Biker Dies Bleeding Profusely not Wearing a Helmet

Severe Blood Loss Claims Biker's Life

Biker Dies Bleeding Profusely not Wearing a Helmet

I’m not a biker, but if I were to guess from these photos, this biker could have lived had he worn a helmet. It looks as though he lost control over his motorcycle, crashed down and hit his head against the pavement as he was falling. The hit was quite bad – judging by how profusely he’s bleeding out of his skull. Any way I spin it, I do think he would still be alive had he worn a helmet.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Biker Dies Bleeding Profusely not Wearing a Helmet”

  1. I don’t think a helmet would have saved him. It doesn’t look like an accident. The bike is pretty much intact and there are no other evidences of trauma. It looks more like an execution. Shot to the side of the head at close range, probably in direct contact. The bullet couldn’t pick up enough speed to exit the skull, otherwise we’d be seeing some brains. But the massive trauma inside is more than enough to bleed him dry.

    1. Looks like shot to the head to me too. There is blood pouring down his face from the right temple area. Entry to the left head and the right is partial exit wound. If he fell off the bike and then started bleeding….there would be no blood coming from the right top of his head. The amount of bleeding under him to me says shot wound!

  2. to rogelio moline: im pretty sure that this wasnt an execution. you dont see damage to the bike because the damage is probably on the side thats facing the ground. and the trauma in his head is probably from smashing it on the ground, breaking the skull open, and damaging the brain.

  3. WTF is with these countries where everyone stands around looking, takng photos, and doing nothing. Couldn’t believe the cop who was torn in half, still alive and talking, and no one reassured him or even called 911 from what i could tell. One guy dropped his cellphone on the poor guy’s chest – i guess so he could call 911 himself, but dude, he was a little in shock, too busy pulling at his own inards to even notice the phone. Hold the guy’s hand, put your shirt under his head – something! Sick.

  4. I’m having difficulty accepting bullet or accident causes. A bullet entry wound is quite large except for the smallest of rounds. Maybe it’s on the ground side of his head. An accident would leave skid marks all over his face and arms. I see none. Hair would be torn out, clothes ripped. I’m for the bullet wound.

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