Brain Falls Out of Fractured Skull, Responder Accidentally Steps On It

Brain Falls Out of Fractured Skull, Responder Accidentally Steps On It

A fatal accident occurred in Banasare – a village located in Rubaru sub-district, Sumenep regency, East Java, Indonesia. A young man was killed in circumstances that are unclear. The incident happened on May 10, 2017.

The video shows the police drawing a chalk outline around the bloody victim, and when his corpse is picked up, the brain matter falls out of the fractured skull, and one of the responders who lifted him accidentally steps on it.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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107 thoughts on “Brain Falls Out of Fractured Skull, Responder Accidentally Steps On It”

          1. The “Cardboard Casket” seemed to somewhat “Festive”!
            It’s so nice to do something for the “Dearly Departed”.
            Let’s all go to East Java and die…….

  1. From the time I was little I always wanted to be the guy who did the chalk outlines around dead people. Not sure why…maybe it was from watching Quincy…the show about the middle aged Coroner who always seemed to be fucking girls in their twenties.

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          3. @trust me, as a last resort I will take something called Zopiclone that my doc prescribed to me but I hate taking them because it knocks you out like anesthesia would. Very strong shit that is also very addictive. I don’t like to rely on them so I keep a minimal amount on hand and will only take one pill if I haven’t been able to sleep at all in like three nights straight. Once I took one and then went to take a piss and the next thing I knew I was waking up on my bathroom floor the next day with a bruised up side from the way I fell.

          4. One time I took half a Zopiclone and it didn’t hit me like it normally does so I got up out of bed to get a glass of milk from my fridge and I woke up the next day on my kitchen floor. This stuff is no joke and now you know why I don’t like taking it unless it’s a last resort.

          5. Similar things happen to me. Epileptic seizures would take me down sometimes for a couple of minutes but most times soon as I hit the ground I got this type of involuntary reflex that will not allow me to go down or stay down.
            95% of the times all I remember is getting up for whatever unexpected reason and next thing I know I got this fucking bump on the side of my head and it’s weird how every time I hit the same part of my head on either side.
            That shit is no joke as I think to myself….
            Fuckkk!! I could’ve easily have hit that edge or corner of the furniture and possibly get turned off for goods.

        1. Trust me You suck tonight, so I’ll give it a go
          Watch and hang on tight while the dead speaks slow:

          “Hey responder watch it!!
          I prefer you step on my toes, not my brains
          But I’m dead so FOCK it!!
          And shut the humming bitches up as my blood drains.

          I’m already in another place, with no worries, no car, no accident.
          I have my own sweet little space, not in hospital, not as a patient.

          And to you little pussies down there on BG entertained by my brain drop
          Remember someday, sometime, somewhere, it will be your head’s turn to pop”

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  2. Having three dogs in the house sucks when they’re little and are not potty trained cause they will drop their shit anywhere.
    There are times that I come back home late in the night and the house is really dark, So soon as I opened the door and take a couple steps and fuckkk!!!! I stepped on the goddamm shit!!
    Every time I accidentally step on shit I got this involuntary reflex that would not allow me to completely finish that step.
    I’m thinking is because I feel the sole of my shoe as it presses down on the pasty compound texture of the shit.
    Anyways this video left me wondering… What or how does it feel to squash a human brain?
    I hope it doesn’t feel like stepping on dogs shit.
    Anyways guy that stepped on that brain had a once in a lifetime experience at making guacamole with brains.

  3. @trust_me is a poet and acclaimed scholar. Writes and rhymes like Jews love a dollar.
    Like head bands, sweat glands, dirty hands and toads. trust_me writes odes in loads and loads.
    I may be shy, my balls are dry, but I think I’ll try to rhyme like that trust_me guy.

    This guys brain was not hit by a train.
    Neither truck nor plane was this guys bane.
    Not a bursted vein can be blamed for dropping this brain in the North bound lane.

    Thank you @trust_me for your inspiration. Like the elation sensation from masturbation, inspired by you came this creation.

      1. Well lemme see.
        Big lips, flat nose…yes
        Never seen my keeedz…yes
        Heart disease and sickle cell anemia…yes
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        But, I used the word bane in a sentence. Yeah, it could go either way.

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  5. Why you Americans(and others) post funny comments for serious posts?
    I don’t understand
    Either you people got used to graphic stuff and care no more or you are stupid enough to care for others feelings

    1. @punja

      Serious post? What serious post? As long as shit like this happens to shitty hole inferior peoples that don’t matter like hindus, Africans, latinos, and all that sort of inferior less intelligent animals the post is nothing of a serious matter but content to be made fun of and enjoy and to be used as entertainment for the sheer joy.


      God Bless America!
      And fuck your god damned country!

      And FUCK you!!!

    2. With the crime rate they have in their country, they are used to stuff like this. They can’t even get to the next street without the risk of getting mugged, shot at or killed. The violence they see in their every day lives have made them immune to graphic stuff. This is the reason they seek pleasure in other’s pain.

      Another reason is their religion. This type of behavior is standard to Abrahamic religions. With centuries of bloodshed they have done in name of their religions, no wonder they have developed tolerance to blood and gore.

  6. It was a bit funny when the brain matter fell out of his head, funnier still when it got accidentally squished by the responder.

    Maybe it was a stupid brain anyway as the owner somehow got killed. Or maybe not. Either way, the bloke in sandals had better not walk inside his house, or he’ll have tiny fragments of brain in his carpet LOL.

  7. I like how the chalk artist took the time to even carefully outline the body in the area of all the blood, but just drew an “arch” around the arms and didn’t outline the head.

    WTH with the outlining anyway?

    And when the brain plopped out and that poor guy stepped in it???!!! Comedy at its best!

  8. It’s heavy to pick up a dead body opposed to alive body. Didn’t people know this?

    The dude should have done more deadlift to prepare his muscles…

    I do sandbag training and picking up sandbag duffle bag stuffed with sand and gravel.

    If you can pick up a duffle bag of 100 lbs, then you can easily pick up alive human that weighs 150 lbs.

  9. They don’t even have a proper SpongeBob Squarepants! Did you see that children’s death tarp? WTF is that character? Sandal wearing, brain stomping in a dress and stupid hat freak! Mmmm, brains between my toes, my wife can lick it off!

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