Biker Loses Leg Due to Speeding on Wet Road in Guatemala

Blood Loss Due to Leg Amputation in Motorcycle Accident

On September 28, 2016, a biker speeding down a wet and slippery road in Guatemala City lost control and crashed. He landed under a passing truck, but was somewhat lucky that only his leg was run over by the truck’s wheels, and not his head.

Props to Best Gore member @nilyed for the pics:

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37 thoughts on “Biker Loses Leg Due to Speeding on Wet Road in Guatemala”

  1. Better be late and have my two legs…..and my penis…….!!!!!
    Ps: he may get $300 for his leg…..!!!!
    They get $50 for a brain and $20 for a penis…..
    Insurance companies are getting sweetheart deals over there….!!!

  2. I wonder if anyone has ever lost a penis in a motor cycle accident, I can see how difficult that would be getting crushed under a truck unless it’s a huge penis, and it would have to be caught under a strange angle i suppose.

  3. Suddenly Guatemala seems to have taken over from Brazil in outsmarting with bringing in Gore back to back .

    Lesson to remember : Never get horny while biking on a wet road or ya’ll end up losing a piece of ya here and there .

    Stop overspeeding and stay in one piece is the message going out to all the stormy bikers .

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