Biker and His Bike Perform Impressive Spins When Truck Cuts Them Off

Biker and His Bike Perform Impressive Spins When Truck Cuts Them Off

An impressive motorcycle accident was caught on CCTV camera in Bragança Paulista, a municipality in the São Paulo state in Brazil. Miraculously, despite spinning through the air and bouncing off a parked truck on the way down, the biker survived and reportedly only suffered broken fingers and toes.

The video shows the motorcyclist riding down an otherwise empty road at a decent rate of speed, when he is cut off by a pickup truck. The ensuing flight performed by both the biker and his bike is among the best caught on video.

Props to Best Gore member @goreaddictTN for the video:

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47 thoughts on “Biker and His Bike Perform Impressive Spins When Truck Cuts Them Off”

    1. Even in developed countries lack more reading and information. You mean " Da Silva " and this surname is not typically Brazilian and Yes from Portugal, since we were colonized by the Portuguese. Remembering: Portugal is a developed country. Hugs …

  1. No sympathy for this cunt going way too fast, almost killed pedestrian with his flying motorcycle and btw that was the best footage i’ve ever seen showing how bikes can be really dangerous for other road users and people, imagine that fuckin cartwheeling bike coming through your windscreen!!

  2. Holy-Fuck,,, this dude has got to be on Speed ( no pun), or something similar, to get, or i should say, to even Attempt, to get back up & walk it off. He is more injured, than he thinks, me thinks! 🙁

  3. “I think I can fly…almost touch the sky….” How does that song go? Lol. I will never understand why motorcyclists who “fly” down the street will think nothing bad will happen to them! Or maybe they don’t care?! Oh well

  4. I’m a former biker. Yep its dangerous as hell. I was a good rider too. Still had spills because of road conditions. I almost ended up on B.G. a couple of times but pulled a James Bond, stayed calm and used wit to get out of deadly situations. I had nutter friends that would overtake around blind bends. I didn’t need to be first to the line fuck that. Haven’t ridden in years, miss the freedom feeling and wind but the risk is too high like this dude that has a death wish.

  5. I reckon the only way the rider could have survived that, is if he was a drunk as a skunk! A normal (sober) person, would have instinctively tensed up, and their injuries would have then been a lot worse. I drunk person’s reflexes are too slow to tense up, and thus remain limp, to be able to survive the incident.

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