Motorcyclist Collides with Truck, Shatters Skull and Pops Eye Out

Motorcyclist Collides with Truck, Shatters Skull and Pops Eye Out

Young motorcyclist died in a head on collision with a truck on the BR-104 highway near Agrestina in Pernambuco, Brazil. Bing translates Agrestina as Bebedouro. I was thinking to myself Рwhat the hell is Bebedouro? I went to look it up and found out that Bebedouro is a municipality in the state of Ṣo Paulo in Brazil. Ṣo Paulo is a whole different state from Pernambuco where this fatal accident occurred. Bing Translator needs to fix their translations of places.

The collision involved a Mercedes Benz 1113 truck and a Honda CG motorcycle. 20 year old Alefe de Lima Freire, operator of the motorcycle died on the spot with shattered skull, various cuts and fractures and an eye popped out. The truck driver took off after the accident and remains unaccounted for. This tends to happen a lot in Brazil.

Some eye witnesses told the authorities that the accident was the biker’s fault. Apparently, he was riding recklessly, zig-zaging through traffic and flew at a high rate of speed head on into the truck.

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  1. I know I’m gonna get bashed but………Bikers are fags he deserved that shit to happen to him, witnesses said he was riding recklessly. The same shit happens here in the U.S….. Bikers riding recklessly, shit’s gonna happen!!!!!

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      1. I think I already said happy birthday to everyone but halie (btw, good to see ya here again babe), I’ve never seen so many birthday greetings here and then I went back nine months and realized it’s right around New Years. I know that nobody likes picturing their parents having sex but it might be easier to swallow knowing that they were celebrating the new year when you were conceived. Then again…had your mom’s all swallowed you would’nt be here.

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  3. My eyes popped out in a similar fashion when I received my energy bill this morning so I can kind of relate to this post life leftovers but unlike this slush puppie of a man my sides definitely did not split as I was not fucking laughing.

  4. Holy fuck I’m late getting to this post. All I gotta gotta say is that he looks a lot better now than he did when you could see his face.
    Happy Halloween everyone! Now go get out there and scare the fuck out of someone.

  5. This guy was only twenty years old. He made a mistake, and it cost him his life. We’ll never know why he was supposedly “riding recklessly…zigzagging through traffic”. Maybe he got a raise at work, and was eager to get home and tell his family, or maybe he was fired and was upset. He might not have been the most attractive guy in the world, or the smartest, but somewhere, no doubt, someone is heartbroken at his loss. He was some ones child, brother, cousin, friend. His life is over at 20. We should let his tragic loss be a lesson to us, that one mistake can cost us, and those we love, everything. R.I.P. Alefe.

  6. Stop using translator to translate name of places. Agrestina actually is an adjective related to Agreste, which is a kind of terrain here in Brazil. Bebedouro means drinking fountain, and lots of towns may be called Bebedouro, or Agrestina. xD

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