Bitchy Woman Gets Doored and Dragged by Hit and Runner

Bitchy Woman Gets Doored and Dragged by Hit and Runner

A strange case of hit and run was caught on a cell phone camera in Lawton, Oklahoma. An argument between two women lead to the woman inside the car getting kicked and punched by the abusive, bitchy cunt standing in the car’s open door.

After a while of taking in the abuse, the driver took off reversing, knocking the bitchy cunt underneath her car’s door and dragging her for a bit. The bitchy one reportedly suffered a brain hemorrhage and a fractured leg.

Props to Best Gore member insanim8er for the video:

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          1. That’s fine, but can you videotape it and post it online? Let’s see if you really have the guts to do it. Otherwise, you’re just a shit-talking keyboard warrior.

        1. meh troll bait… can you be any less original sheesh. you can photoshop video if you got the right software nowadays green screen plus paper plus camera plus editing software like sony vegas cloud or adobe premier, or adobe cloud boom instant fake..

          I ‘m a reviewer and I edit my own video’s and I can barely edit the video to look good with stills… if you want proof go watch him knowing zion he would do it plus your book

    1. This reminds me of that bus driver who chinned some mouthy skank on a bus…cunt had it coming and so did this bitch , personally though I’d have made her swallow all her teeth as opposed to doing time for hit and run

    2. The woman standing beside the open door couldn’t see that coming????? What a stupid ass!

      You can’t see what happened because most of the dragging occurred out of the view of the camera, but I agree that the woman likely lost her footing and fell, then was raked over by the open door.

      She doesn’t look like she fared too well in the end, lying there unresponsive.

  1. The last words she said was, “I’m gonna show you how I get down bitch”.
    And then the driver said, “Nope, I’m gonna show you how to get down”…

    Although I have no idea what led to this, I can easily assume the person taking a nap at the end was the biggest instigator.

  2. OK that ugly troglodyte was bitchy and all but she did think her man was banging the chick in the car hence her abuse. Valid reason to be mad if true right? Although she should really be giving her man hell first and foremost, not some nobody who means nothing to her.

  3. Because woman is not woman anymore family’s will broke at end.
    Young people avoid forming a family. Girls are scared to be connected(“better safe then sorry” policy), guys frustrated…It’s a circle that bring us to disaster.
    Maybe is best to take prostitute from time to time(since is hard to find a woman to trust), chill a little bit and continue with your duty..

  4. I think the women was justified, I think was genuinely scared. She shouldn’t have panicked and driven so quickly though but she’ll only know that in hindsight, I don’t think she meant to hurt her. If she’s go any sense she would stop and ring the police and an ambulance, apart from the guy filming her there would be security cameras and the women could identify her. Not only was that women aggressing her the other women now has a whole ton of shit to sort out.

        1. Oh, yes, even if we don’t have any video records here, there always be evidences since our crime scene investigation skill has improved so much. But still, cops & procurator don’t always have their passion to work on them all. The reality is they choose cases they preferred to work on. It basically depends on how much sympathy and empathy that specific victim got from the upper class. Case like this? The cops probably would consider she asked for it then just stop processing it since they can easily find ten other cases they would much prefer to work on. Sad reality, but that’s the reality.

  5. The white trash twat got what was coming to her. The driver should have driven over her for good measure.
    Long live the Palestinian struggle and down with the racist, Zionist state of zogistan (Israel)!!

  6. Driver did amazing to reverse out of that parking spot, at high speed with door open and without hitting any parked cars. Thumbs up to women drivers in this video. I fuckin hate bullies so she got what was coming. Driver can’t have anticipated that was gonna happen and ‘just deserts’ was served.

      1. Lol! Accident my ass! Just go for the kill!
        Or grab her arm when your pulling out then put the car in drive as you hanging on her for the RIDE of her life you two could talk it out.
        But unfortunately she would get fucked up in the process. She would never forget this ride. As she would drag alongside the car going 100!
        Teach that bitch some manners.
        I have always wanted to do this to someone, some asshole! Lol!

  7. First time this waddling Petri dish flesh pear reached into my car to hit me, I’d grab her arm and break her fingers. They make a lovely sound as they snap and pop, especially when caught in the leather strap of your saddlebag they’re trying to steal… πŸ˜€

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