Blasphemer Pays for His Shin in Nigeria

Blasphemer Pays for His Shin

In the short video clip, located in Nigeria, the left shin of a man splinters from his lower foot. Hanging on by the skin of his shin, his foot is millimeters away from being a stinky paper weight.

His career hopscotch days are definitely over.


I was actually present when this happened.. It happened in Nigeria, Lagos state at a roundabout called Abraham adesanya in ajah. He was a bread seller who was hawking and got hit by a careless driver. The driver escaped. The translation of what he was saying is “Please beg God to take my life instead of suffering this”. We eventually rushed him to hospital. Days later the leg was amputated. This happened last year.

Thanks for the update @dmorayo

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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