Biker Loses Head When Truck Loses Brakes and Runs Him Over

Post Decapitation Blood Spurt on Road

Biker Loses Head When Truck Loses Brakes and Runs Him Over

At Shaw Boulevard in Manila, the Philippines, a small truck reportedly lost its brakes and cause the accident which left a motorcyclist with destroyed head.

I don’t have any additional backinfo, but it looks to me from the photos that the biker was also decapitated by the truck.

Props to Best Gore member @papabitch for the pics:

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          1. Well….I’m…..sorry guys but considering this guys condition I don’t think there is anything anyone could do to help him now. He’s already been reincarnated as the next Sultan of Brunei…….

      1. worse than that. these people have a ‘crab mentality’, and if there is one that gets lucky or fortunate enough to escape his poverty? the neighbors and family will drag him back down and take all he has, like a crab ready to crawl out of the bucket, but the other crabs prevent him from doing so

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    1. Correction: The star of Tyrannosaur is :Peter Mullan
      Who was a bouncer & homeless in his teens, so well done to
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      Now .. how do you see ’em? Uuumm I’ve only seen ’em on DVD
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        1. Yeah, and it doesn’t get ‘stuck’ in the middle ’cause too many cunts
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  2. the pinoy is the world’s most victimized people. forced to pray to a catholic god and named after a spanish king, this lowly, pig fetish people were treated like Incans by the spanish and forced into the convent, and then suddenly rushed into an American bordello. now they are a nation of servants and soulless Latin/asian hybrids, if you go there you see mexico everywhere . fittingly this archelalago was administered by acapulco not madrid, for FOUR centuries.

      1. yeah instead they had christianity shoved down their throats. If you look at Muslim Indonesia you will a far more cohesive society and far less crime. little prostitution, not much shabu usage, and its all because of islam.

        I’ve lived in both countries, and for a holiday? philippines for living> a muslim country

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