Biker Runs Into Cars Street Racing in Houston, Texas

Biker Runs Into Cars Street Racing in Houston, Texas

Biker Runs Into Cars Street Racing in Houston, Texas

This is a video on a random car meet that allegedly happened in Houston, Texas. A biker ran head on into two people racing. The outcome wasn’t beautiful.

The bike, as the video shows, caught fire, and the biker ended up on the hood of one of the cars. The condition of the man is unknown.

Props to Best Gore member @awkoder for the video:

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108 thoughts on “Biker Runs Into Cars Street Racing in Houston, Texas”

    1. Bikers are closet homosexuals anyways, no loss here. This is in America, but I barely hear anyone speaking English? Sounds about the way things are going everything. Sure enjoying that diversity.

      Too bad he didn’t get to BBQ his nuts on that bike. 😀

        1. No, and I’m sick of hearing that bullshit line from the media Richard. Most people in this country are native born. So we are not a nation of immigrants. We are a nation of native born peoples. But by your definition of “nations of immigrants”, every nation on Earth is a nation of immigrants, since people move around all the time. Every nation in the world has people in it that have immigrated to it or conquered it over time.

          1. Immigration is a legal term. Immigrants are people who illegally enter a country without documentation
            We ARE infested with immigrants, and the problem is a vast majority are not here to better the country, they are here to destroy the things that the documented people have spent ages building. I am German, but consider myself American because generations of my family have been here, working hard to improve the nation.
            Another thing: the “Native Americans” don’t have rightful claim to this land, like antifa fags claim. We conquered them, they got dead, fuck em. These little pc fux call us terrorist well, the indians did their share of baby killing and other vicious acts to the whites. It’s not our problem they have weak immune systems and are allergic to the drink. Fuck em.

        2. Well. Like I said, I don’t mind immigrants who have something to offer….who does? Those spicks can work 20 hour days, and make our lawns perfect for 10cents. If your here illegally and you do nothing but crack and crime while blasting fucking hip hop out your window, get the fuck outta here! Simple equation.

          1. James Ball, hasn’t everyone else always done the same? I’m pretty sure no country in history has ever welcomed an invading force. The Turks didn’t do so well when they went up against eastern Europe.

      1. I beg your pardon, dear sir. Can you please explain yourself a bit?
        I ride bike in Moscow to avoid the hellish traffic jams and it saves me at least an hour daily. I never go more than 10 km/h above the speed limit on any given road or highway. I never drive like an asshole and I’m extra careful and slow at intersections.

        Additionally, I do not have friends among bikers and do not drive bike to show off my life style. I do it strictly for the sake of efficiency and faster commuting.

        How does that make me a closet homosexual? I would appretiate if you back up your judgement with facts and rational conclusions. Thank you.

        1. Andrew, you’re easily triggered. I find people who self identify as “bikers” or need any type of identity beyond themselves as closet homosexuals. I’ve ridden motorcycle a lot, I’m just not gay enough to identify myself as a “biker”. I target shoot a lot. I don’t consider myself a “gunfighter”. I practice martial arts, I don’t consider myself an “MMA fighter”. I just can’t stand people who don’t have their own identity and always feel the need to label themselves as something.

          1. All forms of honesty should be taken into consideration, even if some view your thoughts as bigoted. You’ll respect yourself in the morning. Better than living a lie.

  1. Probably he went to ghostrider mode but fucked up easily. Btw I love Texas… Reminds me of some Clint Eastwood shit and U can shoot a motherfucker if hes in ur yard without permission, i would probably bait some muslim fags with a goat and pop them right off (If i remember correctly that law was in texas) also Tila Tequila is from texas. That sugarcheeks baby. Saw her pornvideo… She got some great titties and face

    1. Chairman Kim. Those were not Americans. They were Central Americans. That was the language of the illegal greasy bean-back.
      Charges will most definitely be filed against the drivers of the cars, Jose and Jose, but, they will vanish into the cactus riddled land of the Hilo Monster only to turn up again the next week in So Cal posing as Manuel and Paco, a gay, married, transformer gender pair of ass packers with a criminal record. As such, they will be received with open arms, full gov’t benefits pkg and the key to the city of Sacramento.
      Then passing through San Francisco, where they receive the Governors medal for bravery, they continue on to Portland where they will continue killing people with their drugs, lowriders and food trucks filled with tainted armadillo tacos. Fuck, they could at least bathe. They all smell like cilantro and hot piss.
      Hopefully the wall just got taller. It’s so bad that these waves of illegals can be detected crossing into the U.S. on Doppler radar based in Dallas.
      Pardon the rant.

          1. Sorry @thejoec
            I stick to my facts.
            Illegals from Mexico and all points south stream into the U.S. in increasingly overwhelming numbers, commit crimes of all nature, flee the U.S. to avoid prosecution and return later only to commit more crimes.
            Either you are yourself a Mexican, or, you have no idea what you’re talking about, or both.
            Send me the bill from your cleaners for getting the truth cleaned off of your antifa costume.

  2. You almost had me? You never had me – you never had your car… Granny shiftin’ not double clutchin’ like you should. You’re lucky that hundred shot of NOS didn’t blow the welds on the intake! You almost had me?

  3. The guys racing weren’t in the wrong it was the bikers fault for approaching incoming cars knowing racing was going on. UNLESS the guy in the car lost control and hit him. That’s a different story.

  4. Street racing is so “early 2000’s”
    Idiots trying to prove their 1991 Honda Civic is faster than your 1987 Toyota Celica. And not to be racist, but its 90% hispanics and 10% white wannabe ghetto dumb asses with “Thug Life” tattooed on their chest. Pathetic.

    1. Even in a controlled environment it can be dangerous. Another racing driver died today from massive injuries sustained in a crash at the Formula 1 Grand Prix meeting at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium…

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