flew off that high cliff and down into the rocks below. Their bodies were pulverized!

    If you don’t know, ghost bikes are called that because the prior owner died riding it in a crash. My guess is that dead man took those little pricks out as I know he would have preferred my dad riding his bike. Warning: Do not steal a ghost bike. This story is real and even if you buy a ghost bike, watch your ass as those bikes are bad f’ing luck in general. My dad almost got killed 2-3 times on that Harley and never had an accident in the past in his life. I’m convinced my dad (RIP) got to live a few more years cuz that bike took itself out and 2 others………

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