Biker Clips Truck, He Goes, Leg Stays

Biker Clips Truck, He Goes, Leg Stays

A somewhat crap quality video of a CCTV video from Ponta PorΓ£ in Brazil shows a motorcyclist clipping a parked pickup truck and losing his leg. Biker goes, leg stays. But not before throwing a few spins like a boomerang.

One moment you’re having yourself a ride, the next you got no leg. That’s life for you. Although there is no one but the biker himself to blame for this unintentional amputation.

Props to Best Gore member Infected Banana for the video:

57 thoughts on “Biker Clips Truck, He Goes, Leg Stays”

  1. Really? Is that even possible? What cut his leg off exactly? And he doesn’t even get the get the speed wobbles?

    I think it’s a fake leg, and actually am pretty sure this guy could was just in a rush to get home and fuck, Brenda, the sex doll I sold to him just minutes before……

  2. with your feet in the air
    and your head on the ground
    take this leg and spin it
    you’re head will collapse
    if you get shot in Pernambuco

    where is my mind?
    where is my mind?
    where is my brain?
    spilled out on the highway
    in Thailand

    (thank you Black Francis)

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