Bloody Hit and Run in Dieland

Bloody Hit and Run in Dieland

This man is reportedly a victim of a hit and run which left him bloody on the road. That’s really all the info I have on the case itself and, unfortunately, no translation to tickle you with. However, there are some weird things about this crime scene. Such as; why is he wearing paper bags on his hands…and what the actual fuck, does anyone else see the eye/face in that sheet?

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  1. In the Mediterranean many migrants have been killed….
    And in the Middle East sadists have their free will….
    Whilst in the first world we sit and procrastinate…..
    Thinking “It won`t affect me” until it`s too late….

    Because those fuckers are everywhere,even around here.
    Breaking into vans..and houses..better arm ourselves now.
    Just this morning I found that I was missing one ear….
    Woke up in my bed sweating fear from my brow…

    Will those governments care? Will “les flics” give a shit?
    Not as far as I can see..better head to the hills…..
    Where not very much happens and there is not a whit…
    Of what happens in Salem,or Harlem or dogsville.

  2. As a kid my mom used to tie socks around my wrist to keep me from biting my fingernails. I’m guessing it was some sort of a cruel punishment. But I’m not sure what’s up with the paper bags. Maybe his mommy he “was” trying to teach him a lesson to. But he took the easy way out

  3. That sheet is some trippy shit alright, not to mention the gloves !. Crazy place, no wonder there’s so much death, they’ve all gone fucking mad !
    Honestly, I see stuff like this and count my blessings I was fortunate enough to be born in good old Blighty.

  4. Looks to me as if it was a fight by the sticks and stones that broke his bones that are lying around him. Might explain the bags on his hands for the preservation of evidence. But when did they ever give a flying fuck about a body?

  5. That’s known as a Thai Two Bagger.

    “I knew a girl so ugly that she was known as a two-bagger. That’s when you put a bag over your head in case the bag over her head breaks.” – Rodney Dangerfield

    Try to keep up folks.

  6. In most cases, during a murder in large countries, especially USA and the like, they place and tape paper bags over the hands to cover them for potential evidence of a struggle. So later they can cut the bags off, scrape under fingernails for attackers DNA, etc. BUT, in this case, of a vehicular homicide, it’s not gonna help much

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