Boeing 737 Nose-Dives into Tarmac and Explodes at Kazan Airport, Russia

Boeing 737 Nose-Dives into Tarmac and Explodes at Kazan Airport, Russia

A CCTV camera filmed a night time nose dive into the tarmac and subsequent explosion into a massive fireball of Boeing 737 in Kazan, Russia. All 50 people onboard died in the crash.

The Tatarstan Airlines Boeing 737 took off from Moscow Domodedovo Airport with 44 passengers and 6 crew on board. The crash is being investigated by Russian specialists including Boeing experts. Three possible reasons for the disaster are pilot failure, faulty equipment or weather factors. 90 degrees to the ground at full speed, though?

Those crazy Russians – they always need to have the biggest everything – biggest meteors, biggest drunks, and biggest plane crashes. There are speculations that because Irek Minnikhanov, a son of the president of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan was onboard the crashed plane, that there is possibly more to the story. Wife and daughter of famous Russian TV commentator Roman Skvortsov also died in that plane crash. Another Smolensk?

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    1. Yeah, I don’t see them getting any real findings. In Russia, Russia is never at fault.

      Remember in 2000? The Kursk Submrine accident? Some 120 Russian sailors died when the sub exploded. It was a leaking warhead that exploded which caused another torpedo to go off (the explosion was equal to 2-3 tons of TNT and registered on seismographs across Europe).

      The worst part of the “accident” was that British and Norwegians were in the area and wanted to try to rescue and or help but were refused by the Russians. They refused anyone access and let them die. Typical.

  1. Holy fuck!!..Umm..yeeeeah everyone in that died..duh..that shit was a huge fireball…ugh… pyroside is wanting to go burn some shit…….hee heee heee…uhhh…i bet pilot was drunk as shit off his rotgut..probably facefucking one of those fineass Russci flight attendants..there case closed…rip 50 Russians…

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    1. Just imagine what a crash would be like. It’s not like you just crash on landing. The whole plane could crack in half and then you’re falling to the earth spinning in circles, upside down with shit flying everywhere. As soon as you’re not sitting up straight and you’re on your side or upside down then you know it’s all over.

      1. I know I’d be screaming like a little bitch, so it better crash or I’d be really embarrassed. I had sent up some pictures of that wing walker that died earlier this year. You can see her face like a foot from the ground and she is screaming, and the next instant something flies thru her head and blows her brain out the side. That was all in less than a fraction of a second. Man I hate flying. One of the worst was that Concorde that caught on fire, I can’t imagine the terror.

  2. there is something so very scary about plane crashes. You are trapped, no hope of escape, the choas, people screaming, you can very definitely feel the speed and the strange angle of the plane. Your brain doesn’t know how to register all the sensations. it just knows that something is wrong, everything is wrong. The view out of the window doesnt lie. The ground is approaching too quickly. You wonder, should I pray? or put this ridiculous oxygen mask on? Maybe I can send out a text to my family? oh shit I forgot to pay the light bill! Then by the time you get all those thoughts sused out… Boom, your gone. Fuck, it’s got to be a terrible few sseconds/ minutes before death.

        1. ha ha actually your description was VERY effective. too effective 😉

          and as horrible as the plane crash is, sometimes surviving it ismore horrific…
          there was movie about plane survivors based on real life story…
          they crashed in middle of nowhere and ended up eating the dead in order to survive.

          fate can be a hard lesson and a bitch sometimes ;-(

    1. Every time I get on a plane I accept that I could die. I even tell myself, I’m ready to die, I’ve done it all. Every time there is crazy turbulence and everyone else gives the death grip to the armchair, I feel fine and have no fear because I’m ready to die. Accept death.

  3. I would hate to be on a plane and know its going down… you have all that time to know you most likely are not going to live…. but how bout that soccer team who crashed on the mountain and ate each other to stay alive. That’s what they named the movie, ALIVE. Now that is the baddest story about a plane crash!

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