Brazilian Biker Chick Without Helmet Paints the Town Red

Brailian Biker Chick Without Helmet Paints the Town Red

A female biker was killed when she collided with another motorcycle at an intersection in Itacoatiara, state of Amazonas, Brazil. The victim’s age and identity has not yet been released and the exact cause of the accident is still under investigation. Boy, is her face going to be red when her dad finds out about this. πŸ˜›

Also: For those interested to know, I received some more news on my back. They found bone spurs and hypertrophy in my lower lumbar vertebrae and the hypertrophy (swelling of joints between discs) is most likely what is putting pressure on the sciatic nerve and causing the flare ups. I was taking an anti inflammatory and that seemed to have a positive effect so I might have a course of action open to me that would keep me in as little discomfort as possible.

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          1. Haha it’s bothering me too @tas!! It looks like she was trying to hide her belly seeing how her pants are pulled up over it. It’s not a good look, those pants are just awful.

    1. thanks. but it is something that is just going to get worse with age. the anti inflammatory works but i’d like to find non-pharmaceutical options as well. my weight is not an issue so i know that is not a factor in the pain. but stretching and back exercises will still help.

      member @re-pete mentioned an inversion table but i’m not sure how that would work for me as my mid thoracic to lumbar are fused to Harrington rods, greatly reducing my flexibility and “stretchability”. more research is needed on that front.

      1. I use an inversion table frequently and you actually control the amount of “tilt” on it with your arms by pushing on the handles. It works great to stretch your back out but with you having a fusion, I’d definitely consult your doc. It’s not a cure but if your able to use one, it could help.

      2. I was thinking about an inversion table as well but you’re right, it could have different results for you. I think it’s definitely worth asking your doctor though. Have you looked into herbs? There are some that can help tremendously with pain.

          1. @Obli, I wouldn’t be talked into smoking anything, there are safer ways to take cannabis but I don’t think you want to go down the drug route, cannabis is of course a very addictive drug. Even though the ex-Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger came out and said “marijuana is not a drug, it’s a leaf” you don’t want to listen to those kind of ‘it’s not bad for you statements’ it’s a gateway drug and it’s not called dope for nothing! I will turn you into a dope! lol I smoked it for YEARS I never thought I’d be saying this stuff, because I loved it, I thought I would smoke it forever, but then I grew up.

          2. Honestly @obliterator, it does help with nerve pain and sleep. I’m not saying it’s a miracle drug by a long shot but at this point, it’s worth a try… It’s also way safer than any pharmaceutical you will be prescribed. The only shitty thing is finding the means to acquire it. I have solid connections but I’m not sure about your situation and how readily available it is. Also, if you decide to go that route, don’t overdo it. Start out with one puff, wait a bit and go from there. Your going for medicinal effects not comatose πŸ™‚

            May be a dumb question but do you have much history with weed?

          3. i smoked weed for years, bro. gave it all up because i graduated to worse shit and ruined everything for myself. i wouldn’t actually go back to toking, it’s just what people were telling me to try.

          4. Got ya. Opiates became my crutch so I definitely see why you are trying to avoid the drug route altogether. I’m now just a weekend smoker but you know as well as I do, the risk is always there. Some people swear by holistic treatment…could be something to at least humor.

      3. @Obli – just be really careful in what you choose (like the inversion table). I damaged the area where my first Harrington rods/screws originally ended by going overboard with of all things an airdyne. Had to have it replaced and extended up (T2-L3). Things haven’t been the same since!

      1. When they stop thinking they look like a damn model. There are people who look good but think they look bad and people who look bad but think they look good. I’m all for being confident in yourself but you have to be realistic too. Some things aren’t for everyone.

        1. Agreed.

          My wife and I had this chat just the other day. She asked what was more popular wear for women: skirts or trousers? I replied “Leggings” because there are so many fat women they use leggings to stop the chaffing between their thighs. What they don’t seem to get is that seeing every ounce of ft is truly offensive. Fat is a bad health condition – how is that sexy?

          1. @WoodWork – Actually my social circle is laden with fat people. But of the women (as we are discussing the fairer sex just now, but this applies to men, too – for the feminazi’s…) who actually use fat role models as an excuse for being fat.

            An example is the singer, Adele. Now lots of people like her and credit to her. But I’m stunned by the number of young women who have told me that her being fat validates them being fat. What beggars belief is those women are talentless – except for being fat. I would also add that every single one of those young ladies have a really skinny boyfriend. As my old Dad says, when he was a boy, people paid a penny at a circus to see a fat lady – and today’s women are bigger.

            Call me old-fashioned, but I thought couples made babies with the best chance of survival. Being fat reduces sperm/egg quality, life-style quality and life-span. Not only that, most of the larger ladies I know are in and out of hospital all the time. The Doc says their conditions (multiple) are in part because they are morbidly obese but these ladies know better and say it’s not.

            I’ll get off my hobby-horse now – it’s quite a weight.

    2. I think those pants are sexy! I think I’d prefer them in a “deeper shade of blue”! πŸ˜‰
      I especially like the tummy control waistband! Really helps control that FOP (Fat Over Pussy).

  1. Yes the PANTS .. gr8 style..not!

    So they don’t have Harley Heaven there to get cevlar gear..dumb assess.

    Obli..I to have a back..happened in 1999..siatic nerve damage due to ruptured disc..had the gunk pain..that lasted about 10 bone on a 50 plus hr week..take pain relief if I have too..stiff as a plank..don’t leave your nerve to can’t be replaced! Take care off yourself ..smoke plenty I do..take nerve blockers..good luck

  2. How did she managed to hit something so small?… She could have hit a truck, she could have hit a car, she chould have hit a brick wall… but nooooooooooooo… she had to be special and hit another bike instead… πŸ˜†

          1. @trainwreck, I wasn’t sure, there have been a few with names starting with ‘V’ I mistook this member with another who was slagging off the 14 yr old girl who lost her head out of the bus.

  3. Now…don’t get upset (any of you female BG members out there), but do you reckon a bloke would have avoided the crash?? We tend to have much better spatial awareness, reflexes and co-ordination than women. Still, it ain’t so bad being a woman, at least you’ll be good at recipes, emotions, fashion and all that shit.

    1. How dare you!! πŸ˜†

      I will say that the majority of crashes and deaths we see from vehicle accidents involve men. So I don’t think it would’ve made a difference. I do think she wins for worst dressed though, no man has topped that outfit that I know of πŸ˜†

      1. Oh for fook’s sake, Tiger, how many stories on BG have you heard of male motorcyclists crashing into another motorcylist? lol. I couldn’t even crash into a motorcyclist if I tried running hard into one.

        I bet the other motorcyclist was a woman, psml.

          1. @trainwreck, there is no reasoning with some people, I was thinking maybe they were kidding? I guess they just forgot, or haven’t been on these sites for long? I see more MEN crashing motorcycles and scooters etc.

  4. @obli I am happy to know that they found out that you have bony spurs, as i also have them in three of my neck discs, and they will be able to file them off during surgery. This should relieve your pain, also bro! πŸ™‚

    1. @obli i had a look into this (yay for google) and what Dre says is prop the best way to go forward. My two pennies. I have fallen down on my back on concrete about 3 meters down many years ago. Sometimes for couple years i do not have much of a problem and sometimes the pain is unbearable!!!! and i can not get up or walk even. I would get valium and also morphine for the pain via IV in A&E. Problem is because the morphine is so addictive they will net do it more then twice. So one evening i was absolutely loosing my mind and a friend suggest weed. He manage to get some for me and in about 5 minutes the pain was 90% beter. Remembering looking in the mirror and my face was as white as a sheet but hey it worked. I will not say this is the short term to go forward as it is most likely not something you would like to do considering your history but it did worked. Best of luck, big hug and hope you get helped/better soon.

  5. It isn’t a great idea when ya have that crazily tailored multiple windowed shorts on ya going about town biking without the Head gear on .The dame seemed in such a hurry that she thought it would be fun riding her bike without even the panty or the Bra either as she has worn none of the two.
    I think the one standing bare to her knees is the one who must have been pillion riding with her . She is lucky enough not to get mowed down by other vehicles .But she bloody well mustn’t forget that there won’t be another chance to getting this lucky and not being dead

  6. @obl
    A lot many members here on the site have their positive vibes that keep rubbing on ya day in and night out and that radiates in taking away MOST discomforts .
    With that said I think the new course of action ya seem to have adopted will put you at ease and there isn’t day too far when ya are gonna declare of your being back feeling FIT AS A FIDDLE.

    Here I am gonna take a large swig of best scotch to your good health

  7. That city is next to mine (Manaus). Reckless driving, bad roads, impunity, alcohol and lack of policy fiscalization are some factors that leads Brazil to one of the most deadly country when it comes to car accidents. That’s why i only travel by plane.

    1. When did the supermarket install an airstrip? It’s time to reconsider ones views on traveling when going out for smokes involves a pre-flight checklist and clearence from the tower.

  8. I have never even ridden a moped, let alone a motorcycle! Oh, no ? that whole two-cycle thing is not for me. I’d be here on the pages of BestGore instantly. Are there any laws concerning the traffic and motor vehicles in Brazil? I bet it’s not as bad as in India or Thailand (laws of the jungle, basically). Well, at least they provide us with proper content here on BG.

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