Bodies Everywhere as Tractor Transporting People Gets in Accident in India

Bodies Everywhere as Tractor Transporting People Gets in Accident in India

According to the information I got, this happened on Banmore Road, Morena District of Madhya Pradesh, India. Video shows a large accident with multiple victims, bodies are everywhere.

It is not entirely clear what happened, but there is wreckage of a farm tractor and trailer present, as well as what might be a dumptruck, although I can’t tell.

Due to the amount of casualties my best guess is the tractor was pulling a large group of people sitting in the trailer when somehow they made contact with the truck. We’ve seen a tractor transporting a large number of people crash in India before.

There are many children around, seemingly involved in the incident, though there appear to be no child fatalities, as far as I can see all deaths were adults. One woman in particular had her head crushed, her brains and blood stain the street red.

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    1. Here in BC Canada, specifically Surrey, there are a shit ton of east indians and they bring their culture of corruption with them.For example, there was an indian run farm and because they are racist they ,of course, hire only east indians to work. Well being the cheap as fucks they are their transportation van was a van with seats not even attached t the vehicle. Anyways, packed to the brim with something like 11 of them the vehicle got into an accident(probably brake failure from not topping up that costly fluid) and most died. The farmer got in some shit but nothing criminal. Oh then there was the kids soccer leage that had some problems at the administrative levl and,of course, there was 2 family “factions” fighting over silly shit but they brought fucking machetes…over kids soccer!

      1. Wow, at least they deserved it haha, there is heaps here too but we are super strict on our cars maintenance and it would be inspected every 6 to 18 months so they can’t get away with it but lucky so they don’t endanger other innocent people.

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  1. It is India, so it could have been a tractor carrying bodies from another accident that happened to collide with a truck carrying more dead bodies (in India, everyone is pretty much a few minutes away from being a corpse on the road it seems)

      1. “A nightmare train suddenly appears through the clouds and swoops down upon thee truck to scorn and smash the corrupt actions of its passengers as thee were not wearing sandals but adidas sneakers.”
        *william shatner voice*

  2. It always amazes me how theres always so many people walking around the scene around the bodies and almost stepping in the blood and flesh. And how they just go touch peoples bloody bodies. Just strange to me. And im surprised to see a few survivors.

  3. What amazes me about India, is the fact that a lot of these children witness such carnage at an early age. It’s no wonder by the time they’re young adults, they’ve mastered breathing under sewage, or stepping out in front of trains. Who runs that country, or is he/she dead too!!

  4. It appears more like a meteor hit sending everything in its wake in a tail spin ……but.hey seriously no jokes here
    The tractor trailer combination with multitude of people made to board in and speeding down the high way giving zero fucks to safety and then suddenly something as huge as a dump truck or a bus comes ramming in bringing about a dark blob and scattering killing people all over the place ……………I presume it was the same case scenario here.
    The impact was such that the tractor broke down in to two halves and the dumptruck went ploughing down the fields further up in a different direction . so many have been packed up to report to yamraj at hell’s gate so early.

  5. Seriously what’s up with filthy India????

    All these western simps get pumped up by saying “India is the best in business, education and will soon rule the world, blasey blasey”

    ANd then you see these fatalities on the road and on a daily!!!

    WHY is it like that. Little Kuresh Kumar was crying. Sad

  6. Gotta love the way they all get around on the roof of trains and back of tractors and shit with bare feet and no safety whatsoever , no fuckin’ road rules just all over the place like crazy rats, fuck those idiots. If you behave like a clown be prepared to die like one.

  7. 2:07 “Ayyyyy, quick, let me grab this gold nose ring. After all, she wouldn’t be needing it. Just gotta wash the brain and blood off of it and it’ll be as good as a new one. Will gift it to wifey and get the long awaited BJ.”

    This happened it my state, Madhya Pradesh. Safety isn’t the number one priority here in India. Safety costs money. And when money is scarce, families are big, responsibilities are huge, lives are risked to save money. Either you save enough money for a meal or you lose your life.

    Chances of losing you life are pretty low. It’s probably similar to that of winning a small lottery. So, people take the risk.

    1. Well, technically they’re the same size, it’s basically just that the head in question has gone from occupying a 3 dimentional space to a 2 dimentional space in turn taking the same volume of material and spreading it out over a larger surface area, making it appear larger…. Hope that clears it up for you

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