Blood Drenched Man Agonizes on Road as His Mates Lie Dead

Blood Drenched Man Agonizes on Road as His Mates Lie Dead

I have virtually no backinfo on this video. By the sound of it, it appears to be from an Arabic country, and shows an aftermath of an unspecified form of carnage that took place on the road at night. It could have been a traffic accident, but could also have been an attack of sorts.

There is a general blood bath throughout the accident scene and of multiple men down, only one is still capable of moving. He’s dressed in light clothes, but they are utterly drenched in blood. His right arm appears to have been amputated at the elbow, but there is probably more to his injuries.

He’s in terrible agony as his mates lie around him lifeless. Most of them are likely dead, and even though some give faint reactions to passers-by trying to comfort them, they probably don’t have a whole lot of life left in them.

Props to Best Gore member @nikish for the video:

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76 thoughts on “Blood Drenched Man Agonizes on Road as His Mates Lie Dead”

  1. Probably got riddled with bullets. Rifles can do really nasty damage to certain bodies. That dude getting up is pretty much dead. Nerves and an intact brain still functioning can make a corpse move Like that.

    1. When sheeple encounter cognitive dissonance, they resort to choice-supportive bias, aka self-justification whereby once confronted with reality, they will seek to justify their irrational choices and deny any negative feedback associated with them. Psychology 101.

  2. I’d weigh in with it being the result of motor vehicle accident from the fact that they are in a group on the road, also, the injuries appear consistent with being hit by a vehicle traveling at a moderate speed. Possibly a group walking along the road at night and some dumb cunt didn’t see them.

    1. For the sake of Mercy Killing I agree, or let him bleed to death I don’t think anyone would be able to save them most are dead and from what I see the rest would’ve died sooner or later if any survived.

    1. yeah it might be in saudia arabia or kinda middle east countries and hes not saying durka durka !!!! he said la illaha ila ellah no gods except only one god. kinda when u have a calamity or before death u say that as a last worship

  3. Drifting accident. That’s my hope, anyway. Fucking oil-rich A-rabs with nothing better to do than endanger the lives of innocent(well, as innocent as a fucker of 9 year olds can be)motorists. Hmm. Now I’m realizing the good that these drifting asswipes actually do- any dead A-rab is a good A-rab!

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