Boy Run Over by Vehicle Loses Both Legs

Boy Run Over by Vehicle Loses Both Legs

I have no idea where the video is from. Middle East or Africa perhaps? The Deutschland bumper sticker doesn’t help, even though I have no doubt parts of Germany look just like that these days. Thanks, Barbara Spectre.

The video shows a boy with legs destroyed in a traffic accident. Apparently, both his legs were run over and severely crushed by a vehicle. The rescuers throw the boy in the cargo area of a car, the way Brazilian cops do with arrested criminals.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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    1. Just pathetic the way some cultures are. Even animals in the wild show more compassion towards each other. To toss that child in there like a spare tire just shows the inhumanity of those people.
      It’s a fucked up world…I’m just glad I live on this side of it.

      1. True this @brokeback. It sickened me when i saw that poor Boy thrown in there all alone, and terrified. It would not surprise me one bit if the little dude died shortly after his arrival to the Hospital, from going into Shock alone. 🙁

    1. At least he is taken right away to get whatever freaking help is available in that shithole of a place. Not like Brazilians and Indian baby-shitters gathering and guttering around victims for their visual pleasure.

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      1. True, you guys. They could of at least wrapped those up quickly, and not let him stare at them in horror, like ha was doing. Once wrapped-up, i would have rode with him in the back seat, sat him on my lap, and rubbed his little forehead while consoling that poor little dude. What’s wrong with these fucking Barbarians, ffs. It is truly nice to see genuine empathy towards this little kid, instead of him being called a little nigger, and shit! You both are awesome dudes man. 🙂

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    1. @fcuker/
      Fully concur! My respects to you! 🙂
      Trust me, they are ignorant and most likely have never been out of their trashy little towns – think the world revolves around them (like jews think they are going to end up in paradise). 😉

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