Brain Ejected, Head Run Over as Motorcyclist Falls Under Bus

Brain Ejected, Head Run Over as Motorcyclist Falls Under Bus

Photos are from Hanoi in Vietnam. A motorcyclist somehow got in the way of a bus, fell under its wheels and had his head run over. The motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet, but seeing that the wheel of the bus rolled right over his head, I’m not entirely sure a helmet would have saved his head from popping.

The skull was turned into a pancake, while the brain was ejected and rested on the road about a meter away from the body.

In one of the photos you can see a bowl of boiled rice next to the corpse with burning incense sticks in it. I believe this would have something to do with Buddhist traditions. The purpose of mustard bottle escapes me, though. Or is that a Vietnamese road marker?

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  1. Wow that’s crazy…mustard rice as a peace offering for the spirit..the fuck???…if I die y’all please make a medium rare stake and mashed potatoes for me to take on my adventure..not some fucking lousy mustard rice…blahhhhh….

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          7. No flu shots here reality…my great grandfather died after he got his mandatory one at the old people I always refuse em….and sunshine that’s insane..I hope you fucked em up….atleast make your probation with know…and your almost there hun then you can smoke all you want love….you can do this…that’s a bunk thing though making you drug test on a fighting case…the fuck??…sounds like bs they’d try to pull here in California…fuck the system..

          8. @realitycheck07…
            The only case of bird flu in Canada has just recently been reported.
            The Albertan who contracted it (and subsequently died) was recently in China (Bejing to be exact) and received the nasty gift there.

            I second what LilMissSunshine said… the more of your writing I read, the more I like you.
            And I totally agree… if you care about your health DO NOT get a flu shot!
            I witnessed the flu shot take out a sweet elderly gentleman in the senior’s residence my mother lives in just 6 weeks ago.
            The poor fella was fine until they injected those noxious chemicals into him… 18 hours later he was dead!

          9. I agree with fiend – do not get the flu shot unless you want to get yourself royally fucked up.

            Bottom line is – If Jewish media insists on you to take something, run from it for dear life.

            The 1976 swine flu outbreak killed 1 person whilst the vaccine killed 25.

            Apart from all the mercury and other toxins, the fact is flu vaccines are based on last year’s virus. Viruses mutate so fast, the odds of the shot being effective are very slim. It’s just another big-pharma scam. Money for them, side-effects for you.

            But given how adamant Jewish media are about people taking flu shots, I suspect there is more to them than just side effects.

            An article in Eco Child’s Play reports that Donald Miller, MD, a cardiac surgeon and Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington, recommends taking vitamin D instead of getting a flu shot. He also says 70 percent of doctors do not get a flu shot.

            If you were to read the information slip that accompanies flu vaccines, you’d learn that the vaccine manufacturer in no way guarantees that their vaccine will prevent the recipient contracting the disease they are being ‘immunised’ for, they actually make no guarantees, only say that the vaccine ‘MAY lessen the severity’.

          10. Well written as always Acneska…
            And thank you for making the very important point that these vaccines are based upon the previous years flu.

            Locally they are making a point of singling out people who are intelligent enough to not get a flu shot.
            From November 1st until the end of April you MUST wear a mask if you enter a VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority… or as I like to call them – Vile Inept Halfwitted Assholes) facility and have not had a flu shot. That means all hospitals, medical buildings and institutions.
            Personally I would be happy to put on a mask if I am going to risk being around a bunch of sheep like thinking fleshies.

            I also had to be very vocal to avoid my mother being given a flu shot, thankfully I was heard and listened to… but that is only because I have her in a private senior’s residence. If she had been in a VIHA facility they would have given it to her no matter how I felt about it.

            This is a very touchy subject for me… apologies for rambling on….

          11. Oh no fiend!!!…that makes me sad…I hate when the young and the old die..specially in situations like this..I’m so glad I’ve always refused flu shots…In fact I’ve always refused all immunizations till Dec of last yr…my Dr said I should get the whooping cough one because of the condition I have with my head can cause seizures if I cough too much….I was sick as shit for a day and a half after getting it…ugh anywho I’m glad y’all like me…ive liked y’all for awhile now..part of the reason why I signed the do we find out how long we’ve been members here…I want my 6 month chip damnit!!!…lolz

          12. @Ladywicked,
            It was indeed a fabulous fight on my part if I do say so myself, hehehe, and most definitely worth spending a night in jail and having 6months probation!
            Yeah I know I’m almost done and I can easily go without bud for however long, I’d just never had to so it sucks donkey balls LOL! I was in a car accident acouole years back and it fucked up my back and neck badly so apart from just enjoying weed for the familiar bonuses it also helps to get rid of my pain πŸ™‚

            P.s about all this flu shot business – I haven’t gotten any vaccination since I was 3 or 4 and I rarely get sick , even less so than the average person who has and continues to get vaccinated. my dad stopped mking me get them after a family friend of our’s son got flue shot and sdly became mentally retarded. Very sad and fucked up!
            I’d much rather have the flu and deal with the short term effects of it rather than get a vaccine and suffer from the long term side effects.

          13. Well atleast it was worth it sunshine…that’s all that really matters in the end…I believe in everything having a purpose or meaning something…like everything I do I make sure it’s worth it in the end.or I make sure what I’m doing has a reason..I don’t know if that even made sense..I’m really stoned right now…thank goodness it’s all almost over though…they shouldn’t be making you go in my opinion…but who the fuck am I anyways…and oh how I know the long term effects being worse then just getting ill….so the grieving parents group I run got a new person over the night..some perfectly healthy 6 yr old gotta flu shot at her annual check up and 11 hrs later she’s dead…sigh…I was sleep when the mother wrote me and joined…I’m awaiting to talk to her now…

          14. there are no lawsuits citing the initial vaccine in flu shot is the cataylst of any deaths.
            the necessity for flu and meningitis shots are no brainers.
            *the only fear worth ranting about is the need for a workable SARS vaccine which has been proving to be the the one that DOESNT help but induces pulmonary issues

        1. Swine flu/H1N1 is raging down here. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s turning into pneumonia and killing people. I worked the floor a few days ago and we lost several patients. A 13 year old, 25 year old, 30 year old. All young people. And all had taken flu shots. I don’t take them either. Even being a nurse I’m against it. But I hope you feel better, Ajay! <3

          1. Oh fuck ex…ekkk….I hate sickness..I just want to bathe in Lysol…I’ve been Lysoling everything I touch..all community areas..I never get sick..but when I do it’s bad…this is the longest I’ve been sick in awhile…..I mean like cold sick you know….I feel like shit..I told the new roomie that if this is what her lil boy had then I feel bad for the lil guy because I feel like death worn over….fuck

          2. Sorry I tapped too quickly…I understand your choice though..fuck the shots man..take precautions ex…and thanks hun…I’ve been feeling a lil better daily..but I still feel pretty shitty…once the body aches go away I’ll be good…

          1. thank yu ;-). all boys love Booger!
            school boys clap i rumble past schoolyard and hells angels have followed us home and still drop by to watch me wacking away at one bolt or another πŸ˜‰

    1. not enuff funding to maintain the infrastructure of roads and highwayys. the roads are full of craters that break an axel .
      its i know here in canada when they patch roads summertime with goddamn tarmac that motorcycles front wheels go down in it and if they’re not dragging a little brake they wipe right out

        1. congratualations πŸ˜‰
          dodge put a robust powertrain in them V-6ers so yu gonna love not the |HP only but the torgue too when yu go to smash the gas and pass on the highway πŸ˜‰
          read the specs on gas…the v6 and the v4
          have only 3 mpg difference in city so v6 is no brainer with better powertrain and the $$$.
          liftkit that motherfucker black them windows out and mash its snout with a grillll from fucking hell !
          ***and yu and i we’ll talk about v6 injected aftermarket mods thatll take you past 400hp range and crayzeee fucking insta- torque with things as simple as a stall converters

          XOX from scholar and Booger πŸ˜‰

          1. @amnyc – they don’t do soup … I checked !! I need only cross the road from the Chinese to the Kebab shack where “Slutty Donna” takes care of things like that … buy her a burger and she’s al your’s. πŸ™‚

      1. dont kid yourself…the black market and sweat shops there create rip offs of everything from Nike to armani to escada with ripped of tags and labels. (and they can cause theres no trdemark laws there

        ive seen dirt poor folks in jordan dressed to kill for undder 30 dollars

  2. the mustard dropping and bottle left on the ground were put there by victims mother who has to get the mustard(mustard seed) from a family/its from house other than her own
    5th c writings told story of a mom mourning her kid’s death who asked buddha to bringg him back. budda told her get mustard seed from family thats never had death in it and he’d bring her dead child back. she search and searched…only to learned thereafter that no family can escape the endgame that is DEaTH

      1. how are you, my sunshine
        come play in the preety snow with me. i’m going to put a stake thru a baby lamb and cook him on wood fire greek style with lemons, safron chickpeas and mutton stuffed inside him
        we’ll eat drink winein front my fireplace and snuggle there to watch das boat just you and i

          1. @mike11111
            hehee gen 3 camaro’s are my favorite gen too. your boy was a beast to be sure too. the 70’s camaro’s were fitted with true damn muscle with them push rod engines.
            my seventh camaro is gen 5 camaro v8, *Booger’s been modded with twin turbo and is canistered and kitted for NOS (100-400 shit)

            hahaa*we* got to get you back into a camaro my street demon brother @mike

  3. I hate people on motorcycles. They’re ego-centered humans looking for attention and adrenaline rushed danger which in turn causes them to crash or be crashed into concluding with their horrific inevitable gory death. I guess things do turn out for the better. πŸ˜€

  4. His head popped like a gusher, exposing his gooey inner treat.

    There’s a hella lot of motorcyclists being gravely injured lately… Or is it just me? Seems to be most of the articles I’ve read lately were motorcyclist deaths.

  5. This is another case where a brain decides to leave its previous owner for obvious reasons. It’s moving along at a pretty good clip. And what a great gesture leaving a YooHoo for it to enjoy after its harrowing escape! Too bad it needs eyes to find it as it appears to be heading in the wrong direction. Maybe it’s in a hurry to get away from this person. I guess I would be in a hurry, too.

  6. Once upon a time, I had finally decided to make an account on BG. Instead of using a pic of my cock like many others, I chose to use a pic of tattoo work from my favorite tattoo artist. Lol…

    I honestly don’t know much about the tattoo, the artist has done quite a few organic gross pussy tattoos (Nick Baxter)

  7. In case anyone cares about the significance of the chopstix verticle in the bowl of rice.

    “Chopsticks should not be left vertically stuck into a bowl of rice because it resembles the ritual of incense-burning that symbolizes “feeding” the dead and death in general.”

    1. Thank you for that fact hun…I love learning new shit…even if it’s the slightest bit of information or what not..because someone may not know this and I can share it with them…thank the way aren’t you new?..if so welcome…I don’t think I welcomed you yet.. πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you for the kind welcome! Very nice of you. Yes, I’m new around these parts.

        Not too long ago my Japanese friend threw a fit because I stuck my chopstix in my rice and left em there. She said it was disrespectful to the dead. Apparently it’s a big no-no.


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