Brazilian Motorcyclist Falls Under Truck, Dies from Crushed Leg and Pelvis

Brazilian Motorcyclist Falls Under Truck, Dies from Crushed Leg and Pelvis

Brazilian Motorcyclist Falls Under Truck, Dies from Crushed Leg and Pelvis

On March 7, 2019, an accident took place in the city of Teresina, Brazil. A motorcyclist, identified as 38 year old Anísio Felipe do Nascimento, slipped on his bike and fell under the wheels of a truck.

The truck crushed his leg and pelvis. The injuries were fatal. Felipe was pronounced dead at the scene.

Props to Best Gore member @edu2703 for the videos. Here’s the CCTV footage of the accident:

The aftermath:

Thank you @honkeykong for close-up footage:

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        1. You make yourself a cup of tea, open a burrito, make some pop corn, seat comfortably, then press F11 in Chrome, and then ctrl+mouse-wheel-up to increase the scaling. That’s the proper way to do it.

          But don’t tell anyone you’re using Chrome around here…

    1. I don’t understand that shit. You’re depressed so you attempt suicide.. then you get cut in half and survive, so now your life is even way more fucked up than it was before, and it’s harder to commit suicide now.

      1. I’ve heard that people in that situation come out having a new appreciation for life and say it was the best thing that could have happened to them.
        Of course that could just be the drugs talking.

    2. Well, it’s one thing when your legs gets cut off cleanly, or grinded to powder. The second I bet is way more likely to induce a fatal pain shock.

      But I’m surprised by the lack of blood in such cases. I mean, did the grinding cauterized his vessels somehow?

    1. Not me. Rode when I was younger, had some close calls, even had the bike roll over on me once. When I got my first car I never looked back. Nowadays the drivers in this city have only gotten worse and worse, I’ll never be a regular rider again. Known too many people who have been killed or their bodies destroyed getting in accidents on motorcycles as well. Not worth it. And I don’t think riding is fun either. Not sure why some people like it so much. They need another hobby.

      1. You said how those accidents didn’t make you give up riding, and then you said you gave it up? Err… ok, whatever.

        Have you ever rode a 1200CC cruiser like Harley or Triumph or Indian? Usually younger people start with lower 200-300 CC mopeds, but those are entirely different story. Now, I ride cruisers mostly, and I rarely go above the speed limit and never do dangerous overtakes.

        People who get themselves killed on the motorcycle are too narrow-minded to understand the danger of a maneuver and to correctly estimate their skill level. And there are a lot more of riders who will die of old age than road accident victims, you just have to have a head on your shoulders with a little of brain matter inside, not those sport-bike shitheads with their “I live for speed” agenda and “Traffic rules don’t apply to me, because I’m on a mother fucking sport bike and everyone should be scared and make way for me”.

  1. Horrific. I’m not a motorcyclist but surely common sense tells you that if you’re on a bike keep your distance from big trucks, don’t try to overtake them like this, just asking for trouble.

      1. In Metro Detroit, a lot of the heavy trucks have side guards. Maybe they’re good for fuel economy, but the main thing is they do protect against pedestrians, bikers and motorcyclists. Maybe not so much against retards, but that could be a bonus.

  2. It would of been funny to watch that dude in a one legged ass kick contest. Why are humans this stupid. By putting that fag box on the back of his bike he signed his own death certificate. Should of went the side car route. Besides you can stash more shit in that seat than in that fucking stupid ass box. BRAZ-SHITHOLE STRIKES AGAIN.

  3. Off topic,I apologize,I tried to find somewhere else to post this and couldn’t, I’m new to this site. I only stumbled upon it after those two morons thought it would be a great idea to go camping in morocco and I wanted to see the video.Anyways, my question is (probably been asked before), have any of you had bad dreams after watching a multitude of those videos? I had one today. For some reason I was in my grandparents backyard(they died in 94 and 98) and they had a cemetery in their backyard with dead bodies that were decayed but only partially covered. I was there with someone else, can’t remember who, but I glanced at a dead body, and told my companion something like “that motherfucker just moved” And they started chasing me and like in a lot of dreams when you try to run it’s like you’re running in mud. I woke up thankfully and it made me think that a lot of the videos I’ve watched, I’m always paying close attention to see if they’re really still alive or if they’re already dead and the person is just abusing a dead body. You look for that natural motion or spasm in their body.

  4. He fall and he stand up but when he falls into truck tires, no standing ups.

    I’m driving two wells thing and i am scared of trucks thanks to BG. When those big mofos are near i leave gas and let them pass first.

    1. You mean two wheels? As much as possible don’t overtake. If you can, stop driving them. I saw an accident not too recently where a car clipped a three-wheeled vehicle. It lost its balance and went straight into an oncoming car. That was some nasty shit.

  5. What a stupid bastard! he wanted to do some extreme shitty move by going below that truck, he tought it was going to be a good acrobacy… Gotta laugh at that ammount of fat laying on the ground

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