Brazilian Driver Wraps Car Around a Tree – Epic

Brazilian Driver Wraps Car Around a Tree - Epic

On the afternoon of Wednesday October 31, 2012 an accident happened on the BR 158 highway, near the entrance to the construction of the new UFFC Campus (Universidade Federal Fronteira Sul) in Laranjeiras do Sul, Parana, Brazil. 25 year old driver of a vehicle called Celta belonging to a company dealing with copiers and printers in Pato Branco, Parana lost control due to driving recklessly in bad weather (it was raining heavily), flipped the vehicle and fell down a slope, narrowly missing a canvas hut and slammed into a tree, wrapping the vehicle tightly around it. The driver died on the spot.

72 year old inhabitant of the hut the driver narrowly missed was at home at the time of the accident. Luckily, the driver only killed himself, sparing the poor man’s home and his life. The mighty tree didn’t put up with that shit and stopped the fucker before he could cause undue damage to other people’s lives or property.

The warp around that mighty tree is really epic. The driver had no chance. I think the impact snapped his neck.

Here’s a video of the aftermath:

…and a gallery of a few photos:

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79 thoughts on “Brazilian Driver Wraps Car Around a Tree – Epic”

  1. Metaphorically his life was just another shitty movie and the director decided, that’s a wrap. The filming was over, some say it was due to budget cuts and others due the director having better movies to see to, regardless, I expect this one will be straight to video, probably on some website where morbid arseholes gather, anyhow that’s showbusiness.

  2. Wow, he got off so damn lucky, he looked like a rag doll at the very end of the clip, he must’ve broken every bone. The damn passenger- she was pushed into the tree, never to be seen again, Very lucky indeed.

  3. looks like the slap mark is in between 140 and 160 (the slap mark is made from the needle hitting the dial during a high speed collision, the dial is currently pointed at 180 but the dial turned while being ripped out of the car)

  4. he was going over 110 miles per hour according to the pic of the dash panel when he crashed if that’s truly where it locked at. that dude was haulin’ ass down the road. i was wondering how the hell he managed to wrap it around that tree like that. the speed explains it all. oh, and i’d bang the blonde chick too.

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