Bloody Impalement after Car Crash

Bloody Impalement after Car Crash

Picture of bloody leg impalement was taken by a trauma unit personnel. The guy was brought in after a nasty car crash that left this metal piece run through his thigh.

I don’t think the impalement split femur (thigh bone) as it’s a very thick and sturdy bone, but it definitely scratched it, leaving it damaged. Knee would have suffered the most severe damage. Even though the knee cap itself was not impaled, the metal piece clearly damaged the rear end of the joint. I wouldn’t be surprised if this person ended up having to get complete knee arthroplasty.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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14 thoughts on “Bloody Impalement after Car Crash”

  1. The femur’s stronger than reinforced concrete, so I don’t think it was busted. In that picture, I don’t believe he was in any pain. Something similar happened to a family member of mine, and they didn’t feel any initial pain because they were in shock. They only felt pain when their painkillers started to wear off while the thing was healing.

    His leg isn’t fractured, but that guy’s gonna have a nasty limp.

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