Biker Dies After Running Into Truck and Getting Head Run Over

Biker Dies After Running Into Truck and Getting Her Run Over

Biker Dies After Running Into Truck and Getting Her Run Over

This happened on November 8, 2018 in Ibitinga, São Paulo, Brazil. The CCTV footage shows a biker dying after running into a truck and getting his head run over by the same.

At around the 10 seconds mark, the truck can be seen taking the left turn. The biker apparently comes in contact with it at high speed. Owing to the rainy conditions and the speed at which he was traveling, the motorcyclist was unable to avoid hitting the truck. The rear-left set of truck’s wheels get a lift-off from going over the biker’s head. The He died on the spot.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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86 thoughts on “Biker Dies After Running Into Truck and Getting Head Run Over”

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    1. Just as the truck turns onto the main road you can see the biker come up towards the rear of it from the top left (through the “BIT”). Tried to pass on the left side of the vehicle because he was probably upset that it pulled out in front of him. Guess he wasn’t as good a driver as he thought.

      1. Great observation Stubyone…

        You’re right. He tried to pass him, coming from the upper left of the video. At first, I thought it may have been a trick video. But the truck bounced up and down twice, plus the front tire of the bike appeared to be bent. But I couldn’t point to where the bastard came from.

        Good eye! 🙂

  1. Looked like he was trying to slip past the truck and overtake it before it could completely turn into the road. That’s why you don’t overtake a turning truck you retard. I ride in a truck all day for work and hate when cocky little fuckers like this try to quickly get infront of us before we even knew they were there.

      1. Lol well me and the guy I work with haven’t run anyone over yet but spending so much time on the road we see alot of dumbass drivers doing stupid shit more often than you’d think but idiots cutting us off out of nowhere is the most common one. I get that alot of people would rather not drive behind a truck due to them being so big and slow and want to overtake them as quick as possible (myself included) just don’t be a dick about it. Put your damn blinker on and give the truck driver a few seconds to see that you wanna get infront of them and they will USUALLY slow down and let you pass.

          1. Yeah well we can’t always be expected to be polite gentlemen. Sometimes we got places to be in a hurry, sometimes mother fuckers just need to be patient and sometimes they need to be smeared on the fucking road… but we’re usually gentlemen 😉

  2. The guy in white is the same person who was driving the truck that ran over the biker’s head. That’s why he appears to be so distressed.

    I don’t know if it was the biker’s fault or the trucker’s fault, but at least the trucker had the consideration to stop and come back to see what happened and stay there to solve the problem. It’s nothing more than a driver’s obligation to do so if an accident happens, but in today’s world there’s nothing more common than hit-and-runs , and people committing all kinds of traffic infractions (which not necessarily involve other people) and running away.

    1. guy is like :
      ” i did nuffin !! i was driving my truck cool and all and suddently a bike jumped under my truck , probably some bike insurance fraud shit. i swear i did nuffin ! … what ? they are a human on top of the bike ? i didn’t see any human…”

      as they dont give a shit about human, i bet that driver is more worried about paying the bill to repair the bike.. ’cause no more owner we need to sell that bike again.

  3. damn truck….

    he did all the job and could get gloryfor that kill…. but he hide the whole thing and fucked up the scene in the same way. that scene could have been some nice twisted fuck to see the biker getting sandwich’ed between the truck and the parked car .

    damn truck…

    kudos to the biker btw for not giving a scratch to the parked car.

  4. I had to play the video a few times to understand where the bike came from. Anyway, it sounded to me like someone (probably police officers) was watching the video from a closed circuit camera, because one of them asked for the dead man’s wife’s phone number so they could call her and tell her what happened to her husband. 🙁

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