Boy Killed by Truck, Brain Matter Spat Out a Distance

Boy Killed by Truck, Brain Matter Spat Out a Distance

Lots of bare footers in the death cheer team. I don’t know where it’s from, but could be Bangladesh or India.

The video shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. The boy was allegedly run over by a truck, and died with skull split open, and brain matter spat out a distance.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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62 thoughts on “Boy Killed by Truck, Brain Matter Spat Out a Distance”

    1. Too damn sad he was unsupervised!

      If he was supervised he would have made the guinness book of records.
      As then there was a valid eye witness of this amazing distance that was achieved by the brain ejaculation.

      1. It’s probably the fact that this shit is so common over there that these sick fucks don’t give a flying fuck. Parents, or whoever was supposed to be watching this kid should get criminal charges for this. It was completely avoidable.

    1. Yes, you’s the one that’s said it so far. He’s wearing him sandal on him arm. This video was better than expected. My theory is that he was wearing sandal on arm because he was vroom vrooming his motorbike barefoot, then crashed.

  1. At least that one won’t be drowning in muddy waters.
    …cuz he tried so hard to speak Englissss…..before
    Taking swimming classes……!!!!
    Screaming his lungs off………..HELP……..HELP……..!!!!!!
    Have a great journey kid and next time watch the fucking

  2. Say “Cheese” for the camera, kiddo. You want to look your best with so many people taking pictures of you. I believe the kid’s skull has not fully developed yet, and therefore somewhat flexible, otherwise the brain would not of popped out like a ripe zit being squeezed. If the kid was older, the skull would be more developed and more rigid, and would crack more normally, with a more regular blood splatter pattern.

  3. I hope innoculation is still in effect for my country because it makes me a little sick to see those bare feet. But I will say this country girl still steps in literal shit ( not human) all the time..
    Just different than theirs.

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