Brain Splattering Motorcycle Accident from Thailand

Brain Splattering Motorcycle Accident from Thailand

This motorcyclist is special. He broke all the rules of motorcycle riding in Thailand. For one, he wore a helmet and then… he didn’t wear flip flops but some weird, gay looking crocs of sorts. The helmet didn’t offer much safety – it’s still on his head but the head inside it is crushed and brain splattered all over the road.

I don’t know anything more about the accident but the fact that flip flops are not in the majority and there is only one strong pointer in the whole set make it rather odd for Thailand.

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34 thoughts on “Brain Splattering Motorcycle Accident from Thailand”

  1. When I was riding a bike for awhile the guy told me never take the helmet off until you get to the hospital were they’ll do x rays of your skull because I guess it holds the cracked skull together or some shit idc.

      1. That’s also why they call them brain buckets. If you take it off and your skull is fractured you could suffer brain swelling which can cause seizures, stroke, death, etc… If the helmet had worked he would be in pain the rest of his life, so that’s why I say fuck helmets.

  2. I just don’t get, never will. He must have been riding at speed but he’s wearing shoes without backs. Your body tells you there’s something wrong. If you try to ride a pushbike wearing flip flops you just know it’s not right. Why do they ignore their bodies telling them to put on some proper shoes.

    1. @silenced,
      Yes, crocks are truly an abhorrence.
      I could possibly over look the fact a man was wearing flip flops,(if he was worth it) but crocks?
      No never, my romantic love and dearest sincere affection for him would fade like a dying sunset.

        1. No one can rock Crocs. It’s impossible. The shoe is designed to give off an offending odour to the eyes.

          When I see them all I can think is “ugh, disgusting.”

          Worse than Uggs (Let’s not go there, ladies.. knock it off).

  3. Damn, his head broke like a peace of pottery. He was either seriously speeding or something that was seriously speeding smashed into him although if that was the case he probably would be stripped naked from what I’ve seen.

    In short I have no idea how that happened.

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