Brazil – Bloody Bus Crash Carnage Video

Brazil - Bloody Bus Crash Carnage Video

It looks like a crash between a semi truck carrying an oversized load and a bus. The bus looks like it was sliced with a laser beam, having caught the side of that load. Good quarter of the bus got clean-cut right off with every human seated on the left hand side of the corridor faced with the same fate. Total carnage.

That one torn up corpse stuck to the side of the truck which hit the bus got it the worst. I wonder if that’s the driver of the bus. That corpse is hanging there, dripping blood like Predator’s prey. Even flip flops flew away in the process.

Easily the most brutal roadside carnage video I’ve ever seen. Brazil always delivers.


The accident took place at around 2:30pm on Saturday March 17, 2012 at kilometer 395 of BR-040 highway, near the city of Felixlรขndia, region of Central do Estado, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. People in the bus were employees of a company called Ipatinga. The bus collided with a tractor trailer carrying a large steel pipe. At least 15 people died.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Same Same, just doesn’t happen too often, that’s why the volume of words I talk (well, typed words, anyway) will hapefull result in something more than a base hit, once in a while.

          I sure do value the fact that WE ALL share our sence of humor, and don’t have to edit what we say, because how often does ANYBODY get a smile like WE do here.

          1. I know I’ve said it before but apart from ambo’s, cop’s etc, I/we see stuff on here that most people just couldn’t even imagine happens, the average person has NO idea the pain and suffering that is practically normal in some parts of the world! I feel SPECIAL! ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. .It’s true, and is worth saying more than once.
            We are the ones who choose to educate ourselvs to the horrors of reality, which does put us at an advantage, that bad things CAN happen to us, that we are not the exception to reality.

            Those who think that they are, are simply arrogant and are stupid.

            We, are just twisted and fun people!

          1. yes, that is me. i dunno why my eye ended up like that, i was looking at the camera x.x but no, my eyes aren’t usually like that XD

          1. if you click on my name, that should take you to my facebook. my pics there are all public. i did notice though, that when i have the camera slightly to the side and i look at it, my eyes look weird xD *shrug* not that i care anyway. and sorry, i’m already taken ๐Ÿ˜›

  1. Pretty funny how these Spicks just fucking stand there, fascinated by all the gore, never even thinking about helping anybody. They take cellphone pics so they can share with their friends. Spicks don’t give a shit about LIFE.

  2. I used to hear the news about people dying in a bus crash but never imagined I would get to see it here on BG and in gory detail this has to be one of the worst ways to die but bus looks like a greyhound type of ride, is definitely not a local bus So I’m thinking maybe a Da Silva’s family reunion of some sort out in the country somewhere when all of a sudden guts are spilled everywhere, some dude is missing a foot and another is hanging on the side of the truck like a cheap suit… oh well a few less Da Silva’s to do harm to each other and One of the best videos I’ve seen on BG so far….

  3. Check out 1:06 CARNAGE!
    Now isn’t that ironic…..don’t You Think?

    THIS has GOT to be one of the top 10 most aftermath-packed videos to come out of The Corpse Factory!
    They need a FLEET of the little white Coffin Trucks to clean up this HAMBURGERIZED SLAUGHTERHOUSE SCEENE

  4. WOW! just….WOW

    From 3:00 on forward, I WISH I was technologicaly bitchin’ enough to take this, from THAT POINT FORWARD and make a screen saver out of it!

    I wonder if they will take that tank to it’s destination and just instal it with that dude still attatched to it.
    Wouldn’t THAT be an intresting sight……
    also..the hand in the road by the seat, if that other dude had shaken it, he would have become one of the COOLEST people in Brazil…gotta have a sence of humor in the face of such AWSOMENESS

    1. I bet i can make you say that first phrase again!!! (if ya knoww what i meaan…;-)

      back to the vid though (hahah) THAT was some f’ckd up shit, this is why i always sleep in busses, trains and airplanes(unless ofcourse there’s a girl like u), incase shit like this happens.

  5. *singing*
    “the people on the bus go round and round’
    round and round,
    round and round,”

    seriously now, I can’t get over the meatbag hanging off the truck! he must of got snagged and PULLED out of the bus? Those curly intestines are still full of the snacks he was munching on the bus!

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